• Material Fundamentals

    Material Fundamentals

    The seven most essential pieces of kitchenware, beautifully crafted and beautifully organized in a stylish wooden base stand, meet Material Fundamentals. This contemporary kitchen kit comprises an 8- and 4-inch knife, metal spoon, wooden spoon, slotted spatula, and tongs, all forged from high-end materials, highly detailed and finished in black and walnut.

  • E5 Knife Sharpener

    E5 Knife Sharpener

    A dull knife not only ruins your cooking experience, it can also be dangerous. With the Work Sharp Culinary E5 Knife Sharpener, you’ll get a professional-grade sharpener that will leave your knifes razor-sharp and ready for top performance. Specially designed for home use, the E5 is clean, quiet, and safe to use with every type of knife. Using exclusive MicroForge technology, that forges microscopic facets along the knife’s cutting edge, and convenient one-touch programming, you’ll get ultra-sharp knives at the …cotinue reading

  • LWW Moulin Pepper Mill

    LWW Moulin Pepper Mill

    There are many pepper mills out there, from the cheap plastic ones to the expensive French wooden imports. But they lack the precise, consistent grind quality of the LWW Moulin Pepper Mill. The LWW Moulin produces uniform granules that are the same shape and size, without boulders or coarse chunks. Using the same design and engineering technology of coffee grinders, the LWW Moulin can produce a grind that is akin to dust. If you take your pepper seriously, there simply …cotinue reading

  • Breville Smoking Gun

    Breville Smoking Gun

    Get all Clint Eastwood in your kitchen with the Breville Smoking Gun, a highly fun and functional culinary gadget that quickly infuses a cold smoke flavor to meat, fish, vegs, sauces and even cocktails, without using heat. Now we know what you’re thinking, did you chop five potatoes or six. Are you feeling lucky, spud?

  • MENU Steel Bottle Grinders

    MENU Steel Bottle Grinders

    The striking MENU Steel Bottle Grinders looks as though they’re more likely to dispense high-grade olive oil than salt and pepper–though they are also designed to mill larger ingredients such as spices, seeds, and nuts. Crafted from stainless steel with a walnut wood lid and ceramic mechanism that can’t be corroded by salt, they’ve been finished so that the mill sits on top of the handle so contents are only dispensed when you grind–meaning no annoying residual salt or pepper …cotinue reading

  • Barebones Cast Iron Cookset

    Barebones Cast Iron Cookset

    A beautiful, back to basics culinary bounty, the Barebones Cast Iron Cookset comprises a 10-inch skillet and crock pot with an interchangeable lid, atop a gorgeous handcrafted wood serving trivet to protect your worktops. Also included is a handy stainless steel cleaning mesh and some sumptuous seasoning paste that’s made in Salt Lake City.