Safety & Security

  • OTTOLOCK Camo Cinch Lock

    OTTOLOCK Camo Cinch Lock

    You learn a lot when you travel, and though it’s mostly for the good, occasionally you also learn that not all humans can be trusted. Remove temptation while securing some peace of mind with the OTTOLOCK Camo Cinch Lock, it’s tougher than a regular cable lock as well as being lightweight and compact–just what you need on the road.

  • Thousand Heritage Collection

    Thousand Heritage Collection

    As well as minimal, there’s an almost military element to the handsome Thousand Heritage Collection, a range super stylish urban bike helmets. The retro lids hark back the simpler times of the 1950s and ’60s, but feature handy modern touches like vegan leather straps, vents, a one-handed magnetic fastener and a secret Poplock to secure it your bike. Available in a range of understated colors like Stealth Black or Arctic Grey.

  • POC Omne Air

    POC Omne Air

    The POC Omne Air is the firm’s latest and most versatile helmet, stylish enough to wear around town and on your daily commute and streamlined enough to get competitive. Not that you should sweat too much thanks to its clever venting system, which is accompanied by comfort-enhancing features like a 360-degree adjustment, system, and precision fit straps.

  • AGV X3000 AGO1 Limited Edition

    AGV X3000 AGO1 Limited Edition

    Motorcyclists use your head an invest in this wonderful piece of safety wear-cum-art. The AGV X3000 AGO1 Limited Edition is modeled on the original tricolor helmet that gave rise to the iconic AGV logo, now constructed with state-of-the-art techniques and arriving in a glorious leather bag as per the original. They’re only making 300.

  • AGV Sportmodular Carbon Fiber Helmet

    AGV Sportmodular Carbon Fiber Helmet

    To help commemorate the 70th anniversary since the production of its first helmet, AGV has unveiled the Sportmodular Carbon Fiber Helmet. It creates a new standard in the modular helmet category with unparalleled safety, comfort, and design. Made with AGV Extreme Standards, the Sportmodular is the only modular helmet in the world that is built entirely of carbon fiber–including the chin guard. Engineered for the highest levels of safety and comfort, it sets a new bar for aerodynamics, impact protection, …cotinue reading

  • FoxxVault License Plate Storage Safe

    FoxxVault License Plate Storage Safe

    You won’t have to worry about losing your car keys, locking them inside of your car or getting them stolen ever again thanks to this James Bond-style smart license plate storage from Foxxvault. It cleverly combines smart technology with nearly indestructible high carbon steel composition. Foxxvault’s Smart License Plate gives you one less thing to worry about. You can even track your keys by connecting them to your smartphone, and you can share access to your vehicle with your friends …cotinue reading

  • Mountain Standard X VSSL First Aid Kit

    Mountain Standard X VSSL First Aid Kit

    You’ve probably never seen a first aid kit in a flashlight before. This will save you some space and help you to keep your first aid kit with you at all times. The compact Mountain Standard x VSSL First Aid Kit is built into the handle of a lightweight, water-resistant, military-spec anodized aluminum LED flashlight. It measures just 9” X 2” and holds supplies for emergencies. Inside you will find a whistle, antiseptics, an assortment of bandages, medical tape, safety …cotinue reading

  • OneUp Portable and Ultra Compact Life Preserver

    OneUp Portable and Ultra Compact Life Preserver

    OneUp is a life preserver that is about the size of a can of soda. It’s self-inflating, reusable and easy-to-throw. Its compact size means that you can always have it at the ready. This all translates to more lives being saved. It automatically inflates when it comes into contact with water and it can be reused by simply replacing the CO2 cartridge and putting it back into the case. This life-saving device easily fits in your backpack, purse or emergency …cotinue reading

  • Bowley High Security Padlock Model 543

    Bowley High Security Padlock Model 543

    Most padlocks are easily picked or destroyed by thieves. However, the Bowley Model 543 High-Security Padlock is nearly impossible to pick. It has a complex mechanism that has a dual-shielded core with 9 pins, and over 2.3 billion key combinations. Have fun picking this lock, thieves. This lock requires a series of pushes and turns to unlock. It features a 7/16″ hardened steel nickel plated shackle, 1/4″ thick hardened steel base plate, and an oversized body like a bouncer who …cotinue reading

  • Solo First Aid Kit

    Solo First Aid Kit

    Only pack the best when it comes to first aid. The Solo First Aid Kit from MyMedic is a good choice. It is designed to make saving lives simple. Take it camping, in the car, or have it with you for everyday carry. It is designed to slip into any pack so that it will always be with you. This kit is waterproof, crushproof, and dustproof. The case is made of high-impact ABS material. The supplies inside will handle all …cotinue reading