• M&U Solid Wood Trays

    M&U Solid Wood Trays

    Cleverly crafted cradles to keep your desktop clutter-free, the M&U Solid Wood Trays are carved from durable maple and walnut woods and whittled into hexagonal or rectangular shapes. These beautiful, eco-friendly organizers comprise various compartments for sundries such as coins, cards keys and cellphones and are all finished with a durable low-sheen varnish for extra protection.

  • Switchboard


    Say hello to Switchboard, a very smart hanger for your coats and other clothing items such as caps, scarves and even bags. This wall mounted creation sports the cleverest of constructions courtesy of triangular hooks which flip back up when not in use. The artwork-like minimalist design is carved from beech wood.

  • Kai Takeshima Record Display

    Kai Takeshima Record Display

    People will immediately see how much you value your record collection when it’s properly on display and in easy reach in the Kai Takeshima Record Display. Each of the six shelves is 9-inch deep and the unit holds approximately 290 records. Beautifully designed with simple elegance, the Kai Takeshima Record Display is an honorable home for your prized collection.

  • Grovemade Entryway Collection

    Grovemade Entryway Collection

    When everything has its own place while you maintain your own personal sense of style, you are enjoying the Grovemade Entryway Collection. From the premium vegetable-tanned leather and brushed aluminum wall hook, to the sculpted walnut wall catch-all, all of your home items will have their own place right where they are supposed to be.

  • Best Made Footlocker

    Best Made Footlocker

    Inspired by the standard issue American military footlocker, the Best Made Footlocker is fabricated in the USA from a powder-coated steel. Light and durable, this universal storage device has a customizable brass data plate, a solid brass lock, and a sliding interior tray. Beautifully simplistic and incredibly functional, the Best Made Footlocker is an essential.

  • Poketo Cable Organizer

    Poketo Cable Organizer

    Declutter your desk, and in turn your mind, with a Poketo Cable Organizer. The simple and effective design takes care of all manner of wires which are easily affixed to the grid of flexible knobs. Fix to any clean surface courtesy of its adhesive back and never lose your cable ends again.