• Blu Dot Stash Desk

    Blu Dot Stash Desk

    Elegantly designed from solid walnut, the Blu Dot Stash Desk offers a reasonably priced and sturdy piece that is at home at in any office. The versatile pencil drawer keeps your desktop clean and can be put on either the left or right. With straightforward assembly instructions, the Blu Dot Stash Desk is ready to work for you.

  • Sommi Credenza

    Sommi Credenza

    A stunning home accessory for the wine connoisseur, the Sommi Credenza is a rustic inspired showpiece to showcase your Chardonnays and other classy bottles of grape booze. Boasting a top-of-the-line cooling system inside while the exterior is available in a choice of gorgeous wood finishes with each piece custom crafted especially for you in just 6 to 8 weeks.

  • Palermo Tripolina Chair

    Palermo Tripolina Chair

    Elegant, versatile, and handmade from premium materials, the Palermo Tripolina Chair will quickly claim heirloom status in any space its presence graces. Hand-dyed and stitched in Buenos Aires, the cover is made of thick 100% Argentinean vegetable-tanned polo saddle leather. The folding frame is hand-carved from high quality guindo wood and easy to transport. The superior quality and functionality of the Tripolina put it in a class of its own.

  • FurniQi Wireless Charging Bamboo Side Table

    FurniQi Wireless Charging Bamboo Side Table

    Stylish, sustainable and bursting with power, meet the epic FurniQi Wireless Charging Bamboo Side Table. This funkiest of functional furniture will compliment any space while its eco-friendly Mao Zhu bamboo construction boasts hidden qi wireless charging stations to ensure your device remains replenished. Energy doesn’t get much more elegant than this.

  • Stump — The Cracked Log Table/Stool

    Stump — The Cracked Log Table/Stool

    Light up your next outdoor gathering with the attractive and natural-looking Stump—The Cracked Log Table/Stool. Whether you use it for sitting around the campfire or for holding your glass of wine while stargazing, the weather-resistant cracked light lamps give you the ambient lighting you need to create the perfect atmosphere.

  • Baked Roast Handmade Skateboard Furniture

    Baked Roast Handmade Skateboard Furniture

    A very cool range with a very cool name created using an anagram of “skateboard,” Baked Roast Handmade Skateboard Furniture was born from a love of al-round awesomeness. First up, a couple of limited edition stools crafted using high-quality Canadian beechwood decks, one mounted to a wooden chassis, the other to one forged from steel.

  • Revolver Stool

    Revolver Stool

    Sporting a turntable-like design courtesy of Leon Ransmeier for HAY, the Revolver Stool not only spins full circle – backed by a footrest that moves with it – but affords a very comfortable rest thanks to its slightly concave shape. Great for home and commercial use, it’s available in both bar and counter heights.

  • Leaning Loop

    Leaning Loop

    The exquisitely handcrafted Leaning Loop is a multi-purpose upright organizer that requires no fixing points other than a wall and gravity to do its stuff. The solid hardwood structure stylishly packs a whole lot of storage into a minimal floor space, while above there’s the option of a magnetic mirror, black- or whiteboard.