• Vanmoof T-Series

    Vanmoof T-Series

    A cool new minimalist addition to the Dutch company’s two-wheeled collection, the Vanmoof T-Series sports all the funky features of the regular design, but in a compact, urban-friendly form. The frame is aluminum, there are front and back disc brakes and lights and the tires are also puncture resistant. A host of accessories… continue reading

  • Loll Lollygagger Lounge Chair

    Loll Lollygagger Lounge Chair

    Not only does the Loll Lollygagger Lounge Chair have a stupendously brilliant name, it looks superb, offers untold comfort to a weary ass and even sports a bottle opener under the right arm. A modern-day Adirondack, it’s the result of years’ worth of outdoor furniture building. Should you want even more luxury, the firm… continue reading

  • Honeywell Lyric

    Honeywell Lyric

    A real rival to Nest‘s throne, the Honeywell Lyric thermostat offers geofencing, a feature that uses smartphone location technology to sense whether you’re home and adjust its settings accordingly. We really like the stylish all-white contemporary design which incorporates a halo of colorful lights to indicate the… continue reading

  • Freewaters Captain

    Freewaters Captain

    Cool kicks with a conscience, Freewaters Captain are stylish boat shoes of breathable lightweight canvas with a waxed lace. Unique Therm-a-Rest Insole technology offers upmost support and comfort, and for each pair sold, the Californian company helps with providing drinking water in the developing world. Also, no animal materials… continue reading

  • Quadski XL

    Quadski XL

    The original blew our minds, this one will also blow the minds of our friends and partners. It’s double the fun now thanks to Quadski XL. Two can ride the lengthened and strengthened quad-come-jetski, straddling a 1300cc Beemer engine that will propel you across land and waves at up to 45mph. We’ll leave the knots conversion… continue reading

  • Edison LED Light Bulbs

    Edison LED Light Bulbs

    A range of lighting to help save money and the environment, Edison LED Light Bulbs sport state-of-the-art technology that sees them use 80% less power than conventional incandescent or halogen lights and 50% less than compact fluorescents. The light will pay for itself in around 2 years. The range includes a 5 Watt LED E26 Clear Round… continue reading

  • How to Swear Around the World

    How to Swear Around the World

    Few things are more important while vacationing than the ability to curse at the locals or understand when they are doing it to you. Not only does How to Swear Around the World offer scores of profanities in dozens of tongues, but even includes the phonetic pronunciation too. We’ll see you in jail.… continue reading

  • Just Mobile AluPen Digital

    Just Mobile AluPen Digital

    Miss writing but can’t bear to tear yourself from your tablet? Then check out this cool implement, the Just Mobile AluPen Digital is a revolutionary ultra-fine stylus for your tablet and smartphone. Its unique 1.8mm tip makes writing on a screen feel as normal and natural as scribbling with a ballpoint pen on paper.… continue reading