• Polar Vantage Series GPS Watches

    Polar Vantage Series GPS Watches

    Designed to help athletes reach their full potential, the Polar Vantage Series of GPS Watches give you the data you need so that you can focus on improving. These watches allow you to train smarter and win. They are designed for pro athletes and for anyone who trains like a pro athlete. They offer 30-40 hour battery life, GPS, barometer, a running program, swimming metrics, waterproof, and much more. If you want to win, you better get this amazing trainer …cotinue reading

  • Bushnell Hybrid Laser Rangefinder + GPS

    Bushnell Hybrid Laser Rangefinder + GPS

    The Bushnell Hybrid Laser Rangefinder + GPS is the world’s first Laser Rangefinder and GPS combo unit to have a fully integrated display that features both laser and GPS yardages. Your golf game just got better. It features Range to a Flag: 400 Yards, 5× Magnification, PinSeeker with JOLT Technology and is accurate to 1 Yard. It also boasts a Fast Focus System. It also has dual batteries: A CR2 for Laser and USB for GPS. It comes loaded with …cotinue reading

  • Wilson Camo Racket Collection

    Wilson Camo Racket Collection

    Most tennis racquets are pretty plain and frankly boring. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. They don’t exactly match your lifestyle or set you apart from the competition. However, the Wilson Camo Racket Collection is the exception to the rule. They come in a variety of camo colors that will make your gear stand out from the crowd. The collection includes racquets, overgrips, tennis bags, backpack, pants, shorts, and shoes. Now they will see you coming and maybe …cotinue reading

  • Space Shaker

    Space Shaker

    Enjoy silky smooth, clump-free supplements pre-, during and post-workouts with the out-of-this-world Space Shaker. The easy-to-use and easy-to-clean collapsible protein shaker is a cinch to mix, with a super comfortable grip, and the entire thing collapses to slot neatly into your gym bag. The clever design incorporates a lid that contains the powder–simply pop it all open concertina-like, add water, shake and glug.

  • Wilson USA Special Edition Evolution Basketball

    Wilson USA Special Edition Evolution Basketball

    Basketball’s number one selling game ball has had a cool patriotic makeover. The Wilson USA Special Edition Evolution Basketball sports a composite Evo Microfiber cover and Cushion Core Carcass for a softer feel, added grip, and better control for one-handed tricks. Even cooler is the American flag inspired graphics boasting stars and stripes as you hit the court. All you need now are friends to school.

  • Ping G400 Max

    Ping G400 Max

    Add some serious distance while enjoying greater stability and forgiveness with the seriously high-spec Ping G400 Max that boasts the highest total MOI ever in a Ping driver. The clever design is forged to flex for longer straighter drives, with a larger profile and a high-density backweight that all combine to create the most wonderful sound when you strike.

  • Nissan Pitch-R Soccer Robot

    Nissan Pitch-R Soccer Robot

    For any serious soccer fan, a well-marked pitch no matter the playing surface is almost as important as the game itself. After all, how are you going to enforce the rules if you don’t know where the penalty spot is? If you have ever wondered how you would correctly mark the local playing ground up to UEFA’s lofty standards for a proper game, the Nissan Pitch-R is the answer. It uses GPS tracking technology, collision avoidance, and a four-camera system …cotinue reading

  • Wilson Han Solo & Chewbacca Kid’s Soccerball

    Wilson Han Solo & Chewbacca Kid’s Soccerball

    We’re guessing Tom Hanks would much rather have had this Wilson on his Cast Away island–more faces would have meant more friends. The uber-cool Wilson Han Solo & Chewbacca Kid’s Soccerball features a slew of iconic Star Wars characters, and while, stocks last, arrives along with a free keychain.

  • Hypervolt


    It may look like a cordless drill, but the soothing, state-of-the-art Hypervolt promises to relieve stiffness and soreness in your muscles, while increasing circulation and expanding your range of motion, and generally bettering the health of your body’s soft tissue. No doubt your wife will like this one a lot, too.

  • SQRDUP Laser Golf Alignment Tool

    SQRDUP Laser Golf Alignment Tool

    Your Golf game can really suffer if your alignment is off. You can have the best swing and the best gear, as well as the best intentions, but bad alignment can ruin everything. Better get SQRDUP. This Golf Alignment Tool uses four green lasers configured in a crosshair pattern to help you get your feet and club face in line for great results every time. It’s made of anodized aluminum and measures six inches square. This device uses 545 NM …cotinue reading