Segway Loomo Robot
  • Segway Loomo Robot

    Segway Loomo Robot

    Loomo is a new robotic transport from Segway that works just like a mini-transporter when you’re riding it, reaching speeds of up to 11 mph with a range of over 20 miles. When you are not on it, it has autonomous robotic functionality. It can teach you how to ride and it can follow you autonomously wherever you go and even take video and images. It can be controlled with your voice, gestures, touch, or it can be controlled remotely …cotinue reading

  • Bensly Elite Series

    Bensly Elite Series

    Cool old school styling with some supremely contemporary specs, Bensly Elite Series is our new favorite underwear and tees range. Choices include trunks, boxer briefs, and regular and fitted tops, all handcrafted from lightweight, ultra-breathable, anti-odor, 360-degree stretch Tencel that ensures you stay dry, fresh, and comfortably itch-free all-day long.

  • Aarke Sparkling Water Maker

    Aarke Sparkling Water Maker

    Stylize your kitchen while saving on wasted plastic bottles, and putting some permanent fizz into your life, with the Aarke Sparkling Water Maker. The sleek, stainless steel design needs no batteries or electricity for power, working solely off cartridges, and it couldn’t be simpler to but some bubbles in your beverage–simply push the button and hold the bottle until the sound of the buzz.

  • Gogglesoc


    Help save the world as you save your snow sports eyewear with Gogglesoc. The protective goggle cover–that can be worn even when with your helmet on–is crafted from microfiber made from recycled plastic bottles and finished with cool patterns that incorporate the likes of orca and avocados. Profits also go towards combating climate change.

  • KeySmart Pro with Tile

    KeySmart Pro with Tile

    Transform your keyring into an almost literal Swiss army knife thanks to the ingenious KeySmart Pro with Tile. Not only does it allow you to always find your keys through smart location tracking, but comes equipped with an LED flashlight and bottle opener and allows your keys to be neatly folded away, along with optional extras like a USB drive, blade or pen.

  • Gravity Athletic Pants

    Gravity Athletic Pants

    You’ll be able to handle any emergency while looking your dapper best with Gravity Athletic Pants, super smart trousers that are stretchy and quick drying and boast a tapered leg that’s adjustable with a secret zipper. Choose from a charcoal, khaki or tidal hue–or why not invest in one of each.