• Klein Tools Clamping Worklight

    Klein Tools Clamping Worklight

    Work in safety and greater comfort with the well-designed Klein Tools Clamping Worklight whose clever clip means it can easily be clamped to a ladder or lift, or it can free stand securely. The 360-degree rotating head also pivots up to 90 degrees while the light projects in front of you greatly reducing shadows and the easy-to-find glow head recharges while the light is on.

  • ChowPal


    Chowpal is one of the best we’ve tested at GearCulture. The sturdy two-piece utensil set is forged from lightweight but robust 420J2 stainless steel, easily sliding apart when you’re ready to chow down that fire-cooked feast, and snapping just easily back together when you’re done. What’s more, there’s a nifty 2.5-inch razor sharp folding lock back knife blade too.

  • Japanese Nata Tool

    Japanese Nata Tool

    From combat to utility, Japanese blades over the centuries have always proven to be highly efficient and generally beautiful. The Japanese Nata is a highly versatile tool that you can use to do various handy jobs in and around your compound or in the wild. This tool is ideal for debarking logs, clearing a bush, and even splitting logs. The stainless steel blade is easy to sharpen and the grip is made using hardwood with a good finish. The Nata …cotinue reading

  • Milwaukee Tools M18 Gen 2 Fuel Blower

    Milwaukee Tools M18 Gen 2 Fuel Blower

    The Second Generation Milwaukee M18 Fuel Blower is an updated version of its predecessor, the Milwaukee 18V Cordless. Both are impressive, boasting great efficiency and great design at the heart of their construction. The Second Generation M18 performs better than its predecessor in the sense that it is a 120MPH machine (a 10 MPH improvement). It retains the 450CFM rating and can now reach full throttle in less than one second. It is four pounds lighter and you can now …cotinue reading

  • CRKT Ripsnort

    CRKT Ripsnort

    Great value, sharp art, the CRKT Ripsnort is certainly one of the more unusually blades we’ve witnessed and GearCulture–and we like it. A lot. Designed in Michigan by esteemed knifemaker Philip Booth, it boasts a stubby cleaver-like satin-finished steel blade with a locking liner for safety and it’s guaranteed for life.

  • JHO Blanka

    JHO Blanka

    A rare addition to the EDC universe, the JHO Blanka is a fixed blade offering that packs a helluva chop. Merging a Japanese tanto with a cleaver design, a comfortable grip maximizes its cutting and slicing potential while a swing with the paracord enables you to tackle branches and wood too. Seriously.