Safety & Security

  • Tapplock Smart Fingerprint Padlock

    Tapplock Smart Fingerprint Padlock

    The Tapplock One Smart Padlock is more secure than your standard padlock. Armed with a capacitive sensor, it unlocks in under a second using just your fingerprint. That means that no one else is opening this lock unless they get your fingerprints Mission Impossible style. And if you do want others to have access to it, the device can store up to 500 different prints. It can also unlock via an app over Bluetooth and has backup morse code unlocking. …cotinue reading

  • Husqvarna Pilen Helmet

    Husqvarna Pilen Helmet

    Only idiots don’t wear a helmet, especially when they look this cool. The Husqvarna Pilen Helmet will keep your head safe and protected while giving you an innovative ventilation system, so you can breath easier and arrive at your destination feeling fresh instead of sweaty. The Pilsen Helmet also features a double-panel, scratch-resistant visor, a micro lock chinstrap closure, and a quick-change visor. Offering optimum comfort for glasses wearers, there really isn’t any excuse for not wearing your helmet.

  • McLaren Invincible Shield

    McLaren Invincible Shield

    The kind of kit that Bruce Wayne would order for his nocturnal endeavors, the McLaren Invincible Shield is body armor designed by the Formula One giants. The gear was actually requested by a real-life billionaire (we’re not sure if he’s a vigilante), to protect his–or her–vital organs following surgery. They’re keeping the price, er, close to their chest, but say it’s less than a quarter of a million bucks. Bargain (if you’re a billionaire).

  • RockyMounts Hendrix Lock

    RockyMounts Hendrix Lock

    Stop carrying around a bulky bike lock and travel lighter with the RockyMounts Hendrix Lock. Ergonomically designed for easy and comfortable carry, this innovative lock folds down to the size of your phone. Built with the strength of a U-lock, the Hendrix is hardened with 5mm of thick rubber coated steel plates and has a security level of 7. It even includes a handy water bottle cage-mounting bracket that fits your bike frame. Convenience and simplicity have been combined with …cotinue reading

  • Bell Bullitt Carbon Helmet

    Bell Bullitt Carbon Helmet

    A modern take on the original classic, the Bell Bullitt Carbon Helmet features a personalized fit and is loaded with the highest quality details. The genuine leather interior, contoured cheek pads, front chin vents with metal mesh intake and exhaust vents, and integrated speaker pockets make this the perfect helmet for vintage-loving riders that value safety and full-face protection. The low-profile carbon composite shell and five-year industry-leading warranty make this helmet a natural fit.



    Drowsy drivers cause 30,000 car accident fatalities a year. It’s time to wake up to the facts and stay sharp and alert while driving with STEER. An innovative wearable device, STEER actually detects your level of drowsiness by analyzing your heart rate and skin conductance and warns you with vibration and gentle electric impulse so you do not fall asleep while driving. STEER analyzes your condition every two seconds, and when it detects drowsiness, it immediately warns you. Made from …cotinue reading