• Venn Puzzle

    Venn Puzzle

    If you’re looking for a puzzle that offers a different challenge from all of the Rubik’s Cubes out there, the Venn Puzzle will give you a good challenge. Made of solid stainless steel with a satin finish exterior and a pebbled interior, it is as beautiful as it is complex. It is a surprisingly difficult mechanical puzzle made of three identical pieces and it weighs in at almost two pounds. If you are into fidgeting, this would make a great …cotinue reading

  • Mezmoglobe Kinetic Desk Toy

    Mezmoglobe Kinetic Desk Toy

    If you are looking for something to liven up your desk and your mood while at work, check out this fun desk toy. This revolving sphere creates a 360° optical illusion of a continuously flowing helix. This piece of kinetic art lets you transform it from a precision engineered still shape into a hypnotic optical illusion. It has to be seen to be believed. It is made out of aerospace grade aluminum with a helix-shaped groove milled along the entire …cotinue reading

  • Pure Genius Classic Assembly Puzzle

    Pure Genius Classic Assembly Puzzle

    Art meets an assembly puzzle to really test your gray matter. The beautifully crafted, dangerously addictive Pure Genius Classic Assembly Puzzle has an abundance of possible solutions that require the arrangement of several separate pieces to create one mass. When–or if!–you’re done with it, you’ll be wanting to leave it on display.

  • HEXA Robot

    HEXA Robot

    HEXA is a six-legged robot that is inspired by nature to thrive in the real world. Highly adaptable, HEXA delivers the ideal hardware–that’s compact enough to fit in a backpack–and software platform for you to create your own robot functionality. Agile, smart, and friendly, get to know HEXA and see what’s possible.

  • Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

    Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

    Convert an ordinary paper airplane into a remote-controlled flying machine with the PowerUp Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane. Equipped with Bluetooth Smart technology, this award-winning conversion kit features a crash-resistant design that propels your paper plane up to 180 feet (55M) for a gravity-defying experience. Appropriate for all ages, PowerUp combines origami, physics, and STEM and helps explain flight, aerodynamics, and lift.

  • Force Flyers DIY Building Block Fly n Drive Drone

    Force Flyers DIY Building Block Fly n Drive Drone

    Great for STEM development, the Force Flyers DIY Building Block Fly n Drive Drone teaches aerodynamics, weight distribution, and creativity. Easy to build Force Flyers lets you construct your own flying and driving machine using whatever design you choose. Its digital proportional control ensures precise flight and a truly unique flying experience that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

  • Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron

    Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron

    Nothing matches the excitement of building a Lego set from scratch. If you are a car junkie, building the Bugatti Chiron in great detail using Lego blocks is something you won’t get tired of. This model has been created in with the carmaker to capture the essence of the enigmatic car that is known for its robustness and sheer class. The set is highly detailed. Everything from the gleaming bodywork, logoed rims and steering wheel, to the movable paddle gearshift …cotinue reading

  • xDroid RC Car

    xDroid RC Car

    If you are into racing games on your phone or tablet, the xDroid RC car brings your race car gaming fantasies to life. The xDroid RC cars have great control thanks to the Wi-Fi remote control app that you can install on your smartphone. The app works seamlessly from 260 feet away to allow you to show off your RC driving skills in speed racing, sharp cornering, and awesome maneuvers right out of the box. You can change the car …cotinue reading

  • Moto Rocker

    Moto Rocker

    Forget that old rocking horse that’s been passed down from previous generations. Get your kid something more badass. If your 4-year-old has shown early signs of being a motorhead, the Moto Rocker is the perfect gift. It has a 125ccm engine, a headlight, a tail light and a genuine leather seat to make sure they’re the coolest toddler on the block. Industrial designer Felix Monza has thought of the parents too. You can choose from cafe/brat or track-style bikes to …cotinue reading

  • Lego Millennium Falcon

    Lego Millennium Falcon

    Be part of the Star Wars renaissance with this Lego Millennium Falcon, a 7,541-pieces-strong set of awesomeness. Offering unprecedented detail, the design incorporates the Corellian freighter’s features like upper and lower laser cannons, boarding ramp and detachable canopy. You’ll also get mini-figures Han Solo, Leia, Chewy, Rey, Finn, C3PO, and BB-8.