Safety & Security

  • Thousand Epoch Bicycle Helmet

    Thousand Epoch Bicycle Helmet

    Thousand Helmets celebrates their second anniversary with the release of their new Epoch helmet line. Available in three color variations — Speedway Creme, Willowbrook Mint, and Nordic Wood — these bicycle helmets sport a classic silhouette as well as modern materials and finishes. The line offers three sizes, includes two sets of interior padding and vegan leather straps for better fit and comfort.

  • HJC Introduces Boba Fett Motorcycle Helmets

    HJC Introduces Boba Fett Motorcycle Helmets

    Quite possibly one of the coolest bike helmets we’ve seen here in GearCulture HQ is the limited run Boba Fett Star Wars Edition RPHA11 Pro motorcycle helmets from HJC. These DOT-approved head safety gear feature a unique blend of carbon fiber, aramid, fiberglass and organic non-woven fabric shell, fog-resistant visor lenses, and Advanced Channeling Vent System (ACVS) that improves airflow and releases humidity through vents in the back of the helmet.

  • Hiplock Z-lock

    Hiplock Z-lock

    Another zip-style lock for security, Hiplock Z-lock is a lightweight tie that can secure your bike and outdoor gear during short stays. Made with reinforced stainless steel core, protection is complemented by a double-locking ratchet mechanism which can only be released by using the included two-pronged key. Z-lock is 15 inches in length and is available in three colors. 



    Designed for short-stay security, the OTTOLOCK is a cinch lock perfect for cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts. Think of it as a reusable zip tie with a combination lock. Though small, lightweight and extremely portable, it’s more secure than a cable lock, and for sure lighter than a U-lock. Safety and security come courtesy of a multi-layer steel and Kevlar band design which makes it extremely cut-resistant. Available in 18, 30, and 60 inches.

  • Ellipse Smart Bike Lock

    Ellipse Smart Bike Lock

    No ordinary bike lock, the Ellipse Smart Bike Lock combines beauty, brains, and brawn with a strong connection to modern day convenience. Ellipse’s smart technology means keyless entry from your smartphone, Bluetooth signal alerts when your bike is disturbed, and a built-in solar panel that automatically charges its battery. The design is pretty breathtaking too. Be on the other half of the half of all cyclists who have had a bike stolen. Protect yourself with the Ellipse Smart Bike Lock.

  • Bicycle Brake Light

    Bicycle Brake Light

    A clever safety contraption to keep cyclists even safer on the street, the Bicycle Brake Light burns brighter when you slow down, allowing other road users to greater gauge the distance. What’s more, it doesn’t even have to be wired to your braking system, rather it works via an accelerometer, shining to a maximum illumination of 30 lumens. Tough and waterproof, it can be fixed to your bike frame or helmet.

  • MultiSync Foldable Travel Keyboard

    MultiSync Foldable Travel Keyboard

    Don’t forsake comfort or efficiency for the sake of convenience, the MultiSync Foldable Travel Keyboard is just the ticket to make the most of your tablet or smartphone, on the fly. Suitable for use with all manner of Bluetooth compatible portable devices–when inspiration hits, simply flip it open and type. Tough and lightweight, it’s easily charged via micro-USB.

  • FEND Foldable Helmet

    FEND Foldable Helmet

    Ingeniously designed for the modern urban commuter, the FEND Foldable Helmet cuts down on your bulk and carry. Currently ready for pre-order, this helmet lets you fold, stash, and store it right in your pack until you need it again. Its resilient Joint System allows maximum breathability and convenient portability.

  • Salt Supply Co S1 Pepper Spray Gun

    Salt Supply Co S1 Pepper Spray Gun

    Non-lethal home protection in the form of those most threatening of tools, take aim with the Salt Supply Co S1 Pepper Spray Gun. Affording the same long range protection as a regular firearm, the bright yellow gun comes with pepper spray and tear gas rounds meaning you can keep your family safe without spilling any blood.

  • SkunkLock


    One of our favorite all-time inventions at GearCulture, SkunkLock is a security device which fights back with a bite. Well, a smell. Now the only thing that stinks more than having your bike stolen is a thief who tries to pinch it, for if they attempt to saw or snap through this hardened steel they’ll be met with a putrid odor to make them literally vomit.