• Wingman


    An everyday carry blade that looks like it was forged in the future and sent from outer space, the Wingman is bursting with high-spec design details such as full cutouts throughout the body, six grinds per blade, and hidden hardware with a full-length milled spacer. The 3.5-inch blade’s crafted from S35vn steel, two-tone sandblasted and hand sand flat finished, while the handle is crafted from aircraft grade titanium.

  • Waxed Canvas Tool Apron

    Waxed Canvas Tool Apron

    Only for the toughest of men for the toughest of jobs, the Waxed Canvas Tool Apron is crafted from water-resistant 16 oz. waxed canvas reinforced with solid brass grommets and rivets, while the roomy pockets are double stitched. Ideal for tradesmen like carpenters, mechanics, butchers, and welders—if we do end up hurtling into a nuclear holocaust, this is one of the few things that will survive it.

  • AVIS Titanium Multi-Tool

    AVIS Titanium Multi-Tool

    The AVIS Titanium Multi-Tool from TacticalandPortable is just what you are looking for in an everyday carry tool. This unique keychain is both a compact and elegant tool. More importantly, it’s designed to handle most everyday tasks that you will encounter in your daily life. These tools are easy to use, small and feature easy blade replacement. It packs in a utility blade, bottle opener, 1/4″ hex bit driver, flathead screwdriver and pry tip. It comes in a variety of …cotinue reading

  • WORX ZipSnip Cutting Tool

    WORX ZipSnip Cutting Tool

    The handiest piece of home kit you never knew you needed, the WORX ZipSnip Cutting Tool a lightweight, versatile contraption that will have you chucking out the scissors—and possibly even a few of your knives. Powered by a lithium battery that can go months between charges, the self-sharpening blade makes light work of a range of materials—you’ll be so satisfied, you might even decide to buy a pair, one for the kitchen drawer, and one for the garage.

  • Veer All-Terrain Cruiser

    Veer All-Terrain Cruiser

    Inflict the other dads—and kids—with a serious dose of stroller envy with the Veer All-Terrain Cruiser. The rugged kid-carrier means you can impart a sense of adventure in your little ones early, bravely going where no stroller dared go before thanks to features such as rugged tires, three-point harnesses on the two-seats, and a durable plastic/aluminum/textile design.

  • Chopper 1 Axe

    Chopper 1 Axe

    The Chopper 1 Axe brings the joy back to splitting wood. Virtually unbreakable, it has a premium steel head and a hickory handle for durable, reliable use for years to come. Proudly made in the USA and crafted with premium features, including a cast iron chopper leaver case, custom-madespring housing, double shear rotation pin, a custom-ground blade, and patented chopper splitting levers, the Chopper 1 is the only axe you’ll ever need.