• Lotus Off Grid Caravan

    Lotus Off Grid Caravan

    Truly take your off the grid adventures off road with the truly awesome Lotus Off Grid Caravan. From the outside, it looks as though it could take down a Deceptacon with ease, while inside awaits a super slick studio-like crib. Features include a slide out kitchen with Weber barbecue, solar energy panels and leather upholstery. The interior and exterior can be tailored to your needs.

  • VSSL Mini Cache Lantern

    VSSL Mini Cache Lantern

    Get powerful LED illumination with added room to carry along your most precious cargo with the VSSL Mini Cache Lantern. Clip it to your pack and the VSSL Mini’s indestructible aluminum cache will lighten your load while lighting your way. American and Canadian customers can enjoy free shipping for a limited time.

  • Evapolar Personal Air Cooler

    Evapolar Personal Air Cooler

    Purify your environment with the Evapolar Air Cooler, the world’s first personal air cooler. But not only does it cool, this stylish little contraption also cleans and humidifies the air, resulting in better skin, hair, and breathing — for better productivity. Most can’t get our office in the great outdoors, so you may as well get about creating your own ideal microclimate instead.

  • Ti2 Whar-Biner

    Ti2 Whar-Biner

    Quality checked for design and utility, and cut using a water jet and CNC machine, the Ti2 Whar-Biner is a titanium utility carabiner you can carry daily for multiple uses, including a keychain, box and tape opener, chisel, pry bar, scraper, and screw driver. Inspired by the Wharncliffe/Sheepfoot/Coping blade designs, the Ti2 is also quite handsome.

  • Coros LINX

    Coros LINX

    Finally, the ability to safely make the most of our digital devices while cycling. Meet Coros LINX, the world’s first helmet with open-ear bone conduction meaning you can enjoy all the wireless perks such as music, navigation and communication, with less chance of losing concentration. The aerodynamic design is available in a choice of three colors suitable for even the most serious of cyclists.

  • Shine Box

    Shine Box

    Harking back to the good old days when everything was handmade in the USA, the Shine Box, is a handcrafted nod to history, made in the USA. The premium piece, carved from glorious hard wood, promises to last generations, and is available in two sizes and with goodies such as a cotton flannel and a horse hair brush and dauber.

  • Mack Weldon Silver Underwear

    Mack Weldon Silver Underwear

    Mack Weldon blends sliver with Pima cotton for the softest, most comfortable, cool and fresh underwear you can image. A natural cooling and odor-causing bacteria destroyer, Silver XT2 technology will make you cherish them more than any pair you’ve ever worn.

  • Ziggy Boot

    Ziggy Boot

    We’re all for things that look better with age here at GearCulture, especially when they’re super cool to begin with, so we’re super impressed with the Ziggy Boot. This stylish handcrafted foot attire also sports a handy side zipper to make them a cinch to slip on and off. Crafted from coffee-colored suede and leather, they promise to be the piece de resistance of just about any outfit.