• 360fly 4K

    360fly 4K

    A tiny action camera which truly sees the big picture, meet the 360fly 4K. An affordable, high-end, all-seeing second-gen camera, which captures video markedly sharper than its predecessor (not that that was a slouch). Incredibly, the 360-degree capability is captured courtesy of just a single lens, which can be positioned on a tripod, mount or body strap. Relive, and show off, your adventuring in style.

  • LimeLens


    Certainly one of the finest smartphone lenses we’ve come across at GearCulture HQ, the LimeLens sure puts some zest in your snaps. With a range that includes The Thinker, a dual macro/wide lens and The Captain, a 190-degree fisheye lens, it’ll fit over 40 devices from leading makers of both phones and tablets and comes cradled in a handy hard case.

  • Surviv-All Outdoor Knife

    Surviv-All Outdoor Knife

    Stay sharp and be prepared for any adventuring eventuality thanks to the Surviv-All Outdoor Knife. The knife itself boasts a blade of stainless steel backed by a no-slip rubber grip, while also incorporating the likes of a fire starter, cord cutter, and paracord handle. Plus, there’s a sharpener attached to the sheath. Emergency? What emergency?

  • Bradley Element

    Bradley Element

    The time invested getting used to telling the time on the Bradley Elements is time well invested, for this is one stunning watch. Named after Bradley Snyder, an ex-naval officer who lost his eyesight after a combat explosion, the watch was initially designed for the blind, but now is available to all, and will tell you the time courtesy of two magnetic balls which roll around and on top of the face in place of traditional hands.

  • THINKWARE X330 Dash Cam

    THINKWARE X330 Dash Cam

    Get amazing video in 1080P full HD with the THINKWARE X330 Dash Cam. With a 140-degree viewing angle, you get the best coverage from this 2.19MP Camera with an integrated super capacitor and thermal sensor for advanced reliability in extreme temperatures. Plus, the 2.7-inch LCD viewfinder allows for easy video streaming and device configuration.

  • CRKT Niad Climbers Knife

    CRKT Niad Climbers Knife

    Created by record-holding speed climber, Hans Florine, the CRKT NIAD Climber’s Knife is designed to be lightweight, easy and highly functional. Its two-piece design and stainless steel frame eliminates the need for a sheath or additional parts, letting you focus on your climb, instead of your knife. If you’re looking for a knife that pulls its own weight for your next climb, the NIAD fits the bill.

  • Pearl RearVision Backup Camera

    Pearl RearVision Backup Camera

    More than just a backup camera, The Pearl RearVision Backup Camera is a connected vision system that makes reversing less stressful and driving more enjoyable. Super-wide, crisp HD views and obstacle alerts right on your smartphone mean safe, confident driving, no matter what’s behind you. Install the durable, weatherproof solar powered Camera Frame around your license plate in minutes–without any drilling or wiring.

  • Whoosh!


    Let’s face it, your tech gadgets get dirty, grimy, and smudged–and your shirt isn’t enough to tackle the filth. It’s time to Whoosh away the fingerprints, germs, and bacteria that is living on your phone, watch, and any other screen. Non-toxic and alcohol and ammonia-free, the Whoosh cleaning system will get your screens clean, shiny, and germ-free.