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  • The Best Tech Gadgets To Check Out Today

    The Best Tech Gadgets To Check Out Today

    This article isn’t for technophobes. If you are a hardcore enthusiast for anything technical you have come to the right place. Today we are discussing the best technical gadgets that are a must-have. And best of all Groupon is the go-to place to get deals on all your gadget related needs. In the day in age you’re constantly on the move, home, office, with the kids, holidays etc.. — technology gadgets can introduce a great time-saving advantages into your day …cotinue reading

  • Cocoon Earbud Charging Case

    Cocoon Earbud Charging Case

    The Cocoon Earbud Charging Case is one clever and simple everyday contraption to make life just that little bit easier. Store and juice your wireless earbuds on the fly in an attractive palm-sized container that stores enough power for up to five full charges. Available in gray and navy or gray and red colorways.

  • HIUNI Smart Telescope

    HIUNI Smart Telescope

    Few things are more mesmerizing than a clear, night sky. You can see the wonders with your naked eye, but if you want to do stargazing properly, the Hiuni Smart Telescope is your go-to device. It comes with an interactive smartphone app that relays a live view of the sky to your smartphone or tablet. You can then have a better look at the heavenly bodies without craning or straining your neck. As a bonus, the app has informative content, …cotinue reading

  • Stompump Bike-Mounted Foot Pump

    Stompump Bike-Mounted Foot Pump

    This pocket-sized foot pump is a must-have for your cycling adventures. It will also keep your legs in good shape if you get a flat tire. It may be small, but it is an extremely powerful foot pump. It is constructed entirely from aluminum and works up to three times faster than a regular hand pump. It comes with a bracket to screw onto your bike so you can keep it handy. If you find yourself with a flat while …cotinue reading

  • Skull Shaving Brush

    Skull Shaving Brush

    Make shaving a unique experience with this Skull Shaving Brush from GothChicAccessories. This one of a kind brush is made entirely by hand using synthetic ivory and high quality finest badger hair. Lather up in style my friends. This one is going to feel great on your face. It comes in a satin-lined and embossed wooden box that makes it ideal for storage and for gift giving. You deserve only the finest quality when it comes to your shaving routine.

  • Best Made Workshop Clock

    Best Made Workshop Clock

    There’s no need to be counting the hours to hometime with the Best Made Workshop Clock owing to its integrated case with a door that closes over the face, though it’s such a beauty, you’ll want it on display. Made in Japan, it sports a quartz movement, while the enclosure is built and powder-coated in the USA to mimic the firm’s legendary strong- and toolboxes.

  • Rama Works M60-A Mechanical Keyboard

    Rama Works M60-A Mechanical Keyboard

    The Rama Works M60-A Mechanical Keyboard is milled from solid pieces of aluminum and brass, which gives it a nice weight and you will love the attention to detail here. The base is hand polished to a mirror finish and cherry MX-compatible switches give you the perfect typing experience. There’s also room for customization, and the optional interior brass weight gives it even more heft. This is a beautiful and solid keyboard. It connects via USB-C and it comes in …cotinue reading

  • HAL 9000 Replica

    HAL 9000 Replica

    The future has officially arrived. This HAL 9000 Replica from Master Replicas Group looks just like the real thing. It is created to celebrate the film’s 50th anniversary. But it does more than just sit on your wall and look nice. It’s powered by a Fire HD tablet and uses Amazon’s Alexa to respond to your voice commands and questions. It is appropriately limited to just 2001 individually-numbered units. This must have prop replica will go into reproduction soon, so …cotinue reading

  • Lexon Hammer Alarm Clock

    Lexon Hammer Alarm Clock

    Can’t wake up because you got hammered last night? Then maybe you need a hammer to get yourself out of bed. Lexon’s Hammer Alarm Clock is just what you need. The unique design lets you get up in the morning with some action. In this case, that action is swinging the clock like a hammer. Just hit the device on your bedside table to turn it off. The rubber base will not damage your furniture. So go ahead, get hammered …cotinue reading

  • Planet Gemini PDA

    Planet Gemini PDA

    A PDA? You may be asking yourself what year this is. It may be time to go back to the old PDA for productivity’s sake. The Planet Gemini PDA is a mini-laptop that runs on Android and has a sleek modern body with an integrated QWERTY keyboard and a 5.7-inch screen. This isn’t your dad’s PDA from way back in the day. It comes in cellular and Wifi-only models have a pair of USB-C ports for charging and connectivity and …cotinue reading