• SipaBoards Air

    SipaBoards Air

    Paddleboarding just got a whole lot more convenient thanks to the SipaBoards Air, a cool collection of self-inflating SUPs that can have you ready to tackle the water in five minutes flat. Lack of suitable transport or storage space is no longer a barrier to this evermore popular pastime with these ultra-durable, reinforced blow-up boards available in three styles: All Rounder, Cruiser and Balance.

  • Rogue Chipotle Whiskey

    Rogue Chipotle Whiskey

    This fire-infused drink quite literally comes with a kick, and, boy, do we like it. Meet Rogue Chipotle Whiskey, a drink from an award-winning distiller that delivers with spice thanks to the three-time infusion of estate-grown jalapeno peppers during the mash-making, distillation and aging in smokey oak barrels. You might want extra ice with this one.

  • Anker PowerHouse

    Anker PowerHouse

    Unparalleled portable power, the astonishing Anker PowerHouse can charge your smartphone an unprecedented 40 times, 15 times for a laptop and run a small refrigerator for seven hours or keep a 15V light bulb illuminated for over four days. The pack itself charges in just ten hours via the mains, or, best of all, 16-hours via the sun.

  • Carhartt Force Extremes Tees

    Carhartt Force Extremes Tees

    Breeze through your workday in comfort and cleanliness thanks to the Carhartt Force Extremes Tees. A range of fast-drying, odor-fighting lightweight tops to enable you to tackle the toughest tasks, with smart workwear features such as Rugged Flex stretch technology, gusseted side panels and a tagless neck label to eliminate that itch.

  • Bellroy Phone Wallet

    Bellroy Phone Wallet

    A smart wallet for you smartphone, this all-in-one Bellroy Phone Wallet may be bursting with storage but remains as svelte as a supermodel. Thanks to some clever design trickery, there’s not only room for up to five cards in a single pocket, but the clever case is designed to stay closed when you chat while also doubling as a stand for when you want to catch a movie on the hop.

  • Straton Curve-Chrono

    Straton Curve-Chrono

    Inspired by the great races, drivers and cars of the 70s, the super-stylish Straton Curve-Chrono comes in a range of five. With fastidious attention to detail, marvel at features such as case-backs carved to replicate wheel rims and Seiko/TMI movements available in Quartz or automatic. They’re currently fundraising on Kickstarter, so get in quick.

  • ValGrine Caesar Putter

    ValGrine Caesar Putter

    The glorious ValGrine Caesar Putter is such an unusual — but beautiful — object that you may at first end up focusing on it more than the ball. The angular, art-like club is designed in France, incorporating an aircraft grade aluminum body with an aluminum alloy face complete with resplendent red or pink stripes.

  • Original Penguin Premium Blend

    Original Penguin Premium Blend

    What could be cooler or more refreshing than an eau de toilette spray in an ice white bottle adorned with a picture of penguin? The classy — and classic — Original Penguin Premium Blend, around since the 1950s, is an infusion of crisp bergamot, fresh lime peel and wild spearmint, with some Mediterranean rosemary and violet leaves added for good measure.