• Sorel Conquest Snow Boots

    Sorel Conquest Snow Boots

    Keep your feet warm and dry during winter with the Conquest Snow Boots from Sorel. This rugged boot keeps the slushies out when trekking in deep snow with its seam sealed, waterproof nubuck and suede leather and built-in gaiter/bootie with barrel lock closure. The interior is insulated with Thinsulate Ultra withstand cold, winter temperatures up to a minus 40 degree Fahrenheit and lined with Dri-Lex fleece for comfort.

  • YETI Wine Tumblers

    YETI Wine Tumblers

    Like any good drink, wine is best enjoyed outdoors among friends. The only problem is that drinking outdoors is that it can lead to broken glass, so it took some special engineering to create these tumblers, which make sure that you can enjoy your wine without any problems. This 10 oz. Wine Tumbler is the YETI and it’s available in stainless steel and DuraCoat color. Enjoy your wine anywhere with absolutely zero problems, which is the way that wine was …cotinue reading

  • YETI Tundra Haul

    YETI Tundra Haul

    The only thing that was missing from this iconic icebox range was one on wheels, and boy now has delivered. The YETI Tundra Haul boasts wheels tough and grippy enough to go anywhere, carrying up to 55 pounds of ice or, more to the point, 45 cans of beer, in the ever-reliable, indestructible body.

  • Kachula Adventure Blanket

    Kachula Adventure Blanket

    Available in a range of arresting colors and patterns–the camo one is especially hip–the Kachula Adventure Blanket is the ultimate camping, picnic and festival companion. Features a snap closure modular system to link several blankets together–or fashion a sleeping bag–and a removable hood so that it doubles as a poncho. Plus, it’s water- and stain-resistant on both sides and rolls up into a handy travel pillow.

  • Tubbs Mountaineer Snowshoe

    Tubbs Mountaineer Snowshoe

    When you’re ready to leave the trails behind and head for the backcountry, the Tubbs Mountaineer Snowshoe can take you there. With reliable traction on all terrain, the Mountaineer was built with R2 Revolution articulation, so you can maintain a stable, natural foot position even while exploring wild and untouched ground. Using a precise, ActiveFit for binding and snow slicing the carbon-steel Anaconda crampon lets you go-anywhere comfortably and safely.

  • Yeti Sidekick Dry

    Yeti Sidekick Dry

    Yet another fabulously functional piece of kit from one of GearCulture’s go-to brands, the Yeti Sidekick Dry is forged to keep important things secure, dry and within easy reach. The durable waterproof case sports a magnetic HydroShield Closure and RF-welded seams to protect the likes of your keys, wallets, and fishing license.

  • Awake RAVIK

    Awake RAVIK

    It’ll be a while before something comes along to beat our new favorite beach toy, feast your eyes on the Awake RAVIK. This electric surfboard reaches 50kph in just four seconds, maxing out at 56kph, with a runtime of 40 minutes. Takes only 80 minutes to charge and boasts a body carved from carbon fiber–you won’t just be riding waves, you’ll be literally leaving the ocean your wake.

  • Black + Blum Insulated Water Bottle

    Black + Blum Insulated Water Bottle

    Stay hydrated while helping the environment with this awesome range of drinking vessels. The Black + Blum Insulated Water Bottle is yours in a range of styles, sizes and materials including vacuum insulated stainless steel with silicone seals and optional charcoal blocks to improve the taste of tap water meaning no more need to choke up any more of our oceans with those single-use supermarket offerings.

  • Homitt Soft Cooler

    Homitt Soft Cooler

    Chill with up to 30 cans of your favorite beers (or sodas–yeah, right!) with the Homitt Soft Cooler. Unsurpassed cooling comes courtesy of its closed cell insulation that’s three layers deep and leak-proof, with high-density foam, along with make-life-easier features such as detachable padded shoulder straps, side handles and a no-sweat, anti-bacterial finish.

  • Klymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping Pad

    Klymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping Pad

    Give even the most primitive campsite an added layer of comfort with the Klymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping Pad. It is innovatively designed to limit air movement and heat loss so you get the best support and comfort all night long. Weighing only 18.1 oz, it’s exceptionally compact but incredibly rugged. Made from 75D polyester, it has superior tear, puncture, and abrasion resistance and an anti-microbial laminate for added protection.