• Hydro Flask 22L Soft Cooler Pack

    Hydro Flask 22L Soft Cooler Pack

    Chill your stuff, and more of it, with the Hydro Flask 22L Soft Pack. Merging the cooling efficiency of the company’s bottles with the convenience of a backpack, the soft-sided smart insulation will keep treats cold for up to 48 hours, while the leakproof design means the wearer won’t get wet. Handy features include an easy access top and plenty of pockets to stuff your gear.

  • Coast FL75R

    Coast FL75R

    Head and shoulders above most of its peers, the Coast FL75R is activated with a simple twist, providing an Ultra View Flood Beam thought to a Bulls-Eye Spot Beam. Comes with rechargeable and standard batteries hardhat clips, and is water resistant and shock proof. The beam’s so powerful, if you point it into the night sky, Batman will turn up.

  • Coleman Vintage Cooler

    Coleman Vintage Cooler

    We’re loving the retro styling of the Coleman Vintage Cooler, but don’t be fooled by its old-school values, this thing is equipped with some serious, er, coolness. Boasting a 54-quart capacity that can store up to 85 cans, retain ice for up to four days even as temperatures soar to 90 degrees outside while lasting a lifetime itself owing to its super tough design.

  • Boosted Mini x Electric Skateboard

    Boosted Mini x Electric Skateboard

    This one will be atop of many a kid’s Christmas list this year–and quite a few of the parents’ too–the Boosted Mini x Electric Skateboard can reach a top speed of 20mph and is good for up to 14 miles. Takes less than two hours to fully charge, has three modes and deep dishes in the deck for a secure footing–commuting’s never been so exhilarating, you’ll be out of bed before the alarm.

  • Slater Designs Surfboards

    Slater Designs Surfboards

    A range of wave-riders that, though minimalistic in design, boasts a state-of-the-art feature in the form of a strip of aerospace composite that runs down the center offering optimal flex from nose to tail. Slater Designs Surfboards are yours in a choice of four styles: Cymatic, Gamma, Omni, or Sci-Fi.

  • YETI Hondo Base Camp Chair

    YETI Hondo Base Camp Chair

    Another month and another awesome addition to the YETI range. Get rested–and a little tipsy–reclining on the YETI Hondo Base Camp Chair truly crafted for the great outdoors from breathable climbing harness fabric and reinforced aluminum downhill mountain bike frames with a holder for your coffee flask or beer.

  • Timberleaf Pika Trailer

    Timberleaf Pika Trailer

    Take a traditional teardrop trailer and infuse with modern features such as steel stoves and solar panels and natural wood furnishings, while positioning it atop some heavy duty off-road tires and you have yourself a handsome Timeberleaf Pika Trailer. The bespoke design possibilities are as endless as the adventuring ones.

  • Crua Hybrid Hammock Tent

    Crua Hybrid Hammock Tent

    The clever Crua Hybrid Hammock comprises a couple of camping essentials in one package: a cozy single hammock and a solo tent. It’s crafted from the likes of lightweight yet heavy duty ripstop nylon and aero-grade aluminum, with a built-in flynet and ground sheet, while optional extras include a sleeping bag and mattress pad.

  • Welly Bottles

    Welly Bottles

    Welly water bottles are practical, well-made, and stylish. They are perfect for water, coffee, tea, or anything else you want to take with you. They come in four color options: white, black, mint, and blue. The Welly water bottle is capable of keeping a drink cool for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. Each bottle also includes a removable infuser for infusing water or brewing coffee. It has a wide mouth to allow for ice cubes and for cleaning. …cotinue reading

  • YETI Limited Edition Wetlands Tundra

    YETI Limited Edition Wetlands Tundra

    In collaboration with wetlands and waterfowl conservation giant Ducks Unlimited, the kings of the icebox have released the YETI Limited Edition Wetlands Tundra that sees their classy 65 cooler treated to some tan and camo hues. Indestructible and with a couple of inches worth of insulation, it keeps things chilled inside without sweating, out.