• Slabs Desk Accessories

    Slabs Desk Accessories

    Accessorize your desktop goodies with minimalistic chic and even less fuss with Slabs Desk Accessories. These low-key low-lying modular pieces are constructed from a smoothened concrete, which has been hand sanded and sealed. Available are trays for clips, along with a pen stand, tape dispenser and a dock. Each matching piece is 4-inches square and an inch high. Made in the US in small batches and individually numbered.

  • People I Want To Punch In The Face Notebook

    People I Want To Punch In The Face Notebook

    Channel your aggression in a more constructive way with the People I Want To Punch In The Face Notebook. Use this pocket-sized soft buckrum cover notebook for over 20 pages worth of journaling about the people in your life who are driving you crazy. The quality, unlined cream paper is sewn in to gold lettered cover so you’ll never lose a page of your genius.

  • Renew Sit-To-Stand Desk,

    Renew Sit-To-Stand Desk,

    Expertly designed by office furniture sculptor Brian Alexander, the Renew Sit-to-Stand Desk gives you the flexibility to go from sitting to standing throughout your workday to promote optimal health in a streamlined workspace. With an ingenious flip-down underside trough and inner-leg channels, you’ll get advanced cord management as well as a four outlets and two USB ports.

  • Composure Desktop Organizer

    Composure Desktop Organizer

    The Composure Desktop Organizer combines the elegance and technological advances that make San Francisco-based Rest legendary. This useful and customizable collection features a phone bed, watch dock and organizer bed in premium-grade walnut with sustainable, soft cork inlays. The magnetically connected system enables countless combinations to fit your exact needs.

  • GroveMade Laptop Stand

    GroveMade Laptop Stand

    Elevate your view, your comfort and your efficiency as you raise your workspace with the GroveMade Laptop Stand. The angled platform promises to protect your device thanks to a premium vegetable tanned leather lining upon stainless steel stops affixed to the stunning walnut structure which is trimmed, sanded and finished by hand in Portland.

  • iSkelter SlatePro Special Edition

    iSkelter SlatePro Special Edition

    Ideal for your home or office space, whether surfing, working or gaming, the iSkelter SlatePro Special Edition offers a whole new and easy way to enjoy technology from your desk. Slot in any sized computer or laptop and make the most of the array of display docks for your mobile devices while air vents keep them all cool. Handcrafted from premium hazelnut bamboo, further features include a heavy duty mousepad, dry erase board and cup holder to avoid any spills.

  • Ridge Stand

    Ridge Stand

    A tidy desk, a tidy mind, so the saying goes, and the stylish Ridge Stand sure helps back that claim. Crafted from aluminum alloy with rubber buffers for grip, it weighs only 15.1 ounces and offers an adjustable platform for an optimum viewing angle of your tablet, Macbook Air or Pro.

  • Bull & Stash Notebooks

    Bull & Stash Notebooks

    In this ever-digitalizing world, this may very well be your first notepad. It will certainly be your last. The sumptuous Bull & Stash Notebooks, for thinkers, artists and creators, sport luxurious durable oiled leather bindings affixed with removable Chicago screws meaning you’ll never run out of paper. The leather, like your notes and sketches, will age beautifully and be entirely unique to you.

  • Smart Kapp Dry Erase Board

    Smart Kapp Dry Erase Board

    Brainstorming sessions just got a whole lot simpler – and smarter – thanks to the Smart Kapp Dry Erase Board which enables scribbles, sketches and images to be saved – and shared – in real time instantly to JPEG and PDF formats. Easy to use and highly stylish, it means that even those remote workers who can’t make the meeting can now be kept in the loop.

  • Stylus Tool Pen

    Stylus Tool Pen

    Experience an effortless, ultra-smooth writing experience with the Stylus Tool Pen from Monteverde. Nine tools in one piece of premium, six-sided barrel housing, at one end sits a soft-ballpoint, while a touch screen stylus sits at the other. As responsive as a finger touch, it’s compatible with any capacitive touchscreen device.