• Otterbox Trooper Soft Coolers

    Otterbox Trooper Soft Coolers

    Take the party on the go with the new Trooper soft-sided coolers from OtterBox. These unique coolers have a lot of smart features and will hold ice for up to 72-hours. They come in 2 sizes. There’s a 30-quart version that opens clamshell style and can be carried as a backpack, then there’s a smaller 20-quart model with a shoulder sling strap. Both are good looking coolers that feature an IP-65 waterproof rating, water-resistant zippers, and attachment points for modular …cotinue reading

  • DJI Mavic Air Drone

    DJI Mavic Air Drone

    DJI has released the Mavic Air Drone, which builds on previous models for a truly extraordinary drone. It is ultra-portable, with 32MP spherical panoramas, a 3-axis gimbal, 4K camera, 3-directional environment sensing, can be folded down small enough to fit in a large pocket and will deliver 21 minutes of flight time. This drone takes things to the next level. You can expect stable cameras and smooth video, which is hard to find on a drone this size. Whether you’re …cotinue reading

  • Garmin Xero A1i Bow Sight

    Garmin Xero A1i Bow Sight

    There are a lot of factors that make a good archer. Much of it comes down to the man behind the bow of course, but your equipment goes a long way. Having a trustworthy bow sight is a must. The Zero A1i Bow Sight from Garmin has you covered. It delivers pinpoint accuracy with a silent, single-button trigger. You can range at rest or full draw up to 100 yards on game or up to 300 yards on reflective targets. …cotinue reading

  • GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier

    GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier

    An absolute essential for any serious hiker and traveler, the GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier has no need for batteries or ultraviolet bulbs, removing more than 99% of viruses and disease-causing bacteria like hepatitis A and cholera from any fresh water source in as little as 15 seconds. The award-winning design also filters out odors, bad tastes and heavy metals.

  • Brown Leather Coolers

    Brown Leather Coolers

    Cool don’t do the these Brown Leather Coolers justice–and they promise to have your fellow campers and picnickers drooling with icebox envy. With capacities that range from 10-66 liters, the high-end cool boxes sport luxurious stitched leather shells with braided leather handles. Outdoor dining doesn’t get any more stylish.

  • Überleben Leicht Firestarter Necklace

    Überleben Leicht Firestarter Necklace

    Sporting an ultra light design and simple construction, the Überleben Leicht Firestarter Necklace weighs less than 1 oz and is just 1 inch long. You won’t see any other firestarters that are this compact but don’t judge it by its size. It packs in all of the functionality and power you need from a firestarter. You can carry it around your neck, making sure that you always have it handy for backpacking, hiking, fishing, grilling, or just starting your fire …cotinue reading