• CL Companion Africa

    CL Companion Africa

    Spy in style with CL Companion Africa 8×30 binoculars which provide a generous 372-foot field of view and come in a cool handcrafted waxed canvas bag with leather carry and wrist straps, eyepiece cover and objective lens cover too. The ergonomic, compact design weighs just 17.6 oz making them the ideal safari, hunting or perving… continue reading
  • 5.11 Tactical Rush 12 Backpack

    5.11 Tactical Rush 12 Backpack

    A bag fit for a warrior, the high-performance, multi-purpose 5.11 Tactical Rush 12 Backpack is water resistant and offers 16 individual compartments, including a massive main one, a hydration pocket and a suede-lined pouch to protect your shades. It’s also customizable and compatible with a MOLLE and SlickStick System.… continue reading
  • TrackingPoint Shotglass Shooting Glasses

    TrackingPoint Shotglass Shooting Glasses

    Add a touch of Robocop to your hunting with the TrackingPopint Shotglass Shooting Glasses. The first ever digital hunting and shooting specs, they sport incredible smartglass technology that enables you to shoot round corners and record your hunt. Among more of their cool features is the ability to share what you’re doing in… continue reading
  • Kilimanjaro LED Carabiner Light

    Kilimanjaro LED Carabiner Light

    An LED like no other, the Kilimanjaro LED Carabiner Light sports a clever handle that clips, swivels, detaches and even boasts magnets that mean you can illuminate any situation from just about any angle. Further features include a hanging hook and shock proof polycarbonate lens, and it’s even shock and water resistant too. All… continue reading
  • Samsung Level-Over Headphones

    Samsung Level-Over Headphones

    Shut out the outside world wirelessly for up to 15 hours. Samsung LEVEL over Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones have Active Noise Cancellation for crystal clear listening pleasure. They’re Bluetooth 3.0 compatible with Smart Touch, button-free controls. And let’s face it, whether your talking on your phone or relaxing… continue reading
  • Radius v2

    Radius v2

    If you don’t like your cases to be bulky then check out the Radius v2, smartphone protection that’s so svelte, it barely protrudes past the volume buttons. Forged from aluminum and finished in a cool crisscross shape, it boasts minimalist style with maximum protection: lightweight, stylish and so subtle, it’s nigh-on… continue reading
  • Pet House

    Pet House

    From Korean designer Seungii Mun comes Pet House, part of a highly stylish collection of furniture for your favorite furry four-legged friends. Their very own minimalistic crib is available in a range of finishes including ivory, red and indi pink, and sport waterproof, bacteria-resistant pet beds available in a further slew of hues.… continue reading
  • Libratone Diva

    Libratone Diva

    Raising the soundbar bar, the Libratone Diva not only offers a quite spectacular sound thanks to its five-inch 75W woofer and pair of 50W 3-inch midrange drivers coupled with a couple of 25W ribbon-based tweeters, but has been decked out with a stunning wool finish. Not only that, but a zipper means you can even mix up the colors too. Further… continue reading