• GroveMade Laptop Stand

    GroveMade Laptop Stand

    Elevate your view, your comfort and your efficiency as you raise your workspace with the GroveMade Laptop Stand. The angled platform promises to protect your device thanks to a premium vegetable tanned leather lining upon stainless steel stops affixed to the stunning walnut structure which is trimmed, sanded and finished by hand in… continue reading
  • Imbue Tea

    Imbue Tea

    Enjoy your tea as it should be anywhere, anytime, with the beautiful Imbue Tea, a container crafted from shatterproof borosilicate glass with a micro laser perforated stainless steel infuser all sealed with a stunning sustainable bamboo top. Simply add your loose tea leaves, turn it over and wait for them to settle. A stylish suede-lined… continue reading
  • Swimmo


    Forget water resistant, the Swimmo is a fully waterproof smartwatch designed for lovers of hardcore watersports. Not only does the 1.29-inch display enable you to track things such as calories spent, heart rate, duration, distance, laps and lengths, but you can upload to your smartphones and challenge others to an in-pool dual.… continue reading
  • Freenote Pocket Tees

    Freenote Pocket Tees

    Classic American styling, classically crafted in America, the Freenote Pocket Tess offer a contemporary take on a timeless, iconic item. The Freenote Pocket Tees sport a chest pocket and broken in feel thanks to their premium cotton blend fabric construction and are available in a range of effortlessly cool finishes such as olive,… continue reading
  • LiteLok


    It used to be the heavier the better when it came to bike security which meant a pain in both the back and the ass, but thanks to LiteLok our chain no longer has to weigh more than our ride. Its revolutionary Boaflexicore multi-layered composite strap may not look like much, but it can withstand a beating from bolt cutters, hacksaws and everything… continue reading
  • SMFX Smart Bulb

    SMFX Smart Bulb

    Customize your environment and illuminate your life anyway you like with a simple swipe of your fingertip thanks to the SMFX Smart Bulb and its downloadable app. Kiss goodbye to boring basic lighting and let such things as the temp of the music set the mood, whether that be strobe lights for parties or a romantic, soothing glow.… continue reading
  • Stihl TSA 230 Cordless Cut-off

    Stihl TSA 230 Cordless Cut-off

    Complete the most arduous of tasks with utter precision with the Stihl TSA 230 Cordless Cut-off Machine, a powerful yet emission-free beast that means you can work in confined spaces with confidence. Featuring a brushless EC motor, maintenance-free drive belt and wires, simply push the button and make the cut while its suction system… continue reading
  • Baked Roast Handmade Skateboard Furniture

    Baked Roast Handmade Skateboard Furniture

    A very cool range with a very cool name created using an anagram of “skateboard,” Baked Roast Handmade Skateboard Furniture was born from a love of al-round awesomeness. First up, a couple of limited edition stools crafted using high-quality Canadian beechwood decks, one mounted to a wooden chassis, the other to one forged… continue reading