• Richer Poorer x Hedley & Bennet Collection

    Richer Poorer x Hedley & Bennet Collection

    Richer Poorer collaborated with LA-based apron makers, Hedley & Bennett, to create socks that honor cookers, creators, movers, makers, and shakers. Things get pretty steamy for chefs in the kitchen, so the Richer Poorer x Hedley & Bennet Collection created an innovative line of socks with temperature regulating technology that’ll keep you cool, no matter how heated things get. To spice things up, even more, you’ll enjoy creative patterns and colors that’ll give that white chef smock just the right …cotinue reading

  • Pair of Thieves Perfect Line

    Pair of Thieves Perfect Line

    Ensure your tootsies stay stylish and stink free with Pair of Thieves Perfect Line socks. The imaginative range of foot attire comes in an array of striking patterns of bold colors, constructed from a high-performance cotton blend that wicks moisture and repels odor. Breathable and comfortable, you wont ever want to take them off.

  • Pair of Thieves Boxer Briefs

    Pair of Thieves Boxer Briefs

    Support where you need it most courtesy of the softest of materials, give your man bits a treat with Pair of Thieves Boxer Briefs. Available in a range of hues, patterned or plain, the gentle waistband means no itching, the smooth flat seams eliminate chaffing while the overall synthetic mesh microfiber construction is blissfully comfortable.

  • SoloSocks


    Admirable Danish firm URU Design have come up with a quirky solution to the odd sock conundrum and it’s called SoloSocks. The idea is a simple one: never worry about having to throw an odd sock away if the socks don’t quite match in the first place. The ethically made footwear is available in a range of fabulous finishes, delivered to your door in a reusable, recycled box.

  • Mack Weldon Silver Underwear

    Mack Weldon Silver Underwear

    Mack Weldon blends sliver with Pima cotton for the softest, most comfortable, cool and fresh underwear you can image. A natural cooling and odor-causing bacteria destroyer, Silver XT2 technology will make you cherish them more than any pair you’ve ever worn.

  • Pair of Thieves Dad + Kid Back to School Set

    Pair of Thieves Dad + Kid Back to School Set

    These whimsical sock sets will get Dad and the kids ready to get back to the classroom in style and comfort. Pair of Thieves is the most fitting sock in all the land. Made for all parental and kid sharing moments, these socks will help you express those special feelings that only come from matching with your child.

  • Flyte Bamboo Socks

    Flyte Bamboo Socks

    Bright, bold, and comfortable, Flyte Bamboo Socks ensure you never fall victim to the case of the missing sock. Packaged in tri-socks, you’ll always have a spare of these zany and expressive socks. Made from natural bamboo fiber, they are luxuriously soft and naturally odor resistant. They wick away sweat and breath to keep your feet snug and dry. Flyte Socks’ bold colors, unique packaging, and innovative materials will change the sock game one foot at a time.

  • Bamboxers


    Ridiculously comfortable underwear to take the best possible care of your crotch. The bam in Bamboxers stands for bamboo, in case you were wondering. whose brilliance is born from its sustainable properties such as low water use while it also wicks moisture and odours away keeping your favourite area fastidiously clean. The hip hugging design is so stylish you may even be tempted to wear them on the outside, Superman style.