• Jack Daniels Coffee

    Jack Daniels Coffee

    From a firm famed for causing the odd hangover comes a product that goes some way to curing it. Meet Jack Daniels Coffee, a range of 100% Arabica beans infused with the taste of the legendary drink, but without the alcohol hit. Get it in collectable tins, or gift bags–decaffeinated coffee is also available.

  • Pok Pok Som Soda

    Pok Pok Som Soda

    Add a touch of Eastern promise to your cocktails with Pok Pok Som Soda, a range of delicious, all-natural drinks that are far lower in sugar than their regular counterparts. Choose from ginger, grapefruit, Thai basil, or turmeric, with all infusions imparted from fresh produce, with no concentrates and certainly no artificial flavors. Feel the fizz and taste the difference.

  • Wansas Tequila Silver

    Wansas Tequila Silver

    You know it’s a good tequila when it can be enjoyed neat and on the rocks with no need for salt and lemon. Wansas Tequila Silver is just that. Bursting with all sorts of complex, fruity tastes and aromas such as figs, charred peppers, nuts and pickle, we recommend stocking up big time on this silky Mexican tipple in case that wall really gets built across the border.

  • SPYTAIL Black Ginger Rum

    SPYTAIL Black Ginger Rum

    Our new favorite tipple, Spytail Black Ginger Rum is crafted using the traditional 19th century method of aging French Caribbean rum in barrels infused with fresh spices and ginger root. This complex, warming booze is just the ticket poured straight over ice or mixed with cola or ginger beer or ale.

  • PANATEA Instant Matcha

    PANATEA Instant Matcha

    We all know the health benefits of Japanese green tea, but PANATEA Instant Matcha takes it up a good few notches. Per gram, it boasts more than 14 times the antioxidant activity of wild blueberries, is sugar- and calorie-free, supports metabolism while providing a natural dose of caffeine without the jitters. What’s more, it’s a cinch to make–simply pour, stir and see it dissolve instantly.

  • Tincup Whiskey

    Tincup Whiskey

    Forty years of love have gone into crafting Tincup Whiskey, an all-American bourbon style brew cut with the Rocky Mountains water and with a spicy, warming finish. Distilled in Colorado by a former whiskey hobbyist, taste aside, we especially like how the lid of the funky bottle doubles as a cup.

  • Rogue Yellow Snow IPA

    Rogue Yellow Snow IPA

    Never eat yellow snow, so goes the saying, but is sure hits the spot as a drink. Rogue Yellow Snow IPA is packed with all manner of fruity, aromatic goodness such as Amarillo hops and Pacman yeast and at 6.5% ABV it comes with a kick. We found it paired well with red meat and spiciness. Before, and after the meals as well.

  • Backpack Wine

    Backpack Wine

    Winemaking sure is a serious business, but drinking it doesn’t always have to be. Raise a glass–or can, rather–to Backpack Wine which allows you to enjoy premium chilled vino, any time, conveniently. Choose from sweet Snappy White or the drier Cheeky Rose, both served in some very coolly crafted tins.