• Ironate Stovetop Pizza Cooker

    Ironate Stovetop Pizza Cooker

    The Ironate Stovetop Pizza Cooker lets you bake perfectly crispy and edible pizza in just three minutes without an oven or a stove. The trick is in its design and high carbon steel construction that quickly absorb energy from a heat source and radiate it back to the pizza to cook it quickly and evenly. This cookware is best for homemade pizzas, but it can also cook frozen pizzas up to 10 inches.

  • Shun Higo Nakomi Folding Steak Knife

    Shun Higo Nakomi Folding Steak Knife

    A carefully crafted, beautiful blade, the Shun Higo Nakomi Folding Steak Knife works splendidly doing what it was designed to do, or just as ably as a personal pocket knife. The ancient knife design upon which it is based is among Japan’s most respected, and this one comes with a razor sharp VG10 super steel blade with a locking mechanism, Pakkawood handle and leather sheath.

  • Midnight Scoop

    Midnight Scoop

    Serve your icy treats in smooth, stainless steel style thanks to Midnight Scoop, a durable, attractive 3-oz culinary tool. Not just a pretty face, the scoop has been cleverly engineered to avoid the straining of any arm muscles and even to conduct heat making scooping even the most frozen of sweet treats a breeze.

  • Chicago Cutlery DesignPro Chef Knives

    Chicago Cutlery DesignPro Chef Knives

    With a heritage for excellence in quality and craftsmanship that dates back to the early 20th century Chicago stockyards, Chicago Cutlery knows knives. Chicago Cutlery DesignPro Chef Knives feature an innovative grip that insures superior control and precise cutting. The laser-etched dots on the bolster make it easy to know exactly how to hold the knife. Ultra-sharp Japanese stainless steel blades and the unique bolster combined with steel and black polymer handle offer a sleek and contemporary design that look …cotinue reading

  • BRuX Coffee Maker Mug

    BRuX Coffee Maker Mug

    Get barista-quality pour-over flavor in your own kitchen with the BRuX Coffee Maker Mug. Simple, convenient, and always delicious, the BRuX let’s you brew and drink from one mug! The tasteful and simple design features a stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle that’ll keep your coffee hot for hours. On the commute, while camping out, or while leisurely enjoying a Sunday morning, you’ll get amazingly favored coffee.

  • Le Petit Chef Set

    Le Petit Chef Set

    Set your future Julia Childs up for greatness with the Le Petit Chef Set. Stamped with approval from the America’s Test Kitchen, this child-sized set includes a finger guard, and a stainless steel peeler, and kitchen knife. With a rounded tip and an educational ring to help position little fingers and prevent slipping, this French-made set will help your bourgeoning gourmet get comfortable in the kitchen under your watchful eye.

  • BottleLoft


    The original, patent-pending BottleLoft frees up your fridge shelves, while keeping your bottled beer securely out of the way. Designed using premium Neodymium Magnets and genuine 3M adhesive strips, the BottleLoft is easy to install, and the convenient, Strong Like Bull magnets will never let your precious IPAs crash down.

  • Stagg Pour-Over System

    Stagg Pour-Over System

    Easily brew barista grade coffee with the Stagg Pour-Over System, the most advanced, double wall vacuum insulated brewer available. The complete system includes the Stagg Pour-Over Dripper for consistently great tasting coffee; the elegant, hand-blown borosilicate Stagg Carafe; and hand-blown, flared lip Stagg Tasting Glasses. Brew, pour, and enjoy the best coffee you’ve ever made.