• YETI Limited Edition Wetlands Tundra

    YETI Limited Edition Wetlands Tundra

    In collaboration with wetlands and waterfowl conservation giant Ducks Unlimited, the kings of the icebox have released the YETI Limited Edition Wetlands Tundra that sees their classy 65 cooler treated to some tan and camo hues. Indestructible and with a couple of inches worth of insulation, it keeps things chilled inside without sweating, out.

  • Iron & Glory Happy Camper Mug

    Iron & Glory Happy Camper Mug

    As great as a steaming hot joe tastes first thing outside the tent in the morning, or following a hard day’s hike, it tastes even better when sipped from a kick-ass cup. The Iron & Glory Happy Camper Mug is just that, forged from stainless steel and aluminum, the double-walled design incorporates a cool carabiner handle and a handy silicone suction lid. Get it in black or silver.

  • Sawyer Micro Squeeze Filter

    Sawyer Micro Squeeze Filter

    Aside from sporting a foam membrane that removes bacteria, protozoa, cysts and odors from water in just 10 seconds, what also sets the Sawyer Micro Squeeze Filter apart is the squeezable design. It makes not only drinking easier–especially when you’re shattered!–but means water can be dispensed with greater efficiency and less waste into other utensils. Perfect for adventurers, travelers and aid workers.

  • Ninebot Electric Gokart

    Ninebot Electric Gokart

    Who hasn’t dreamt of owning their very own gokart? Thanks to those clever clogs at Segway, you can bag yourself an electric one that storms from 0-12mph in two seconds–the world’s fastest initial acceleration–while also being the world’s first gokart made to drift. It’s called the Ninebot Electric Gokart, and we love it.

  • Origami Tandem Kayak

    Origami Tandem Kayak

    From the firm who invented the world’s first origami kayak way back in 2012 comes another, wait for it, origami kayak. Only this time it’s for two people. The awesome Origami Tandem Kayak means you can share the joy of reaching otherwise inaccessible wet spots thanks to this highly portable, foldable vessel.

  • Zippo Hand Warmers

    Zippo Hand Warmers

    Winter is coming. Save your digits from frostbite or any other injury caused by prolonged exposure to cold temperature with the Zippo Hand Warmers. This metal hand warmer uses Zippo premium lighter fluid and platinum-catalyzed glass fiber burner to produce radiant heat, sans the flame, for up to 24 hours. With its thin, compact design you can easily stash it in your pockets or gloves for extra warmth.

  • Helinox Tactical Chair Mini / Multicam

    Helinox Tactical Chair Mini / Multicam

    Ideal for your kids–or even pets–the Helinox Tactical Chair Mini / Multicam is an exact–though smaller, obviously–replica of the fantastic Tactical Chair, an award-winner thanks to its durable yet lightweight construction that incorporates aluminum technology similar to that in trekking and tent poles. This one weighs just 1lb, or 1.2lb with the included compact carry case.

  • Rumpl Camo Puffy

    Rumpl Camo Puffy

    Don’t let the notion of a wet, sandy or rocky ground prevent you from reclining under the summer or starry night sky. The Rumpl Camo Puffy Blanket is crafted from the same premium technical materials as a sleeping bag and down jacket, and is resistant to spills, odor, tears and pet hair. What’s more its generous throw-size weighs just 2.1lbs and packs down into a 6.5″x12″ included stuff sack, making it a must-have addition to your outdoor gear.

  • Shiftpod


    Resembling something that looks as though it should be pitched on the surface of the Moon or Mars, the Shiftpod shelter is fast becoming a festival favorite due to its dust proof, heat reflective skin that’s a cinch to set up while holding solid against aggressive winds. One of the coolest features is its tunnel system that means you can connect it to friends’ shelters for your very own festival or camping commune.

  • Flycraft Fishing SUP

    Flycraft Fishing SUP

    The planet’s most versatile inflatable fishing boat has arrived, and boy is it a beauty. The Flycraft is a most cleverly of crafted crafts offers convenience courtesy of its SUP design that incorporates an anchor system, tower and fin for maximum stability, agility and convenience. Get the edge over your fellow anglers stranded on the river banks.