• Origami Pocket Knife

    Origami Pocket Knife

    If we’re to part with a chunk of change for an EDC knife, this one is it. The Origami Pocket Knife by Bre & Co. combines form, function, and beauty in a single tool. It features a 3-inch machined 440C stainless steel blade which is heat treated to 45RC hardness and a sheath made of 316L steel. The stylish geometric grip is carved from maple wood and is oiled and sealed to prevent moisture and dirt from entering the grain. It …cotinue reading

  • SOG Camp Axe

    SOG Camp Axe

    Ready for any camping or hiking situation, SOG’s Camp Axe is versatile go-to tool best to keep at your side. Though this utility hatchet is lightweight and small in size, it’s designed for hammering, chipping and cutting. Weighing just over a pound and with a length just under a foot, it’s easy to transport and stow.

  • ODT Flipper

    ODT Flipper

    It’s not always the size of the knife that matters, it’s how you use it. Measuring in at just three inches in overall length and weighing just over two ounces, the ODT Flipper is easy to carry and ready for action. Dubbed as the original dog tag knife, it features a one-inch blade with razor-sharp dual sharpened edges and a tough titanium frame with a smooth pivoting system and a dependable locking mechanism.

  • OXYLED Portable Motion Sensing Light Bar

    OXYLED Portable Motion Sensing Light Bar

    Illuminate your home’s nooks and crannies with ease with the OXYLED Portable Motion Sensor Light Bar. The auto-sensor means the bright white LED will come on when you get within three meters of it, and shut down 15 seconds after you leave. A cinch to install, simply use the magnetic fields or adhesive strip.

  • T-Ratchet + Ti-Torque Kit

    T-Ratchet + Ti-Torque Kit

    The T-Ratchet + Ti-Torque Kit is the world’s smallest and lightest multi-tool with 2-8Nm torque measurement. This ergonomic tool will keep your seat, handlebars, and stems damage-free by providing real-time feedback to the torque you are tightening too. Using interchangeable magnetic components, the T-Ratchet converts from a screwdriver to a ratchet, to a ratcheting T-Handle in seconds! Made from titanium and aluminum with hard steel contact surfaces, it only weighs 30 grams so you’ll never want to be without it.

  • TeamIssue Titanium Hammer

    TeamIssue Titanium Hammer

    Traveling tradesmen–mechanics mostly–will sure appreciate the tininess of the Team Issue Titanium Hammer, weighing in at just 265g and measuring just a foot long. But don’t be fooled, svelte it may be, but it can sure exert some ferocious force. Its soft face is replaceable with commonly available one-inch threaded faces, while the custom silicone handle makes for a most comfortable grip.

  • B-2 Nano Blade

    B-2 Nano Blade

    Judging from the number of backers and amount of pledges on Kickstarter, the B2 Nano Blade has to be one of the most popular tactical knives for everyday carry. Taking design cues from the B-2 Stealth Bomber military aircraft, it’s built extremely tough and versatile to handle most survival situation. The B-2 weighs less than an ounce, is made from heat-treated 440C black stainless steel, measures just over 3 inches when open, and has a flat and serrated cutting edge.

  • James Hook

    James Hook

    Keep your pockets key free and extra EDC tools right by your side with the James Hook. Compact, useful, and convenient, the Hook offers a bottle opener, belt clip, and laser-etched ruler. It will definitely come in handy when you find yourself facing some of life’s little inconveniences. Made in Portland, Oregon, the Hook is a natural compliment to your outfit and your life.

  • Brush Hero

    Brush Hero

    Powered by simple H2O, the Brush Hero was designed for expert level auto detailing–even in the most difficult to clean spots such as lug nuts and wheel spokes. Cleaning tires, rims, hubcaps, barbecues, ATVs and more is fast and easy–even without batteries or electricity. The Brush Hero scrubs with just the right amount of torque so you don’t need to worry about your paint job or harsh chemicals.

  • AutoXscape 3-in-1 Auto Emergency Tool

    AutoXscape 3-in-1 Auto Emergency Tool

    Make safety your number 1 priority with the AutoXscape 3-in-1 Auto Emergency Tool. This professional quality device is constructed from military-grade aluminum to withstand the toughest roadside emergencies. Compact, ergonomic, and fully waterproof, it features a high-powered LED flashlight, a SK2 high-carbon steel seatbelt cutter, and a tungsten steel window breaker that can punch through tempered car windows quickly and safely. Gain piece of mind and a 100% satisfaction guarantee from an emergency tool you’ll never want to be without.

  • WORX Axis Portable Saw

    WORX Axis Portable Saw

    Combining the precise control of a Jig saw with the unmatched power of a reciprocating saw, the WORX Axis Portable Saw is a compact saw with complete flexibility. The chuck holds both reciprocating saw blades as well as T-Shank Jig saw blades, so you are free to use the blade that is ideal for the task at hand. The axis has an Orbital mode for those tough reciprocating tasks and a variable speed trigger for extact control in both modes.