• Dango T01 Tactical Wallet

    Dango T01 Tactical Wallet

    Word on the street is Rambo doesn’t leave the house without his Dango T01 Tactical Wallet, a genuine leather wallet with a CNC’d aluminum multi-tool affixed. Not only will this thing stash up to 12 credit cards and keep them protected with RFID blocking, but transforms into everyday necessities such as a knife, ruler, saw, and smartphone stand. Now, that’s what you call financial protection.

  • Victorinox Pioneer Nespresso Knife

    Victorinox Pioneer Nespresso Knife

    A trendy and sustainable twist on the legendary Swiss Army knife. Victorinox Pioneer Nespresso Knife sees the iconic bladesmith merge with the revered java giant to produce a 7-function, limited edition device whose scales are crafted from recycled aluminum coffee capsules finished in a hue of striking bronze. We like this a lot.

  • Clickspring Fire Piston

    Clickspring Fire Piston

    Perfectly designed for any survival, camping, or hiking bag, the Clickspring Fire Piston is ready to stand up to fire starting in the highest wind conditions. Precision made in the USA to last, the piston and end caps are made from solid brass, and feature an internal compartment for storing tinder, as well as a small liquid filled compass.

  • Bionic Wrench

    Bionic Wrench

    The award-winning Bionic Wrench promises to make light work of the toughest of jobs even for those with the puniest of muscles. The hybrid design incorporates the strength of an adjustable wrench with the ease of a pair of pliers, for superior grip and near-elimination of the risk of damaging the head you’re attempting to turn. Fits just about any bolt out there–tightened or released with ratchet-speed.

  • Topo Designs x Opinel No 8 Knife

    Topo Designs x Opinel No 8 Knife

    The Topo Designs x Opinel No 8 Knife is one cool blade that comes complete with a custom paint natural wood handle and an 8.5cm titanium nitride coated stainless steel, scratch resistant locking blade with a limited-edition number etched at its base. The attractive sheath sports a belt strap and lanyard for security–all in all, the meeting of French style and American ingenuity.

  • The Worst Case

    The Worst Case

    A survival kit designed for just this scenario, invest in The Worst Case for your car, boat or backpack. Inside awaits vital pieces of equipment that might just save your life–and your loved ones’. Or at least postpone death a little longer. Goodies include a water purifier, can opener, paracord, flashlight, signal mirror, compass and shelter, all neatly packages in a container not much bigger than your palm.

  • Civilware Clipper Folding Knife

    Civilware Clipper Folding Knife

    A stylish, personal high-end pocket blade that also doubles as a money clip, the Civilware Clipper Folding Knife comprises a titanium frame with an integrated lock for its premium, stay-sharp 3-inch steel blade. The smart thumbstud means it can be used with either hand, the slim profile makes it good for any occasion.

  • SOG Sync II

    SOG Sync II

    Crafted to be carried with ease, while making life easier, the SOG Sync II can be worn with the detachable base as a belt buckle or simply affixed to a pack strap or boot. The range of high-strength steel tools include wire cutters, screwdrivers, pliers, a blade and bolt grips. Who needs a cumbersome tool kit?