• GS1 Knife

    GS1 Knife

    This well-made blade sure don’t come cheap, but boy is it a beauty. Riffing on the classic cut-throat razor design, the strictly limited GS1 Knife, crafted from titanium and steel and available in a choice of finishes, is an everyday tool for the likes of opening mail and slicing steaks, and comes complete with a case and screwdriver set. It’ll not just cut the mustard for you, but those you hand it down to, too.

  • Huckberry Compact EDC Kit

    Huckberry Compact EDC Kit

    One of the cleverest–not to mention most attractive–everyday man tools to arrive at GearCulture HQ in a while, the Huckberry Compact EDC Kit is also superb value. The modular design incorporates features like a blade, dual-function screwdriver, multi-tool, and space for keys. Fully customizable, this little fella will ensure you’re always prepared.

  • Ryobi Whole Stud Detector

    Ryobi Whole Stud Detector

    It’ll be easy to identify all the studs in your workspace with the Ryobi Whole Stud Detector. Using Multi LEDs and Auto Depth Scan technology, the Ryobi Whole Stud Detector finds whole studs behind drywall so there’ll be less holes and cursing. The center indicator LED ring even lights up when the stud center is found and you can use it to find metal, wood, and AC wire behind your wall.

  • Traumahawk


    Laugh in the face of a zombie apocalypse with a Traumahawk. This high-end, heavyweight ax looks like it’s capable of felling skyscrapers, let alone the undead, thanks to its construction of 6150 steel and hooked head. Designed to be an ideal throwing weapon also, this thing can do some damage.

  • STK Multi-tool

    STK Multi-tool

    It’s time to get real. The STK (Sliding Tool and Knife) is a compact, durable, and feature-packed multi-tool unlike anything you’ve seen. What’s different? The 6AL4V titanium frame has an integrated locking mechanism that allows for safe lock and open. It’ll look smart in your back pocket with a built-in money clip and the hand-sharpened blade is ideal for push cuts and scraping. But the real difference is how all these essential tools fit into such a sleek package.

  • DEWALT Gyroscopic Screwdriver

    DEWALT Gyroscopic Screwdriver

    Continuing its long tradition of high-quality professional tools, the DEWALT Gyroscopic Screwdriver makes your job easier and more comfortable. Using motion activation, the adjustable two-position handle makes driving screws as easy as a twist of the wrist. And the included light illuminates tight spaces. For superior torque in a conveniently sized package, the Gyroscopic Screwdriver is ready to serve.

  • Keyport Slide 3

    Keyport Slide 3

    One of the coolest everyday modern man tools we’ve come across at GearCulture, the Keyport Slide 3 mixes the magic of a modular technology with the functionality of a Swiss Army knife–to which you can easily affix your keys. Gadgets crammed into the sleek space constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and hardened spring steel includes a blade, one-size-fits-all screw head, flashlight and a USB.

  • Milwaukee M18 Compact Vacuum

    Milwaukee M18 Compact Vacuum

    Insure a quick and thorough cleanup after a messy job using the Milwaukee M18 Compact Vacuum. This high performance adaptable handheld vacuum has best-in-class suction to rid your space of drywall dust, wood/metal shavings, and common jobsite debris. Made with versatility in mind, it comes with two extension wands, 4 feet of flexible hose, a crevice tool, floor tool, and a removable HEPA filter.

  • Victorinox Hunter Pro Pocket Knife

    Victorinox Hunter Pro Pocket Knife

    Classic and hardworking, the Victorinox Hunter Pro Pocket Knife is Swiss made and carries a warranty for a lifetime of trouble-free use. Its high carbon, stainless steel locking blade and ergonomic wooden grip make it a pleasure to hold and the 4-inch main blade can be easily accessed with one hand. It also includes a convenient nylon belt pouch.

  • Best Made Brass Higo

    Best Made Brass Higo

    Available in three sizes, the Best Made Brass Higo is legendary for quality and style. Made from Aogami No. 2 blue steel, with a polished brass handle, this 3.7-inch pocketknife is emblazoned with Best on one side and Made on the other. Handcrafted in Japan from fifth-generation Japanese knife makers, the Best Made Brass Higo is built to continue the tradition of superior knife making into the next century.