• Tanner Goods Tekio Modular Shelving

    Tanner Goods Tekio Modular Shelving

    A range of stylish storage to keep your work or living areas in check, Tanner Goods Tekio Modular Shelving will be a welcome complement to your furniture. The high quality modular constructions comprise vintage-looking hardwoods and top-end aluminum and steel braces. Have fun designing a stunning set-up for your needs.

  • Killspencer Floor Pillow

    Killspencer Floor Pillow

    Because of its remarkable comfort, the Killspencer Floor Pillow is certain to become one of the most coveted seats. Made from premium full-grain leather panels, its classic and sophisticated look works in any room. Filled with furniture grade polyurethane foam pieces, it won’t sag or lose firmness. Rather, it’ll just become the best seat in the house.

  • Oak Linen Sofa

    Oak Linen Sofa

    Immerse yourself in all-natural, all-encompassing comfort with the Oak Linen Sofa, from the beautiful Berlin-based Nustandwoods. Crafted from sturdy solid oak wood and adorned with padded cushions of natural lines filled with down, it’s akin to settling down in your very own nest. The uber stylish timeless couch will set the tone in any home, whether the decor is classic or contemporary.

  • Real Good Chair

    Real Good Chair

    An easy to assemble, origami-like piece of foldable furniture that’s so stylish it hurts (not literally), introduce your ass to the Real Good Chair from Blu Dot. The flat-pack, supermodel-slim design is constructed from powder-coated steel with laser cut lines. Don’t let the svelte-look fool you, this thing is tough too.

  • Aviation Furniture Jet Engine Ceiling Fan

    Aviation Furniture Jet Engine Ceiling Fan

    A novel way of recycling old airplane parts–and of making a bold aeronautical artistic statement–the Aviation Furniture Jet Engine Ceiling Fan uses blades actually used for lift-off. Better make sure the foundations in your home are secured for this coolest, in more ways than one, remote-controlled airborne device.

  • Pill Wall-Mounted Desk

    Pill Wall-Mounted Desk

    Embrace the newly chic Lithuanian design of Emko with the elegant and practical Pill Wall-Mounted Desk. A convenient solution to making an instant workspace in a minimal space, the Pill Wall-Mounted Desk is round, provides adjustable shelving, and can be positioned at any height.

  • Ratchet Legs

    Ratchet Legs

    Never get stuck without a table surface for campouts, work collaborations, or holiday group dinning with Ratchet Legs. These innovative, portable, and lightweight table legs instantly transform any existing surface into a sturdy and dependable table, desk, or bench.

  • Article Seno Dining Table

    Article Seno Dining Table

    Simple, clean, and fresh, the Article Seno Dinning Table will elevate your dinning experience. Constructed from solid American Black Walnut, its linear proportions comfortably accommodate seating for six. Connecting world-renowned designers and manufacturers directly with consumers, Article is able to offer the highest quality and most exquisitely designed pieces up to 70% less than retail.