• Dewalt Concealer Safety Google

    Dewalt Concealer Safety Google

    Only a fool doesn’t take the best care of his eyes when working with power tools, and few things better protect then peepers than the DeWalt Concealer Safety Goggle. The dual mold design offers extra fog control as well as ventilation while the lens is impact resistant. Mega comfortable thanks to a dual-injected rubber seal backed… continue reading
  • American Crew Shave

    American Crew Shave

    Look, smell and feel your very best with American Crew Shave, a premium collection of male grooming products that includes hair gel, shaving cream and lotion. Its collection of all-natural ingredients includes pumpkin seed extract, tea tree oil, aloe and avocado for added protection and moisturization for dry and sensitive skins.… continue reading
  • Skullcandy x Budweiser Air Raid

    Skullcandy x Budweiser Air Raid

    We can think of few more inspiring collaborations than that of good booze and good tunes. Skullcandy x Budweiser Air Raid sees the legendary King of Beers join forces with the retro aural designers to produce a drop-proof, water-proof Bluetooth speaker that is very, very loud. They’re only making a thousand of these bad boys, so… continue reading
  • Port Solar Charger

    Port Solar Charger

    If you’re looking for a mobile power replenisher with an embedded USB port and eco-credentials then look no further than the Port Solar Charger. Sporting a nifty suction pad, it can be securely affixed to car, home, plane and train windows, while the internal 1000mAh rechargeable lithium battery guarantees plenty of green juice.… continue reading
  • Hure Crank Table

    Hure Crank Table

    An absolute hulk of a surface, the Hure Crank table incorporates four 3-ton crank mechanisms to adjust from a 30″ to 42″ bar height, operated by handles on each side. This classic piece of kit is available with various base and top finishes, including steels, concrete, hardwoods and stone and can be adapted to suit both commercial… continue reading
  • Trace Lamp

    Trace Lamp

    An illuminating take on minimalism, the Trace Lamp is essentially just an outline of a lamp shape thus maximizing your bulb’s beam. It consists of two parts that easily slot and lock together and is crafted from the beautiful, highly renewable source that is bamboo. Some further illumination: bamboo grows quicker than we can cut… continue reading
  • Snap! 6

    Snap! 6

    As if the latest iPhone cameras weren’t already mouth-wateringly good, along comes Snap! 6 to really rub salt in the wounds of digital cameras everywhere. The nifty case sports an integrated grip with a physical shutter button and wrist strap for added security. There are even added lenses such as wide-angle, macro and polarized… continue reading
  • Killspencer Pencil Case

    Killspencer Pencil Case

    Made to order by highly skilled hands in an artisan Los Angeles workshop, the Killspencer Pencil Case is the perfect pouch for both stationery equipment and smaller tools. Exquisitely crafted, take your pick from finishes such as black naked leather, jacquard woven cotton camo or burgundy Italian oil suede.… continue reading