• Original Collapsible Candle Lantern

    Original Collapsible Candle Lantern

    Perfect for any outdoor pursuits–from backpacking to mountaineering–the Original Collapsible Candle Lantern has provided natural light to thousands for decades. Now it’s your turn. A true classic, it uses one UCO 9-hour candle housed in a safe and efficient lantern so you can get bright light in the great outdoors when you need it. The lantern is made from a lightweight and durable aluminum with a patina-bronze finish and a hand-stitched leather sleeve for a refined yet rugged look. You’ll …cotinue reading

  • Vistabule Trailer

    Vistabule Trailer

    The Vistabule Trailer has a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind design with wide doors, big windows, and lots of light. You’ll never feel cramped in this teardrop–the sleeping/living area is the size of a queen size bed. Its striking number of windows only enhances its rugged exterior. The wide-vista front window offers incredible views of the horizon as well as a dome skylight for sleeping under the stars. Once you get inside, you’ll be blown away by the organized and efficient kitchenette, the …cotinue reading

  • BioLite FirePit

    BioLite FirePit

    There’s a way to enjoy the warmth, smell, and utility of fire without dealing with all that annoying smoke–the BioLite FirePit. Striking to behold, with x-ray mesh, the BioLite FirePit provides a smokeless wood-burning fire pit that cooks your meals, warms your body, and gives you all the enjoyment of a real fire with an efficient burn and way less smoke. And if you’d rather have a hibachi-style grilling experience, it burns charcoal and wood embers too. All natural, the …cotinue reading

  • Yeti Loadout

    Yeti Loadout

    When is a bucket not a bucket? When it’s a Yeti Loadout. Whether for camping trips, construction, on the farm, boat or in the yard, every guy needs a plastic utility bucket and these high-impact-resistant, food-safe five-gallon examples are just the ticket. Available in a white, charcoal, desert tan, or the less manly sounding seafoam finish, all others buckets simply pail into insignificance (you see what we did there?). The Yeti Loadout is one of the many cool gears we found …cotinue reading

  • Hover-1 Buggy

    Hover-1 Buggy

    Master all manner of tricks, wheelies and sharp turns with the awesome Hover-1 Buggy Attachment that affixes to the Hover-1 Electric Scooter transforming it into a whole new playful beast. The rear wheel drive setup also allows for some nifty reverse driving, and the hand operation combined with the bucket seat and footrests make for maximum comfort, and, most importantly, highly responsive control. The Hover-1 Buggy is one of the many cool gears we found on the floor of the …cotinue reading

  • Schutt Industries XV-3 Trailer

    Schutt Industries XV-3 Trailer

    Setting the standard for all trailers, the Schutt Industries XV-3 Trailer is a utility trailer designed to haul up to 1500-pound payload capacities. Built with Schutt Industries’ legendary military durability with all aluminum construction, the XV-3 offers maximum functionality but is lightweight enough to use with today’s SUVs, Jeeps, and Toyotas. The XV-3 comes standard with a front wheeled jack, rear adjustable vertical stabilizers, and safety chains.

  • 12 Cool New Gear from Surf Expo 2017

    12 Cool New Gear from Surf Expo 2017

    While most Floridians headed north to escape the impending collision with a category 5 hurricane named Irma, we packed our bags and boarded a plane to Orlando to visit the largest and longest running boardsports and beach/resort lifestyle trade show in the world. Although the storm still got the best of us and our trip cut short, we still found exciting cool, new gear on the floor of the expo hall. Whether it’s self-propelled skis, coolers, modified sups, and foils, …cotinue reading

  • Izola Flask

    Izola Flask

    Get your drink on in style with the Izola Flask. The distinguished design is compact and concealable and holds six ounces of your favorite liquor. Lightweight and classy, the Izola Flask has a slim contour shape that will fit just about anywhere. Made from premium stainless steel, which can resist corrosion, heat damage, and chemical damage, you can have confidence that this durable flask will be with you for all the fun times to come. Whether you’re at a concert, …cotinue reading