• Rowkin Pulse

    Rowkin Pulse

    Sport enthusiasts rejoice, Rowkin Pulse promises to help push you to the limits of your potential. Load up with inspirational tunes and talks and work yourself into a workout frenzy safe in the knowledge that the high-class sound comes in a tangle-free, sweat- and water-resistant design with an in-mic for access to Siri and Google. Battery is good for up to four hours.

  • Pioneer Rayz

    Pioneer Rayz

    Pioneer Rayz lightning smart earphones are the iPhone’s perfect Appcessory. With talk and charge capability, lower current consumption, and the technological intelligence to communicate directly with your iPhone, Rayz delivers to your personal preferences in a tiny pair of earphones. The one-touch smart button lets you access your favorite app, mute/unmute calls, or launch Rayz controls. Who knew earphones could get so personal?

  • u-JAYS Wireless

    u-JAYS Wireless

    Enjoy your tunes via top-notch technology and timeless trendiness with u-JAYS Wireless. Yours in a choice of colorways, the Swedish designed cans incorporate the likes of hands-free calls and music control. Crystal clear sound complements rich bass, and the battery is good for well over a day–as in 24 hours, not a working one.

  • Denon AH-C160W

    Denon AH-C160W

    Load up with your favorite motivational music then smash your personal bests to pieces with the Denon AH-C160W, sports headphones with a difference. Boasting convenient on-the-move wire-free Bluetooth technology, the ear hook shape is designed by a leading hearing aid specialist ensuring maximum comfort and minimal slip backed by features such as moisture protection and voice prompts and calling capabilities–just don’t let business throw you off your stride.

  • Phiaton BT 460

    Phiaton BT 460

    Affordable, high-end audio, the Phiaton BT 460 wireless headphones are equipped with touch interface, bass optimization, Bluetooth and smart play-pause function, while ShareMe technology means your mates can get in on the action too. Making and taking calls is as easy as a swipe of the finger, the fold and go minimalist design is also mega comfortable.

  • Blue Satellite Headphones

    Blue Satellite Headphones

    Having already set new standards in the studio, Blue Satellite Headphones offers similar high quality audio experience on the street. The foldable, wireless cans boast Bluetooth and outstanding noise cancellation while the in-built amp keeps the sound quality high no matter from where it’s sourced. These get a double thumbs up from GearCulture.

  • Skullcandy Method Wireless

    Skullcandy Method Wireless

    Your workout’s soundtrack will never stop from sweat and drive with Skullcandy Method Wireless ear buds. With a 9-hour rechargeable battery and 33 feet of cord-free Bluetooth capability, you’ll be able to workout without limits. Skullcandy’s lightweight and secure design features a FlexSport collar for comfort and a secure fit. Sonically-welded construction means there’s no way sweat will ever get in the way of your perfect playlist. You can also minimize interruption with the built in mic and remote for …cotinue reading

  • Braven Flye Sport Glo

    Braven Flye Sport Glo

    Get into your rhythm and find your groove with Braven Flye Sport Glo. Motivation meets inspiration thanks to this pair of independent wireless earbuds that pair with Bluetooth Smart, for high end audio to enhance that runner’s high. Sound is superb and they’re sweat proof so see how far you can take them.