• DTV Shredder

    DTV Shredder

    After years of teasing the DTV Shredder has finally arrived with a roar, and boy is it a blast. This all terrain vehicle sports a pair of continuous molded rubber tank treads powered by a 196cc 4-stroke engine good for 30 mph. That might not sound a lot, but it sure as hell feels it when your carving up sand dunes and muddy hills while standing.… continue reading
  • Middy Rocks Glass

    Middy Rocks Glass

    Drink your hooch with a bang with the military inspired Middy Rocks Glass, the big brother of the equally cool and explosive Muzzleshot A2 Flash Hider Shot Glass. This 10 fl/oz. vessel, which sports a body of hardcoat anodized aluminum, is just the thing to start off some very serious drinking games. If you dare.… continue reading
  • Contraband Playing Cards

    Contraband Playing Cards

    Inspired by secret societies and conspiracy theories and designed in the UK by Joe White, these highly intriguing Contraband Playing Cards are each individually designed from scratch, all with completely custom faces and backs. The attention to detail is quite astounding each one sporting their very own mystery, all encased in a box… continue reading
  • Mountainsmith Cooler Tube

    Mountainsmith Cooler Tube

    Looking more like an exercise mat, fishing rod or bazooka, the Mountainsmith Cooler Tube ensures you can carry six of your favored chilled beers on your jaunts. Comfortable, practical and, whichever way you look at it, very, very cool, it sports an adjustable shoulder sling, full length zippered closure and PEVA waterproof seam-sealed… continue reading
  • Deus Ex Machina Hondo Grattan

    Deus Ex Machina Hondo Grattan

    As lean, mean and muscular as it’s high performance stallion namesake, the stunning Deus Machina Hondo Grattan sports an aluminum body with a speedway-inspired headlight and asymmetrical mudguard. Based on a Ducati Scrambler, it also features a meaty exhaust, massive disc brakes and a funky blue and yellow color scheme.… continue reading
  • Withings Home

    Withings Home

    An all-knowing, all-seeing, all-advising eye for your house, Withings Home, for security, rocks a high-definition 5-megapixel movement sensitive camera with a high-power zoom and night vision, while a couple of mics enable communication and serve as a baby monitor. If that’s not enough, it also keeps tabs on humidity, temperature… continue reading
  • Naim Mu-so Music System

    Naim Mu-so Music System

    Blending an art-like design with four decades’ worth of audio expertise, the Naim Mu-so Music System links six drivers and digital amps to deliver a sumptuous 450 watts of aural power. Syncs seamlessly to the likes of AirPlay, Spotify and UpnP and comes in a cool anodized aluminum cabinet nicely finished with a choice of customized… continue reading
  • Civilware Striker Folding Knife

    Civilware Striker Folding Knife

    Understated sophistication designed by iconic skateboarder, Geoff Rowley no less, the Civilware Striker Folding Knife is the ideal thing to stick in your pocket to cut your way out of just about any tricky situation. Available in black or tan, this cool USA-made tool sports a 3-inch folding steel blade with a G10 textured handle.… continue reading