Travel & Luggage

  • Grayers x Baxter of California Tech Travel Kit

    Grayers x Baxter of California Tech Travel Kit

    Traveling well is all about being well-prepared, and the stylish Grayers x Baxter of California Tech Travel Kit ensures you will be just that. The compact storage system, wrapped in signature plaid wool flannel will have your on-the-go mini office in order in no time thanks to a raft of slots and pockets for your pens, headphones, tablets, charging devices, business cards and more.

  • Killspencer Utility Attache Briefcase

    Killspencer Utility Attache Briefcase

    A stunning upgrade to the classic attache briefcase, the Killspenser Utility Attache Briefcase helps you take your mobile office to the next level. Beautifully crafted in the U.S.A., from premium full grain leather, it features an exterior zippered pocket with three slip pockets, a foam-padded laptop compartment, and a spacious interior, with two interior loose pockets to secure and protect all of your work essentials. Roomy, classic, and always professional, the Utility Attache Briefcase adds that extra bit of polish …cotinue reading

  • Turbulent Labs Watch Roll

    Turbulent Labs Watch Roll

    Treat your watches to a safe and secure travel experience with the Turbulent Labs Watch Roll. Made from premium Italian leather, the Watch Roll houses up to four watches and includes two smaller pockets for pens and strap changing tools. Skillfully constructed and sewn, the watch roll interior is lined with incredibly soft and protective Ultrasuede. Your watches will get the care and attention they require for all your storage and carrying needs. Treat your watches to a safe and secure …cotinue reading

  • Soarigami Armrest Divider

    Soarigami Armrest Divider

    An ingenious solution to one of the major travel woes, the Soarigami Armrest Divider cleverly creates two armrests from one. No more elbowing your way to semi-comfort, this flat, foldable device clamps onto regular airplane armrests with two fold-down slots to benefit both you and your neighbor. Crafted from recyclable plastic and high-end leatherette.

  • Raden Luggage

    Raden Luggage

    Raden eases stress from traveling with their newest carry-ons. The Raden Luggage are ultra-light yet extremely durable engineered with the strongest, sleekest materials on the market. The compact interior design allows for maximum space and double-zippered sides ensure all contents stay securely fastened even during turbulence. Even better are the built-in tech which includes two USB ports, an onboard battery pack, integrated weight sensor and location tracker that works with the Raden app.

  • Away Travel Bigger Carry-On

    Away Travel Bigger Carry-On

    Pack more in your packing with the ingenious Away Travel Bigger Carry-On, a strong and stylish suitcase that sports a pair of compartments enclosed in a durable–and clever–scratch-proof outer shell that gives under pressure, but never to the breaking point. As well as separate clothes and shoe sections, the case comes with a nylon laundry bag to keep the soiled stuff safely away from the clean, while the buckle down compression pad creates more room. TSA-approved, it comes with a …cotinue reading

  • BullRest Travel Pillow

    BullRest Travel Pillow

    For a pillow meant for traveling, travel pillows have an annoyingly chunky design that is not easy to carry or stow. Enter the BullRest Travel Pillow. It’s 80% smaller than traditional travel pillows, can fit into any carry-on, and still offer proper head and neck support thanks to its ergonomic design. Even better is the memory foam cushion that molds to your neck size and shape, and the opening in the center that helps keep your neck cool.

  • G-RO Carry-On Bag

    G-RO Carry-On Bag

    With everything these days calling itself “smart,” the G-RO Carry-On Bag stands out from the crowd by being clever. It sports updated classic features like a pair of large, lightweight all-terrain wheels backed by a long, strong handle, water-resistant base, and lock, along with state-of-the-art offerings such as USB charging ports, built-in workstation and a security tracker so even if you get lost, your stuff won’t.