• Vaya Chair

    Vaya Chair

    When you spend the majority of your day sitting in your office chair, shouldn’t it be the most comfortable possible? Introducing Vaya–the most beautiful, comfortable office chair on Earth. Arising from the design of the Ferrari Enzo and the new-generation Maserati, Vaya is engineered to maximize your comfort in all seating positions as it adjusts to your every movement.

  • Camp Stool

    Camp Stool

    Make sure that even your Camp Stool reflects your discriminating taste and excellent sense of style. This elegant tripod camping stool is constructed of dark stained ash hardwood and English bridle leather for a durable and versatile seat that is destined to become a modern design classic.

  • Svelio Garden Rocker

    Svelio Garden Rocker

    Is it a chair? A hammock? A boat? The Svelio Garden Rocker is all of that and more. Designed in Big Sur, California, this spiral craft is part of the Svelio dynamic outdoor furniture line that aims to awaken higher consciousness through relaxation and comfort.

  • Racer Rocking Chair

    Racer Rocking Chair

    The name may imply otherwise, but a helmet won’t be needed with the Racer Rocking Chair, unless you should bump your head as you kick back then nod off in total comfort. Available in a heap of cool and colorful finishes, each one is crafted from 100% recycled plastic tough enough for the back yard and complete with a handy open storage trunk round back.

  • Outdoor Bean Bag Chair

    Outdoor Bean Bag Chair

    Recline in absolute comfort with the indulgently oversized Outdoor Bean Bag Chair. This premium, portable weather-proof piece will engulf your very being in total luxury, and it’s yours in a choice of the finest all-seasons Perennials or Sunbrella fabrics which not only resists mildew, stains and fading, but zip off with ease for ease of cleaning.

  • Zami Essential

    Zami Essential

    With its innovative design, that seamlessly blends comfort, simplicity and active sitting, the Zami Essential will become your most coveted seat in the house. Available in either wood or aluminum, the Zami is an ergonomically Dutch designed stool that’s made from the highest quality materials.

  • D’Hauteville Concrete Chair

    D’Hauteville Concrete Chair

    Classic understated sophistication has been remade thanks to the D’Hauteville Concrete Chair which takes and twists a mid-century design using steel and concrete. These incredibly lightweight, incredibly comfortable and incredibly versatile designs courtesy of Julie Legros and Henri Lavallard Boget will truly and tastefully modernize an industrial setting in absolute style.

  • Carvel Chair

    Carvel Chair

    The result of two years of craft, inspired by the ancient art of boat building, the sublime Carvel Chair is fabricated from wind-felled Irish larch which has been hand shaped and fixed using copper roves. Lightweight, flexible and very comfortable, inside you’ll find a lining of soft, luxurious sheep skin.