Misc Gizmos

  • Amazon Dash Wand

    Amazon Dash Wand

    The Amazon Dash Wand makes shopping for everyday essentials fast, easy, and compatible with Alexa. Wifi enabled, the Amazon Dash Wand instantly adds items to your Amazon cart when you scan or say them. Water-resistant, durable, and magnetic, the Dash Wand can stick right to your fridge so you’ll never need to look for a way to add something to your shopping list again.

  • Foldio2


    The world’s first portable mini lightbox studio, the Foldio2 will let smartphone and regular digital photographers alike unfold a new level of possibilities. Using the included light, backdrops, and power, you’ll be taking exceptional photos wherever you land. Expertly designed, it is a simple foldable magnetic structure that is a 15-inch cube when fully assembled. And with the Foldio App, you’ll quickly improve your pictures’ brightness and color temperature on the spot.

  • Snooz White Noise Machine

    Snooz White Noise Machine

    Get the peaceful night’s sleep you’ve been craving with the relaxing and fully adjustable Snooz White Noise Machine. Using a proprietary fan impeller inside an acoustically optimized enclosure, Snooz produces natural sounding white noise so you can block out distractions and get the good night’s sleep your body needs. The companion app features a remote control, an auto shutoff scheduler, a nursery calibration, and a multi-unit name manager so everyone can seamlessly have their own setting.

  • Things You Do that Really Piss Me Off

    Things You Do that Really Piss Me Off

    Sometimes being passive-aggressive is the only way to go. What better way to tell someone exactly why you’re angry with this pad from Knock Knock, Things You Do that Really Piss Me Off. With a huge list to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the act that put you over the edge. Make sure to read through carefully because you’re certain to check something extra that my have slipped your mind.

  • NASA 4D Printed Space Fabric

    NASA 4D Printed Space Fabric

    This may look like a simple kitchen or bathroom tile, but we assure you it’s much more. Created by NASA, this pliable metallic textile is a strip of Space Armor designed to protect astronauts and spacecraft from space┬ádebris, capturing objects and particles kicked up from the surface of other planets, and act as insulation to help retain heat while in icy climates like Jupiter’s icy moon Europa. Though the piece was made using a 3D printer, NASA is calling it …cotinue reading

  • MYNT Tracker

    MYNT Tracker

    You no longer have to be the person always looking for lost items. The sleekly designed and petite MYNT Tracker can help you quickly find almost anything. Fit it in a wallet, attach it to a keychain, affix it to your laptop, or even hide it inside your little one’s clothing. The thin, small, and cute MYNT Tracker works with the MYNT phone app so you can immediately find whatever you misplaced.

  • FINsix Dart Laptop Charger

    FINsix Dart Laptop Charger

    Take a close look–you’ll have to–at FINsix Dart, the tiniest laptop charger on Earth. Four times smaller and less weighty than most of its regular 65W peers, it also sports a 2.1A USB port to juice extra gadgets and is compatible with most major manufacturers, supporting 100-240V for easy international use also.

  • Rocket Air Blaster

    Rocket Air Blaster

    Keep your camera, lenses, and filters clean and debris free with the Rocket Air Blaster. Made of rubber, this self-standing rocket has a 2.25-inch long nozzle for reaching into all those tiny crevices.