Electric Vehicle

  • Nimbus E-Car

    Nimbus E-Car

    Anything but ordinary, the Nimbus E-Car is made for short distances and long trips on varied terrain. Running on an energy-efficient hybrid engine, it has a 130Kw electrical engine lithium-ion battery, which works simultaneously with a micro combustion generator that is constantly recharging the batteries. Plus, with part of its careen covered in solar panels, the Nimbus even generates some of its own energy. Built tough with lightweight materials, including carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum, it safely seats five passengers …cotinue reading

  • Fisker EMotion EV

    Fisker EMotion EV

    Founder and CEO Henrik Fisker created the Fisker EMotion EV because he believes the world needs more beautiful electric vehicles. Boy did he deliver. With sleek lines, that rival some the world’s most famous sports cars, the Fisker EMotion has a 400+ mile range, all wheel drive, a fully connected data network, and a mere nine minute charging for up to 125 miles. Combine your love for the environment with your love for an awe-inspiring looker.

  • Faraday Future FF91

    Faraday Future FF91

    An all-electric luxury SUV that has been causing quite a stir in the automobile world and beyond, the fabulous Faraday Future FF91 sports a 130kWh battery pack and high end features such as a retractable lidar sensor, and touch-sensitive screens throughout the vehicle. Price is yet to be announced, but expect a whistle to escape your lips when you eventually hear it.

  • 2017 Toyota Prius Prime

    2017 Toyota Prius Prime

    Leading the green charge once again, the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime is the firm’s second shot at a plug-in hybrid ride, and the fourth generation of their legendary green machine. The upgraded Hybrid Synergy Drive system, merging petrol and electric power, boasts a combined range that promises to be in excess of an impressive 600 miles. The 8.8-kWh lithium-ion battery sees the pure electric range nearly double from 12 to 22 miles – but the bigger battery takes up more …cotinue reading

  • Tesla Roadster 3.0

    Tesla Roadster 3.0

    The iconic funky “green” ride is getting an upgrade. The Telsa Roadster 3.0 promises to increase its driving range by a whopping 400 miles – which is nearly half again on its current figures – thanks in part to all-new wheels and a 70kWh battery pack, as well as upgrading its aerodynamic shape.

  • Electric Delorean DMCEV

    Electric Delorean DMCEV

    No, do not adjust your screen. A near-perfect working replica of Doc Brown’s iconic time travelling machine, practically the only thing the Electric Delorean DMCEV won’t do is, well, time travel. Powered by an AC induction liquid-cooled electric motor, it will however outperform the original, reaching a top speed of 125mph, the first 60 in less than five seconds. Three and a half hour charge time for a hundred mile range isn’t bad, either.