• iFrogz Resound Wireless

    iFrogz Resound Wireless

    Wallet-friendly, cable-free cans, iFrogz Resound Wireless provide big sound that would put a big smile on someone’s face this Christmas. Yours in a vibrant red or black finish, the low-profile design harbors 40mm neodymium drivers and built-in controls and mic on the comfortable, foam layered ear cup. Offering up to 20 hours of battery life, they’re also water-resistant which means you don’t have to worry about some drizzle or getting sweaty down the gym.

  • Urbanears Plattan 2 BT

    Urbanears Plattan 2 BT

    Listen to more than 30 hours of your music wirelessly with Urbanears Plattan 2 BT headphones. Using the iconic Plattan design, these on-ear headphones will rock you with crisp, full spectrum sound that is free from annoying cords. You’ll experience the difference of immersive sound from the more precise tuning and a wider-frequency response. Easily foldable, you can take them anywhere and the built-in mic, ergonomic fit, and ZoundPlug music sharing feature make them an instant hit.

  • Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Earbuds

    Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Earbuds

    Get crisp, powerful sound without wires from Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Earbuds. Bose’s first truly wireless in-ear headphones are engineered to stay in place through your hardest workout while providing comfort and stability. The Bose difference is in the details and features. From tuning the circuits for improved sound to tweaking the antenna position for maximum Bluetooth strength, these headphones play consistently and clearly no matter where you keep your phone during your workout. You’ll never have to worry about …cotinue reading

  • Urban Ears x Amsterdam Dance The DJ

    Urban Ears x Amsterdam Dance The DJ

    The striking, club-friendly Urban Ears x Amsterdam Dance The DJ are fun, funky, and functional thanks to features like on-ear construction swivel ear caps, and ZoundPlug to make sharing a cinch. There’s also little need to worry about transitioning from mixer to mp3 or other gadgets thanks to the dual-duty TurnCable which comes with an interchangeable plug.

  • Focal Clear Heaphones

    Focal Clear Heaphones

    The sumptuous Focal Clear Headphones looked like they were dreamt up by NASA–and if you were going to be shot into space for months on end, these are the kind of bad boy cans you’d want to take with you. The ear cushions are stupendously comfortable, while the inverted aluminum/magnesium alloy M-profile enhance the sound to the point of heavenly.

  • Bose Soundwear Companion

    Bose Soundwear Companion

    Surround yourself with clear, crisp sound with the Bose Soundwear Companion. This wearable speaker offers a truly unique listening experience in hands-free and ears free design. Unlike headphones, while you’re enjoying your music using the Soundwear Companion, you’ll remain aware of your surroundings, too. Comfortable, flexible, and durable, the Soundwear Companion form-fits your shoulders so you can position it exactly how you want it for maximum enjoyment. Stay connected to music, calls, virtual assistant apps and more–all without having to …cotinue reading