• Solidwool Hembury Chair

    Solidwool Hembury Chair

    Understated eco-friendly elegance designed to stimulate, the Solidwool Hembury Chair, inspired by the iconic Eames Plastic Side Chair of the 1950s, sports simple lines and timeless appeal. It’s crafted from wool composite, bio-resin and ash wood and promises to complement any workspace — while making it a lot more productive, too.

  • El Purista Smokers’ Armchair

    El Purista Smokers’ Armchair

    And the winner of the internet this week is the El Purista Smoker’s Armchair, the ultimate man recliner. The kind of thing you can picture gracing James Bond’s crib, it’s crafted from molded beech, walnut and sustainable aniline leather, while Spanish cedar drawers — which pull out from the armrests — offer space for whiskey and cigars. A real thing of beauty.

  • Toro Lounge Chair

    Toro Lounge Chair

    As comfortable as it is simple — and stylish — the iconic Toro Lounge Chair sports a beautifully crafted natural beech wood frame with a full grain leather sling which becomes softer to sit on the more you sit on it. An impeccable addition to any contemporary space, it even arrives fully assembled so you can put your feet up and get aging that leather, immediately.

  • Scooter Chair

    Scooter Chair

    The Bel & Bel Limited Edition Scooter Chair is customized and handmade in a numbered series so each piece is unique. This comfortable and ergonomic chair has a reclining feature, a reinforced internal structure, and a base with hydraulic piston to regulate and adjust to your preferred height. The contemporary design is also a piece for lovers of this classic and iconic motorcycle.

  • Vaya Chair

    Vaya Chair

    When you spend the majority of your day sitting in your office chair, shouldn’t it be the most comfortable possible? Introducing Vaya–the most beautiful, comfortable office chair on Earth. Arising from the design of the Ferrari Enzo and the new-generation Maserati, Vaya is engineered to maximize your comfort in all seating positions as it adjusts to your every movement.

  • Camp Stool

    Camp Stool

    Make sure that even your Camp Stool reflects your discriminating taste and excellent sense of style. This elegant tripod camping stool is constructed of dark stained ash hardwood and English bridle leather for a durable and versatile seat that is destined to become a modern design classic.