• Polaroid Cube

    Polaroid Cube

    From the firm that’s always known a thing or two about photographic fun, meet Polaroid Cube. A lifestyle action camera, it’s mountable and very, very tough. Water resistant and shockproof to boot, its features include 1080p HD video, 6MP CMOS sensor, 124° wide angle lens, and recording capabilities of up to one and a half… continue reading
  • Game of Thrones Sigil Art Prints

    Game of Thrones Sigil Art Prints

    Capture a piece of the lore with a Game of Thrones Sigil Art Print. Printed on heavy 60 lb polar matte paper, the limited-edition prints are signed and numbered. Not only do they look cool, now everyone will know which house you pledge your allegiance.… continue reading
  • Samsung VR9000H POWERbot Vacuum

    Samsung VR9000H POWERbot Vacuum

    Coming in September, the Samsung VR9000H Powerbot Vacuum is ready to show you how much the this vacuum sucks… in a good way. With a snazzy design, this robotic vacuum features a digital inverter motor with cyclone technology for five times the suction force.… continue reading
  • Four Point Playing Cards

    Four Point Playing Cards

    Designed by San Francisco-based artist and illustrator Ben Vierck, Four Point Playing Cards features a new spin on a classic deck. The beautiful illustrations are inspired by intricate designs found on currencies, impossible geometry, yoga mudras and ancient symbols. There are hidden symbols and meaning behind each card so try not… continue reading
  • Om/One Levitating Speaker

    Om/One Levitating Speaker

    Get ready to have your mind blown by the world’s first levitating Bluetooth speaker—the OM/ONE. Beautifully designed by a team of world-class industrial designers and audio engineers, this floating ball provides amazing sound in a stylish package. … continue reading
  • Raise the Bar Travel Kit

    Raise the Bar Travel Kit

    Be the life and soul of every party with the Raise the Bar Travel Kit, on-the-go drinks preparation gear for the sophisticated GearCulture guy. Nothing’s cooler than a man who knows how to mix, and you’ll look every inch the professional with this waxed canvas, leather-trimmed barware kit with stainless steel shot glass,… continue reading
  • Compadre Series Knives

    Compadre Series Knives

    Buck Knives has broadened its lineup with the new Compadre Series, which includes a camp knife, hatchet and a chopping froe. For your next foray into the wild, the Compadre Camp Knife offers a heavy-duty and stylish knife made of 5160 steel. The Compadre Hatchet features 5160 steel and an ergonomic handle design for a wide variety of outdoor… continue reading
  • Flint Laces

    Flint Laces

    We love a good outdoor gadget here at GearCulture, Flint Laces are one of the most brilliantly simple we’ve seen. Pair of bootlaces to save and even sizzle your bacon, each tip sports a 1-inch ferro rod capped with a rubber end. Take off the end, strike the tip against a steel edge and watch those sparks fly.… continue reading