• The Beermoth

    The Beermoth

    A wonderfully innovative idea, The Beermoth is an old fire truck currently residing on an estate in the great British countryside and yours to rent. Boasting an oak parquet floor reclaimed from a Tudor mansion, a fireplace made from salvaged slate and a Victorian double bed, it’s a quaint and eccentric holiday home quite unlike anything… continue reading

  • Mvmt Watches

    Mvmt Watches

    Luxury timepieces minus the luxury price tags, Mvmt Watches boast a minimalist design that offers maximum style. Made from the highest quality materials, they sport Miyota Japanese 3 hand quartz movement with date, a 45mm solid stainless steel case with hardened mineral crystal and are up for grabs in a host of cool color schemes.… continue reading

  • Honda NM4 Concept

    Honda NM4 Concept

    Incorporating a cockpit-like design to two-wheels, the Honda NM4 Concept is one mean looking bike, its badass aura accentuated by a snarling LED-clad front end. There are a couple of models, in a choice of white and black, and powered by a 745cc two-cylinder engine. Let’s hope we get to hear it roar.… continue reading

  • Hornitos Black Barrel

    Hornitos Black Barrel

    For those who know their booze and like their strong stuff with even more of a kick, Hornitos Black Barrel is tequila unlike any other. Aged in charred oak barrels, it offers up a woody and smooth bourbon-like taste along with that classic Mexican tang. We can’t wait until Christmas to drink it, so we’re throwing a GearCulture Easter… continue reading

  • ManBQue


    A GearCulture guy’s bible, ManBQue is all about meat, beer, rock and a whole lotta roll. Learn how to grind and grill the perfect burger, sear that steak and make your own sausages. There are even a few pages on salad, which make great kindling, and reams of useful info such as pairing the right booze with the right food.… continue reading

  • Amazon Dash

    Amazon Dash

    The smartest and most useful six-incher you’ve ever held in your hand, Amazon Dash sports a mic, speaker and barcode reader. Bluetooth-enabled for remote controlled use too, it’ll log your grocery needs and send the list directly to the store. The microphone offers the same service through voice command.… continue reading

  • Shelfie Bike Mount

    Shelfie Bike Mount

    Ideal for those short on space, whether it be at home or the office, the Shelfie Bike Mount has a cleverly unique selling point: the bike hangs from its seat. Traditional mounts usually protrude through the cycle frame, running the risk of tangled cables, but not so with this and plus the cubby affords more room for your helmet and other biking… continue reading

  • Samsung NX Mini Camera

    Samsung NX Mini Camera

    A camera for all occasions thanks to its size and stunning capabilities. The Samsung NX Mini Camera comes with a choice of two lenses, and features a 1-inch sensor, DropBox and Flickr connection, NFC, Wi-Fi and a nifty 180-degree flip-up display. For those more serious snappers, larger lenses can be attached and it’s available in five… continue reading

  • Speedform Apollo Running Shoe

    Speedform Apollo Running Shoe

    Having reinvented the t-shirt, Under Armour have turned their technological attention south. To our feet, that is, not literally south. The Speedform Apollo Running Shoe is the first of its kind to be made wholly in a clothing factory and the first to feature a molded seamless heelcup. Light, flexible and very, very comfortable.… continue reading

  • Shortcut Ring

    Shortcut Ring

    A ring of beauty that even a man can appreciate, Shortcut Ring truly is 21st century jewellery. Upping the altitude of high tech, it’s a device that controls and activates a slew of multi-media tasks such as checking messages, listening to music and opening files, with a simple series of digit gestures.… continue reading