Shorts & Swimwear

  • Birddogs Gym Shorts

    Birddogs Gym Shorts

    When you’re heading to the gym, you don’t want to carry along a lot of extras. In Birddogs Gym Shorts, you’ll be lean, mean, and have everything you need right in your shorts–including built-in underwear. With a secure side zip wallet pouch, a phone pouch that keeps your phone in place during runs, and huge front pockets, you’ll have just the right amount of space for all your essentials.

  • Parker Dusseau All Around Short

    Parker Dusseau All Around Short

    Crafted for all manner of adventuring and attractive enough for social endeavors too, meet the Parker Dusseau All Around Short. It’s crafted in downtown San Francisco from premium quick dry, four way stretch material, sports a gusseted crotch for maximum flexibility on the go as well as a side seam slot for your cell.

  • Cadence Skyline Shorts

    Cadence Skyline Shorts

    Cadence Skyline Shorts are made from a comfortable, water resistant, and durable fabric that is ideal for rides but styled for post-ride gatherings. Comfortable nylon and spandex will never restrict your mobility and the reflective flag label for increased visibility adds an additional safety feature while you ride.

  • SWIMS Gavitella Shorts

    SWIMS Gavitella Shorts

    Make a sartorial splash with SWIMS Gavitella Shorts, a short-style sportier version of the all-time iconic elastic waistband bathing shorts. The durable fabrics are forged with fashion and activity in mind with features including air draining waist detailing, a heavy duty hydrophobic waist drawcord and stretch fine micromesh inner trunks.

  • Olivers All Over Short

    Olivers All Over Short

    School inspired, old-school style, the Olivers All Over Short sport a four-way nylon and spandex construction which is water repellent and secured to your person courtesy of a custom made, commercial military spec paracord. A bad-ass piece of kit that should inspire a bad-ass attitude out on the court, field or track.

  • Reef Surfaris

    Reef Surfaris

    With summer upon us, it’s time to start thinking about both our beach bodies and attire, and you can’t go far wrong with this classic board short with a twist. Beach Surfaris sport a lightweight construction which offers ease of movement and UV protection, are velco-free and with a lycra fly. The braded draw cord will keep them secure in the surf and they’re available in a wealth of cool patterns that incorporate the likes of palm trees, flowers and …cotinue reading