• Surly Big Fat Dummy

    Surly Big Fat Dummy

    The Surly Big Fat Dummy is a long tail cargo bike that is pumped. Much more than just supersized tires, the Big Fat Dummy offers the most stable, stiff, and traction-laden ride possible, all while hauling a ton of stuff. Its long toptube and slacker headtube give it a nice, predictable, and stable ride, while the thinner, lighter tubing used to construct the cargo area mean it’s brawn doesn’t tip the scales. Available in three sizes, the Big Fat Dummy …cotinue reading

  • VanMoof Electrified S2 and X2 E-Bikes

    VanMoof Electrified S2 and X2 E-Bikes

    An unusual looking ride that you’ll either love or hate (we’re well in the love camp), the VanMoof Electrified S2 and X2 E-Bikes, available in Fog White of Thunder Grey, are a glimpse of urban commuting of the future. Awesome features include tamper detection with an “earsplitting” alarm, a stealth lock that activates with a simple kick, and a turbo boost activated at the push of button.

  • Tern Vektron S10

    Tern Vektron S10

    The flagship offering of the firm’s fabulous range of folding bicycles, the Tern Vektron S10 rides like a regular, high-end e-bike. If you need to mix your modes of transport up, it’s easily manageable on a bus or train, and slots neatly in the trunk of a car. Features include a premium Bosch Active electric drivetrain, child seat-compatible rear cargo rack and a Valo lighting system. What’s more it re-sizes in seconds for riders ranging from 147-195cm, meaning it can …cotinue reading

  • Martone Peroni Bicycle

    Martone Peroni Bicycle

    Brimming with European flair and style, the Martone Peroni Bicycle is a seriously limited edition (just 12 units only) urban commuting bike whose frame is crafted from double-wall steel and finished in the colors of the legendary blonde beer. Striking blue tires with dazzling white rims add to the allure.

  • The PiCycle

    The PiCycle

    Albert Einstein, Amsterdam, and cycling: Three cool things that are combined to create one of the coolest pushbikes you are likely to see. Artist Tadas Maskimovas and carpenter Martijn Koojmen teamed up to handcraft this spectacular pi-shaped bicycle, which was tested on the roads of the cycling city of Amsterdam and launched on March 14th, the birthday of the world-famous theoretical physicist. This unique fixed-gear bike has been handmade using carbon fiber and is sure to be the slickest mode …cotinue reading

  • Riese & Muller Supercharger Bike

    Riese & Muller Supercharger Bike

    The handsome Riese & Muller Supercharger Bike sports a supermodel structure thanks to an unusually slinky—for an e-bike—battery built by Bosch, good for up to 1,000 watt-hours and housed within the bike’s frame. There are a couple of high-speed touring options available that peak at 20- and 28mph, with options for super- suspension and off-road tires to kick that adventuring up a gear.