Polaris Northstar Cooler
  • Polaris Northstar Cooler

    Polaris Northstar Cooler

    This bad boy’s so cool it may just reverse global warming. With around 30 hours more “chill” than the Yeti, you’ll need to go a long way—the Arctic, maybe—to find something that can hold ice for as long as the Polaris Northstar Cooler, and if that’s not enough, it can even withstand a bear attack—take that, Leonardo DiCaprio. Get in with 30- or 60-quart capacity.

  • Shoal Tent

    Shoal Tent

    Whether you’re living in a low lying area and worried about rising sea levels wiping out your town, or just looking for the ultimate camping experience, Shoal Tent is just the ticket. A world–and water–first, it’s basically a giant inflatable mattress with a high-end tent sealed on top. Pitch it on a pond, creek, or (calm) river. Probably best to avoid the ocean, though.

  • Cotton CCS G3 Strapshot

    Cotton CCS G3 Strapshot

    Lightweight, compact, and made for people on the move, the Cotton CCS G3 Strapshot carrying system easily fastens to the strap of a backpack, sling style bag, or even your belt. Perfect for hikers, travelers, skiers, climbers, bikers, and active photographers of any kind, it keeps your hands free and your equipment safe. The CCS G3 Strapshot includes everything you need to keep your camera at the ready for that perfect shot, including a hand strap.

  • Ten Thousand Compression Short

    Ten Thousand Compression Short

    Enjoy comfort and man-bits support like never before thanks to the Ten Thousand Compression Short, crafted from premium Italian fabric and finished with a soft, flexible waistband that eliminates chaffing during exercise, and a gripper on the hem to ensure it all stays in place. If that’s enough, there’s even a couple of slots to store your cards, cash and phone.

  • Misc Goods Ceramic Flask

    Misc Goods Ceramic Flask

    This gorgeous, old-school Misc Goods Ceramic Flask, available in black or ivory, is forged from quarter-inch ceramic off-white slip cast and finished with a pair of oil- and vegetable tanned leather straps and a brass button. High quality, made in the US of A to carry up to 11 ounces of your favorite strong stuff.

  • Montblanc 1926 Heritage Utility Bag

    Montblanc 1926 Heritage Utility Bag

    You’ll be first in line for airplane upgrades when the crew spots your classy Montblanc 1926 Heritage Utility Bag. Inspired by 1970s African safari trips undertaken by daring explorers, the bag boasts a vegetable-tanned leather construction with an olive-green cotton lining and antique gold colored hardware. Choose to use the carry handles or affix the strap and sling it over your shoulder.

  • Fulton & Roark Shackleford Solid Cologne

    Fulton & Roark Shackleford Solid Cologne

    For the solid guy, Fulton & Roark Shackleford Solid Cologne is forged from high-end ingredients like coconut oil and boasts a rich, warm man-fragrance you can be proud of–think a sophisticated blend of sandalwood and amber. The solid metal case means you can chuck it in your gym bag or stash it about your person with peace of mind also.

  • Russell Hobbs Long Toaster

    Russell Hobbs Long Toaster

    It’s time for your toaster to get its time in the spotlight. The beautifully designed Russell Hobbs Long Toaster is sleek, elegant, and features silver glass accents. The modern design is backed by premium toasting performance. You’ll always get the perfect level of toasting you desire with variable browning control. Enjoy large, thick cuts of bread using the long, extra-wide toasting slots. Other convenient features include a lift and look, that lets you check on your toast without stopping the …cotinue reading