• Skyrise Poler Tent

    Skyrise Poler Tent

    Your adventures just got an upgrade thanks to the Skyrise Poler Tent. Yakima’s Skyrise Rooftop tent has a lightweight and easy to deploy design, weatherproof 210D nylon construction, waterproof PU coating, a wide-open view, dual skylights, and a 2.5-inch thick wall-to-wall mattress. Now that’s camping in style. Why sleep on the ground when you can sleep above it on your car’s roof. Tool-free vehicle mounts mean that no bolts are required, so it’s easy to put on and quick to …cotinue reading

  • Hydrapak Expedition 8L Bottle

    Hydrapak Expedition 8L Bottle

    The well-designed Hydrapak Expedition 8L Bottle is a must for the backcountry explorer. Forged from BPA- and PVC-free ultra-tough TPU material, when empty, the bladder collapses into an easily manageable and transportable mass. The plug-n-play cap makes for easy dispensing, while the dual baffles mean it won’t tip over. The tap’s filter compatible also.

  • Goal Zero Crush Light Solar Powered Lantern

    Goal Zero Crush Light Solar Powered Lantern

    Goal Zero’s Crush Light solar-powered lantern is a lightweight, durable and very portable 60-lumen light for all of your outdoor adventures. It’s so compact and portable because it’s collapsible. It will pack flat and easily fit in a pocket. It sports 4 light modes and you’ll get a battery life of 3 hours on high and as much as 35 hours on low. It also has a candlelight mode. You can recharge it with the integrated solar panel or by …cotinue reading

  • The Morsel Spork

    The Morsel Spork

    You may have noticed a lack of innovation in camping utensils. Well, that’s about to change thanks to the Morsel Spork from Hadron Gear. This looks like the most versatile all-in-one camping utensil there is. It is handy and also durable and flexible. It’s made of BPA-free food-grade materials so it’s safe to use. It has a spatula-like edge for scraping up every last bit of food, and a fork end with a sturdy knife edge. It’s also dishwasher safe. …cotinue reading

  • Makita CM501D Coffee Maker

    Makita CM501D Coffee Maker

    You have to have coffee at your work site. That’s just mandatory. Whether you’re building a house or fixing some potholes in the road, you need coffee. Thanks to the Makita CM501D Coffee Maker, you don’t have to stop on your way to work to get your caffeine. That’s because the Makita CM501D Coffee Maker uses the same rechargeable Li-ion batteries that power the company’s cordless power tools. It can make up to 5 cups of coffee per charge. Get …cotinue reading

  • Seaview 180 SV2 Full-Face Snorkel Mask

    Seaview 180 SV2 Full-Face Snorkel Mask

    The Seaview 180 SV2 Full-Face Snorkel Mask is a high-performance full-face snorkel mask, designed to have a comfortable fit, as well as improved breathability and visibility. This unique mask also features a wide-angle lens for crystal clear 180º views. The Seaview 180 has another feature that sets it apart from other snorkel masks: a patent-pending Flowtech system that provides natural breathing through both your nose and mouth. Using two chambers and 4 intake valves, this system will deliver more fresh …cotinue reading