• Chef’n Wisecracker

    Chef’n Wisecracker

    Shellfish beware! The Wisecracker by Chef’n is a must-have for seafood lovers. Perfect for cracking and splitting crab shells, this tool was named ID magazine’s consumer product of the year for its unique design and functionality. The Wisecracker features a slim metal pick that easily splits shells from the inside without destroying that delicate meat and a durable handle for cracking tough claws.

  • Soma Brew Bottle

    Soma Brew Bottle

    I don’t have to tell you how seriously we all take or tea and coffee. Whether you like it hot or cold, this Soma Brew Bottle has a double-wall glass design that keeps your coffee hot and your hands not. It has a 12 oz. capacity and a stainless steel filter that delivers a balanced taste with no sediment. The flip-top lid is leak-proof and has a perfect flow rate, whether your drink is hot or cold. This is a …cotinue reading

  • Index Chopping Board

    Index Chopping Board

    Prevent cross-contamination in the kitchen with the Index Chopping Board. This clever kitchen tool comes with four color-coded polypropylene board for different food types: red/raw meat, white/cooked foods, blue/fish, green/vegetables. All boards are dishwasher safe and neatly stored in a non-slip, horizontal filing unit.

  • Little Guy Espresso Maker

    Little Guy Espresso Maker

    The Little Guy puts a shiny twist on classic stovetop espresso. With an automatic cut off, this mirrored finish, Italian style espresso maker can make two espresso shots without burning the coffee grind. It comes boxed with its very own traveling case, two Italian-designed latte glasses, a steel milk jug and a baristas training session on DVD.

  • Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

    Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

    Thanksgiving just got a lot safer and healthier for the fried turkey lovers with the Oil-Less Turkey Fryer by Char-Broil. This device uses infrared technology that cooks an entire turkey without the use of cooking oil. The cooking is done in a double-wall, cylindrical chamber, powered by a propane-fueled, 18,000 BTU burner. With a stainless steel inner wall, heat is distributed evenly, ensuring foods are cooked thoroughly with juicy and crisp results. And the best part, it automatically cooks at …cotinue reading

  • Cast Iron Pig Bacon Press

    Cast Iron Pig Bacon Press

    Don’t let the pig’s commitment go to waste by half-assing breakfast. Prevent your bacon from curling up with the Pig Bacon Press by Norpo. This press is made of heavy cast iron with a wooden knob handle that weighs down bacon strips flat for fast and even cooking.

  • RSVP Herb Scissors

    RSVP Herb Scissors

    Who needs knife skills when you have the Herb Scissors by RSVP. This clever tool simplifies work around the kitchen by allowing you to cut, chop or mince herbs directly into a pan. The design features a set of five, 3-inch, stainless steel blades and large plastic handles with soft silicone lining for comfort.

  • Turk One-Piece Forged Iron Fry Pan

    Turk One-Piece Forged Iron Fry Pan

    Any guy will tell you if you’re frying meat, you need the right pan. It’s a necessary ingredient. The Turk One-Piece Forged Iron Fry Pan is perfect. It is forged and formed from a single piece of iron. The process gives it a seamless handle-to-pan structure, a unique surface, and a quality that means that it will have a longer life. It is heated at 1000 degrees C, then the metal is struck with a hammer until shaped. The continuous …cotinue reading

  • Shiroi Hana Knife Collection

    Shiroi Hana Knife Collection

    Whether you’re an amateur cook or a sterling celebrity chef-in-waiting, you’d be a fool to not invest in this epic knife set. Super sharp in every way imaginable, the Shiroi Hana Knife Collection harbors all the usual suspects such as a bread, chef, utility and paring knife, along with a Japanese-inspired “Samurai Set”, with glorious Damascus Floral Patterns on the blades. Get over to Kickstarter to get a slice of the action.

  • Fellow Stagg EKG

    Fellow Stagg EKG

    Enjoying your freshly brewed coffee and tea is easier and mess-free with the Fellow Stagg EKG. Combining variable temperature control, barista-grade functionality, a stunning minimalist design, and a masterful brew stopwatch, the Stagg EKG is your source for the pour-over kettle perfected. As easy to use as it is beautifully designed, the Stagg EKG has a sleek LCD screen that indicates the desired “Set Temp” and “Real Time Temp” so you’ll always have what you need to make the optimal …cotinue reading