Home Security

  • Sunflower Drone Security System

    Sunflower Drone Security System

    You’ve heard of surround sound, now meet surround security. Introducing the Sunflower Drone Security System, a futuristic set-up for total peace of mind, and powered by solar. The flying camera will will provide up-to-date accurate footage, backed by features such as motion and vibration sensors and lights and alarms to keep intruders at bay.

  • Kuna Toucan Security Camera

    Kuna Toucan Security Camera

    Easy to install, no-nonsense and low maintenance home security under the watchful eye of the Kuna Toucan Security Camera. The discreet outdoor USB device needs no batteries or power cord, coming equipped with a smart socket light bulb and 100-decibel siren for a couple of extra doses of defense. Weatherproof and with a two-way intercom, it’ll connect to your smartphone for instant notifications.

  • Netatmo Presence

    Netatmo Presence

    A comprehensive and smart security system, Netatmo Presence detects and distinguishes between people, cars, and animals, so you are alerted when it matters. With customized notifications, Netatmo Presence fits directly into your unique lifestyle. With an integrated smart LED floodlight, infrared night vision, and 100-degree field of view, you’ll get complete security, that’s completely personalized.

  • Smanos K1 SmartHome DIY Kit

    Smanos K1 SmartHome DIY Kit

    Renowned for award-winning design, Smanos’s latest release in its integrated SmartHome and security gateway is coming soon. The Smanos K1 SmartHome DIY Kit offers butler and guard-like functions into a stack of elegant round discs. DIY-friendly, smanos K1 has an intuitive onsite, as well as remote smartphone wireless capability, and includes door and window detectors; thermostat, smoke and flood sensors; Wifi HD cameras; and a video doorbell. Smart, pretty, and inclusive, smanos K1 has it all.

  • Gate Camera-Equipped Smart Lock

    Gate Camera-Equipped Smart Lock

    Stylish security for your home, the Gate Camera-Equipped Smart Lock incorporates state-of-the-art technology to keep you, your loved ones, and the things you love, safe. The high-end door device boasts a key cylinder, keypad for coded entry and even a motion activated camera complete with two-way audio. If that’s not enough goodies, it will also send notifications straight to your smartphone to let you know someone’s at your house.

  • Myfox Security Camera

    Myfox Security Camera

    The only security camera with a motorized privacy shutter, the Myfox Security Camera empowers you to have privacy and security. Combining an infrared-based motion sensor and motion detection, you can rest assured you’ll have highly accurate alerts. Easily set it up and control it via your smartphone for a convenience that makes you feel at ease.

  • Latch Smart Lock

    Latch Smart Lock

    Latch Smart Lock is the first access solution to work for everyone, anywhere. In your home, office, and garage, you’ll enjoy digital access with a pass code or an app. Say goodbye to that bundle of keys and simplify your life by accessing your space from the palm of your hand. Reserve yours now.

  • Ring Video Doorbell

    Ring Video Doorbell

    Knock knock? Who’s there? Ring Video Doorbell, the world’s first battery-operated, WiFi enabled, HD video doorbell. See who’s a knocking, well, ringing, at your door from anywhere in the world thanks to live streaming via an app, along with other funky features such as motion sensors and auto cloud storage. It’s a cinch to set up, syncs in minutes and sports a built-in battery for power, or use your existing doorbell wires.

  • August Doorbell Cam

    August Doorbell Cam

    An all-seeing, all-knowing digital watchdog for your front door, the August Doorbell Cam won’t just chime, but allow you to also see or speak to visitors from your smartphone no matter where you are. Motion detectors send alerts to your cell, while a one-way HD camera offers a perfect view and retains your privacy. Peace of mind for you and your family, available in a host of cool finishes.

  • Sentri Home Monitoring System

    Sentri Home Monitoring System

    Resembling an iPad and smart to boot, the Sentri Home Monitoring System is a cinch to set up in just a matter of seconds, pre-loaded with a host of features such as an HD camera, environmental sensors and security alerts to keep your home both safe and healthy. Connect it to your smart devices and marvel as Sentri learns and becomes ever more efficient with age, just like you, right?