• Boatsetter


    No matter what your budget, Boatsetter will hook up you up with just the right vessel, anywhere (that it’s wet). Whether you want to water-ski, fish, sail, or simply cruise, the company will scan coasts across the globe to connect you with the perfect on water rental–with, or without a skipper.

  • BroBasket


    Drop some hints or score some serious kudos as a gift giver with BroBasket, a collection of man stuff delivered straight to the door. Think of it as a florist without the femininity–or flowers–with petals replaced by bottles of beer, bourbon and/or man snacks. Mix and match, each order is fully customizable–there’s one sat in our office right now. (It was full of booze.)

  • Blue Apron

    Blue Apron

    Preparing healthy, farm-to-table meals has never been easier. Blue Apron cuts out the middleman, annoying shopping experiences, and search for fresh ingredients by sending you everything you need to create incredible meals using easy, step-by-step recipes. With Blue Apron’s model, you’ll enjoy better ingredients, better pricing, and help to make the planet a better place. You’ll also never have to be stumped by that dreaded, “What’s for dinner?” question again.