• Jump Over The Moon Watch

    Jump Over The Moon Watch

    Dandy timepiece Jump Over the Moon Watch from British microbrand Maal boasts some exquisite detailing such as a laser etched steel crown, hour and minute discs, a domed sunburst dial and a curved steel snap-on caseback with exclusive artwork. The case is brushed stainless steel, the movement Japanese and the strap crafted from vintage leather.

  • Nixon Base Tide

    Nixon Base Tide

    The Nixon Base Tide Watch is ready to make waves with its retro-inspired design, custom-molded polycarbonate case, and LCD face with positive and negative display for easy underwater reading. You’ll be prepared and ready for a deep dive getting basic and future tide information, a chronograph, and customizable countdown timer, and a home screen that displays the time and date or time and tide.

  • Garmin Fenix 5 Plus

    Garmin Fenix 5 Plus

    The newest smartwatch by Garmin, the Fenix 5 plus, is everything you want in a modern device. It’s the perfect companion for adventures in the wild. You can use its routable maps for location tracking and navigation as well as to generate the best trails for your hike or bike ride. It will also determine the level of oxygen in your blood when you are at high altitudes as well as your heart rate. If you want to listen to …cotinue reading

  • G-SHOCK GPR-B1000 Rangeman

    G-SHOCK GPR-B1000 Rangeman

    The G-Shock GPR-B1000 Rangeman GPS watch is the ultimate survivor device for your wrist. The mud resistant structure, carbon fiber insert band, and ceramic case back make it tough enough to survive the extreme conditions. It combines Recall mode and cutting-edge back-track technology, along with point memory to allow you to find your way in unfamiliar territory. You can synchronize it with your smartphone to project 3D map displays on the screen. It is solar-rechargeable so it always has power …cotinue reading

  • G-Shock DW600

    G-Shock DW600

    Durable, practical, and no-nonsense, G-Shock DW600 watches put a contemporary design on the infamous DW6900. With a round face and bi-color finish bands that feature different designs on the interior and exterior surfaces, these new selections dress up the basic timepiece lineup. And, they are just as versatile and high performing as you’d expect. Shock resistant, up to 200 meters water resistant, EL backlit with afterglow, the DW600 checks all the boxes.

  • Ikepod Watches

    Ikepod Watches

    Ikepod is a unique watch company that was founded by Oliver Ike and Marc Newson in 1994. They are often copied, but never matched in design quality. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2003, but now it has new owners, so that means a relaunch and more cool Ikepod Watches. We don’t have a lot of details on the new timepieces, but we do know that they will have thick, circular designs that will please longtime fans. You can expect …cotinue reading