Home Security

  • Momentum Cori Security Camera

    Momentum Cori Security Camera

    Affordable peace of mind for your home, the Momentum Cori Security Camera is also a cinch to install–and navigate. The dual system comprises a pair of Wi-Fi cameras that sport 110-degree viewing angles along with sound and motion detection, and night vision. Cloud storage is available, or opt for a (not included) microSD card, while footage can be beamed directly to your phone via the Android- and iOS-friendly app.

  • Wyze Cam v2 Smart Home Camera

    Wyze Cam v2 Smart Home Camera

    The incredibly generously priced Wyze Cam v2 Smart Home Camera sure doesn’t scrimp on technology. Users can now enjoy home security with an Alexa-compatible upgrade, so now there are the likes of live streaming and reply modes and motion detection filmed in 1080p HD offering awesome image and sound quality day and night.

  • Lighthouse Cam

    Lighthouse Cam

    Make your home the most intelligent on the block with the Lighthouse Cam. Infusing a touch of Einstein into a home security camera, the built-in AI will send the likes of real-life, real-time updates to your phone—such as when the kids come home—along with security alerts for unusual movements, and it also boasts face recognition.

  • Arlo Pro 2

    Arlo Pro 2

    Keep a watchful eye on your home in brilliant 1080p HD quality with the Arlo Pro 2 security camera. Rechargeable, 100% wire-free, weather-resistant, and compatible with Amazon Alexa, the Arlo Pro 2 provides all the features you need to confidently keep your home safe and secure. Wide-angle PIR motion detection, a 3-second look back that is triggered before an event, night vision, and customizable activity zone monitoring empower you to decide how to make your security system smarter and the …cotinue reading

  • Amazon Cloud Cam

    Amazon Cloud Cam

    A new entry into the home security market, the Amazon Cloud Cam, compatible with the firm’s Key service, and Alexa, fires a direct stream to your smartphone, as well as activating alerts when movement is detected in your home. Infrared night vision effectively enables you to see in the dark, while two-way audio means you can also communicate with people in the room (and play amusing practical jokes), with 24 hours of free cloud storage included.

  • SooSpy Wall Charger Smart Spycam

    SooSpy Wall Charger Smart Spycam

    The SooSpy Wall Charger Smart Spycam automatically records HD 1080p video and sound when it is triggered by motion, so you always have a crystal clear view of what’s happening. This hidden camera looks and functions exactly like a standard USB wall charging adapter, so no one is the wiser that it is. Easy and discreet, the Smart Spycam doesn’t need batteries or additional software to work. When you’re ready to watch the footage, just connect you the wall charger …cotinue reading