• Halfbikes


    Navigate your urban jungle in a whole new way with a Halfbike. This combination running/cycling vehicle is fun for short commutes and small enough to take on public transportation. It will also elevate your cred in the bike lane… we think.… continue reading
  • Whiskey Wedge

    Whiskey Wedge

    Like your scotch or bourbon chilled but not watered down? Then invest in a Whiskey Wedge, an ingenious device that ensures your ice will melt much more slowly than the traditional cubes. Not only will the content of your glass retain its flavor for longer, but will form a cool artistic shape too.… continue reading
  • Pickup Power Surge Protector

    Pickup Power Surge Protector

    Whether at home or on the move, the Pickup Power Surge Protector not only does the obvious, but even comes with its very own in-built pop-out portable battery. The battery puts out a high-powered 2.1A charge, and its pair of USB ports means you can easily charge two things at once.… continue reading
  • Seavees Waxed Canvas Supply Bag

    Seavees Waxed Canvas Supply Bag

    More retro-inspired coolness from one of our favorite firms, the Seavees Waxed Canvas Supply Bag is stitched using a vintage single-needle industrial lockstitch machine by one busy Cali-based man, Strawfoot Handmade’s Garret Kautz. The military grade waxed canvas is backed by vegetable tanned leather nourished with beeswax… continue reading
  • Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons

    Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons

    Strike any preconceptions you have of traditional forged clubs off the fairway and into the rough, fore! the JPX-850 Forged Irons are the real deal. Six years in the making, Mizuno has incorporated BORON into the grain flow forging process, which means though the clubs have a thinner face, they are nearly a third stronger and swifter through… continue reading
  • Stewart X9 Follow Golf Trolley

    Stewart X9 Follow Golf Trolley

    Bringing a whole lotta luxury to the fairway, the Stewart X9 Follow Golf Trolley is akin to your very own caddy. Bluetooth-enabled, it’s controlled via the touch of button and will roll loyally a few paces behind, and will then stop and start automatically. Each one is handmade in England and sports a high-quality lithium battery.… continue reading
  • Adidas Tour360 X

    Adidas Tour360 X

    An update of the shoe which graced the feet of Dustin Johnson and Brandt Snedeker last season, the Adidas tour 360x takes this sublime footwear a few steps further. It boasts an all new microfiber leather upper that incorporates climaproof technology. The nine-cleat thintech TPU outsole boasts CenTraXion technology which means a lighter… continue reading
  • Blast Motion Sensor

    Blast Motion Sensor

    Fire your game into the stratosphere with the Blast Motion Sensor, a nifty device that affixes to the end of your club, and, using an app and Bluetooth technology, tracks and records your swing. It’s so smart, it knows when you’re moving and engages accordingly. The results can be stored, studied and shared on social media.… continue reading