• HRDL Vinyl Table

    HRDL Vinyl Table

    Made from luxurious Valchromat and oak, with a beautiful tambour door, the HRDL Vinyl Table is an inspired record player cabinet that holds up to 200 of your most prized records. Influenced by mid-century furniture, this customizable piece is made to order and has space for amplifiers along with cable management. An impact piece that makes a statement in any room, the Vinyl Table perfectly plays and houses your vinyl.

  • CB2 Black Square Trunk

    CB2 Black Square Trunk

    Sure, it’s a lot to pay for what is essentially a box—but it’s a big, bold, beautiful box that’ll last a lifetime and then some. The CB2 Black Square Trunk is carved from mango wood then shored up with some sturdy iron hardware. Use it as some retro furnishing such as a bedside table, or you could, well, just use it as a box.

  • Discommon Automotive Coffee Table

    Discommon Automotive Coffee Table

    If you have ever dreamed of owning a coffee table that depicts your favorite vehicle as if it is emerging from liquid metal, this is your lucky day. The amazing effect of this striking piece of furniture is achieved by removing almost all the material from a 4 foot long, 4-inch thick block of aluminum. The end result is just stunning. Discommon is offering a series of 10 tables. They will make each vehicle only once and you pick the …cotinue reading

  • Eames Mohair Supreme Lounge Chair

    Eames Mohair Supreme Lounge Chair

    A timeless classic, the Eames Mohair Supreme Lounge Chair was introduced in 1956 and has stood the test of time in offices, dens, and living rooms ever since. A modern take on this iconic design, the 100 percent mohair textile hugs the creases and folds of the upholstery pattern beautifully and adds a luxurious feel. Also available in supple leather, the Eames has a five-year warranty and a 30-day hassle-free return policy.

  • Relaxation Station Daybed

    Relaxation Station Daybed

    A versatile addition to any home or office, the Relaxation Station Daybed can be used as a bench, a room divider, a guest bed, or a personal getaway for weekend lounging and reading. Beautifully designed, with fastidious attention to detail, it is crafted from Black Walnut, with through wedged tenon detailing on each of its six legs. As comfortable as it is lovely to look at, the Relaxation Station Daybed is topped with a 5″ memory foam mattress and a …cotinue reading

  • Poritz & Studio’s Tambour Desk

    Poritz & Studio’s Tambour Desk

    Handmade in Brooklyn, New York, the Poritz & Studio’s Tabour Desk takes a classic design and adds a modern twist. The Tambour Desk’s characteristic horizontal door curves around the front drawers of the desk to showcase the piece’s elegant curves and the sliding door’s movement from all angles. The drawers offer ample storage and the hardwood casework provides lasting durability. Available in custom configurations, woods, and finishes, the Tambour Desk will add lasting style to any room it graces.