SUVs & Wagons

  • Suzuki Jimny

    Suzuki Jimny

    The boxy Suzuki Jimny comes equipped with a boxer-like attitude chomping at the bit to annihilate any terrain in its path. The model may be 40 years old, but it’s stronger, tougher, and hungrier than ever thanks to an all-new 1.5-liter petrol engine and updated 4WD drivetrain. Expect safety features like a Dual Sensor Brake Support, audio and visual alerts and lane departure warnings. Not that you’ll be wanting to stay in regular lanes for too long in this beast, …cotinue reading

  • Legacy Overland 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser

    Legacy Overland 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser

    A spectacular restoration of an off-roading icon, the Legacy Overland 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser sees ever single part and accessory reconditioned or replaced without losing an iota of its retro cool. Features include a 3-liter diesel B-type engine, braced roll bar with custom soft top, LED lighting and Old Man Emu Suspension.

  • BMW Z4

    BMW Z4

    Calendars to the ready, the new BMW Z4 will go into production later this year and judging by the teasings of the M40i, it promises to be a stunner. That apex offering features a turbocharged inline-six engine, while those further down the range are loaded with a still-delicious four-cylinder turbocharged and inside you can expect to see BMW’s premium

  • 2019 Lincoln Aviator

    2019 Lincoln Aviator

    The 2019 Lincoln Aviator elevates the luxury SUV to new heights. Offering the ultimate in elegance and comfort, its dramatic lines combine with uncompromised power from a twin-turbocharged engine and plug-in hybrid technology. With seamless acceleration, you’ll feel the sensation of taking flight. Loaded with safety features, the Aviator offers driver-assist technology for added confidence. Get ready to soar in a one-of-a-kind personalized interior and experience new heights in craftsmanship, comfort, and performance.

  • Ford Bronco Aspen

    Ford Bronco Aspen

    Okay, so a cool quarter-of-a-million pricetag sure is extraordinary, but then this Ford Bronco Aspen is one extraordinary ride. This ultimate restoration job comprises the original body with a renovated frame, high-end tires, suspension and a stunning black paint job offset by contrasting chrome and a whiskey spice leather interior.

  • Karlmann King SUV

    Karlmann King SUV

    If it’s a stealth SUV that you want, look no further than the Karlmann King SUV. With bodywork inspired by the stealth bomber, it is more than an impressive vehicle. Despite all of those beautiful angles, the Karlmann King SUV is all about luxury, not speed or the ability to evade radar. Inside you’ll find a retractable TV, a fridge, ambient lighting, handy pop-out tables, a Nespresso machine and more amenities. This beast weighs over 13,000 pounds.Other features include Ford …cotinue reading