Mobile Phones

  • SETA Smartphone Stand

    SETA Smartphone Stand

    Make the most of your smartphone with the SETA Smartphone Stand. Constructed from aircraft grade aluminum, it sports NanoSuction pads to grip phone and surface and will fit all devices, even when in cases. Its simple timeless multi-angle design sports a unique T-channel slot to keep cables tidy, in place and knot-free. Choose from a range of stylish hues.

  • Sony Xperia ZR

    Sony Xperia ZR

    As cool as it would be to make an underwater phone call, it’s just not practical. It is, however, technically possible with the Sony Xperia ZR which is water-resistant for half an hour to a depth of five feet. Dust, scratch and shatter-proof too, it boasts a 4.6-inch HD display, 13 mega pixel camera, a 16x digital zoom, Walkman, album and movie apps and takes incredible pictures and video under the waves. It’s one very smart smartphone.

  • Nokia Lumia 928

    Nokia Lumia 928

    Like the rest of its clan, the Nokia Lumia 928 is all about the camera, though that’s not to say it doesn’t perform superbly in other areas too. It’s equipped with optical image stabilization, Xenon flash, a Carl Zeiss lens and an 8.7 megapixel sensor. Other treats include 7 Gigs of free SkyDrive storage, a free music service and a generous memory of 32GB. It’s out now for anyone on the Verizon network.

  • Jabra Speak 510

    Jabra Speak 510

    Lessen the workload and increase the output with the Jabra 510. This award-winning gadget connects via Bluetooth to PCs, smartphones and tablets, turning any space into a conference room. Perfectly designed with a sound quality second to none, the 360 degree mic and speakerphone means that you can hear and be heard from anywhere in the room — particularly useful if you like to pace while you think. It also comes with a protective travel case for executives on the …cotinue reading

  • BlueAnt Q3

    BlueAnt Q3

    A fine follow-up to the previous range, BlueAnt Q3 is a headset with a difference. A premium piece of gadetry, it allows for wide band audio, multimedia audio streaming, multipoint pairing and a voice command system that makes this hands-free unit, hands-free-er. It’s friends with Google voice and Siri too.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note II

    Samsung Galaxy Note II

    The offbeat, oversized Samsung smartphone is the perfect handset for multi-media users. The hit Samsung Galaxy Note II has a sleek, 5.5 inch screen that is narrow but definitely longer compare to its predecessor. Its fast processor and large screen makes it suitable for playing games, watching movies, social networking and more.

  • Clamcase Clambook

    Clamcase Clambook

    The Clamcase Clambook gives you laptop functionality from your smartphone. Simply connect your smartphone to this ultra-thin device and let the Clambook’s full-size keyboard, wide-screen display, and sensitive touchpad make it easier for you to work and play. The Clamcase Clambook also charges your smartphone, so you don’t have to worry about the battery running out before you get home.

  • Nokia 808 PureView

    Nokia 808 PureView

    Cameras┬áhave always been an add-on to smart phones. In this version, the camera decided to take charge. The Nokia 808 PureView ($TBA) uses Pureview imaging technology to capture 5mp pictures and full HD videos. It captures pictures in low light and allows you to manipulate, send, and print them through a touch screen. And oh yeah, it’s also a phone. [source]

  • HTC One X

    HTC One X

    Here’s the one that’s making the iPhone gulp and loosen its tie. The HTC One X ($TBA) has a 4.7-inch HD display, 16GB of storage, and the Android 4.0 operating system. Plus the HTC One X will give your iPhone using friends one less thing to brag about. Let’s see you find an app that does that. [source]

  • Samsung Galaxy Beam

    Samsung Galaxy Beam

    The latest iteration of smart phones is a step closer to Star Trek. The Samsung Galaxy Beam ($TBA) takes the best of Samsung’s hardware, the dual core CPU and the 800 x 480 screen, and adds the convenience of a built-in, fifteen lumen projector. The Samsung Galaxy Beam lets you put your pictures and presentations on the wall.