• Barebones Forest Lantern

    Barebones Forest Lantern

    A must for anyone that enjoys spending plenty of time outdoors–in the dark–whether it be your backyard or camping trips. The Barebones Forest Lantern offers adjustable brightness levels for mood lighting and recharges in 4-6 hours, offering up to 80 hours of illumination, all housed in a sturdy steel body.

  • Nanoleaf Light Panels

    Nanoleaf Light Panels

    A truly enlightening product and one that has dazzled (okay, enough of the light puns) its way into our top 20 favorites of the year so far, Nanoleaf Light Panels is a unique, modular lighting system to revolutionize your home. Easily mount the wall panels in any shape you desire and activate colorful scenes such as sunsets, to music if you desire, either manually or via Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant.

  • Moon Lamp

    Moon Lamp

    Admire Earth’s soothing lunar satellite in the night sky from the comfort of your own bed with this Moon Lamp. This carefully crafted 3D light has been designed to replicate the moonlight you see each night. The surface reflects the realistic shadings and craters that can be found on the real moon. Choose from two settings depending on your mood; dimmable warm light or cool white light. It’s your sky after all.

  • Coleman 360 Sound and Light Lantern

    Coleman 360 Sound and Light Lantern

    The Coleman 360 is the perfect camping companion. Its 360-degree light boasts a water-resistant design while also incorporating a Bluetooth speaker to play your favorite songs for up to 20 hours. It’s kind of like the 21st-century version of an acoustic guitar around the campfire. This Coleman Lantern will make the middle-of-nowhere feel a bit more like home. It’s also great for when the electricity fails and you want to play a board game or two. Pick yourself up one …cotinue reading

  • LeviMoon


    Illumination doesn’t get any more alluring than the out-of-this-world LeviMoon, the world’s first levitating moon lamp. This replica moon has been designed to mirror lunar light, replete with lifelike craters while floating–and rotating, if you so choose–above a wonderful walnut base. What’s more, it even charges as it hovers. One giant leap for lampkind…

  • Sol Smart Light

    Sol Smart Light

    The halo-like Sol Smart Light not only sports a saintly design but, owing to Alexa Assistant, can conduct all manner of tasks—ask it to order dinner, tell you the weather, the headlines, the time, or order it put on some tunes. The power of its hypnotic glow can be manipulated from a warming yellow to sharp, no-nonsense white.