Misc Gizmos

  • Astell & Kern AK70 MKII

    Astell & Kern AK70 MKII

    Astell & Kern are known for making the most powerful portable music players you can buy. The MKII version of the award-winning AK70 is proof of that statement. The AK70 is a work of art. It’s made from a single block of aluminum, with beautiful angular accents that give it a style all its own. Better still, it boasts performance to match. This portable music player features a compact size, dual-DAC design, enhanced amplification, expandable storage, wi-fi connectivity and you …cotinue reading

  • Tile Sport

    Tile Sport

    Losing your keys, or anything else for that matter—especially if you’re running late—can be as infuriating as losing your mind. Tile Sport eliminates that frustration and can be clipped to just about anything. The most advanced Tile to date, it has a 200-foot range, is water and weatherproof and boasts an 88-decibel melodic alarm. It can even connect to your phone so you can locate your lost object on a map—really handy unless it’s your phone that you’re looking for.

  • Aluminum Multi-Media & Presenter Remote Control

    Aluminum Multi-Media & Presenter Remote Control

    The ultimate multi-media companion for your Bluetooth device, the Satechi Aluminum Multi-Media & Presenter Remote Control gives you convenient control wirelessly. Effortlessly switch between media and presentation mode for up to 45 hours on one charge. It’s never been easier to control music, movies, videos, and presentations, all from one sleek compact remote. Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices, this remote lets you enjoy complete media playback control from the palm of your hand. You can even access media on your …cotinue reading

  • Nomad Key

    Nomad Key

    We’ve all been there–your iPhone is in the red zone and you left your charging cable at home. With the ultra-portable and minimalist Nomad Key, you always have a reliable charging cable attached right to your keychain. Delivering a lightning-fast charge and sync, it gives you peace of mind in emergency situations and during low maintenance traveling. Apple MFi approved, the Nomad Key will keep you prepared and ready to go.

  • Chipolo Card

    Chipolo Card

    We’ve all been there—frantically trying to get out the door but unable to find your wallet. Save time and sanity with the Chipolo CARD. The thinnest wallet finder, it connects to your smartphone so you can ring it from your phone, ring your phone with Chipolo, see it on a map, and even use a community search to get your wallet found fast no matter where you left it. Chipolo is compatible with iOS 9 and later, and devices running …cotinue reading

  • Amazon Echo Spot

    Amazon Echo Spot

    The new Amazon Echo Spot is giving Alexa a makeover. It includes all of your favorite features in an all-new stylish and compact design. Your personal digital assistant, you can use Echo Spot to get the weather, see news with a video flash briefing, set an alarm, see song lyrics, add appointments on your calendar, play music, make calls, and so much more. You can even personalize your Spot with a collection of clock faces that suit your style or …cotinue reading