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    Drowsy drivers cause 30,000 car accident fatalities a year. It’s time to wake up to the facts and stay sharp and alert while driving with STEER. An innovative wearable device, STEER actually detects your level of drowsiness by analyzing your heart rate and skin conductance and warns you with vibration and gentle electric impulse so you do not fall asleep while driving. STEER analyzes your condition every two seconds, and when it detects drowsiness, it immediately warns you. Made from …cotinue reading

  • Larry Alert

    Larry Alert

    This thing has more eyes than your missus, Larry Alert, thanks to the magic of special radar movement-sensing technology, can keep tabs on several things at once–whether it be your car, your unattended outdoor gear, or beach equipment. Should anything within a 15×20-feet radius go for an unauthorized wander, this smart security device will send an alert to your smartphone along with a picture of the thief. How Robocop is that?

  • Fabric USB Bike Light

    Fabric USB Bike Light

    See and be seen with the stellar Fabric USB Bike Light. The minimal, modern case is crafted from high-end materials and boasts a water resistance rating of IPX5. The powerful, bat-beam-like 300 lumens light is charged via USB, adjustable, and good for up to two hours, while it can be mounted on your bike’s handlebars or seat-post, with red LED indicators on along its side.

  • Ploota Water Safety Device

    Ploota Water Safety Device

    Ploota provides an extra layer of protection in and around water. This water safety device is designed to be worn around the neck and keep its wearer afloat in the head-up position for up to six hours. Once Ploota detects an emergency, it automatically inflates two cushions to prevent drowning and bring its user to the surface. Manual activation is also available.

  • Thousand Epoch Bicycle Helmet

    Thousand Epoch Bicycle Helmet

    Thousand Helmets celebrates their second anniversary with the release of their new Epoch helmet line. Available in three color variations — Speedway Creme, Willowbrook Mint, and Nordic Wood — these bicycle helmets sport a classic silhouette as well as modern materials and finishes. The line offers three sizes, includes two sets of interior padding and vegan leather straps for better fit and comfort.

  • HJC Introduces Boba Fett Motorcycle Helmets

    HJC Introduces Boba Fett Motorcycle Helmets

    Quite possibly one of the coolest bike helmets we’ve seen here in GearCulture HQ is the limited run Boba Fett Star Wars Edition RPHA11 Pro motorcycle helmets from HJC. These DOT-approved head safety gear feature a unique blend of carbon fiber, aramid, fiberglass and organic non-woven fabric shell, fog-resistant visor lenses, and Advanced Channeling Vent System (ACVS) that improves airflow and releases humidity through vents in the back of the helmet.