• Modern Times Bedrock Beer

    Modern Times Bedrock Beer

    It’s not hard to find craft breweries that make a coffee-infused beer. They are all over the place, but most don’t roast the coffee beans themselves. That’s just one of the things that sets Modern Time in San Diego apart from the rest of the crowd. Their Bedrock Beer is a nitro brown ale and the coffee is roasted just feet away from the brewhouse. You can expect a creamy, toasty, chocolaty taste. This is going to be a favorite …cotinue reading

  • Nanopresso Portable Espresso Machine

    Nanopresso Portable Espresso Machine

    The Nanopresso is a self-contained espresso machine that is so compact that you can take with you anywhere. You will never be without espresso again, no matter where you are. The patented pumping system is capable of reaching a maximum of 18 bars (261 PSI) of pressure during extraction. This means superior coffee for your taste buds. It measures just 6-inches long and needs no power source. Just pump it manually and take it with you while camping, at the …cotinue reading

  • Creature Comforts Reclaimed Rye Beer

    Creature Comforts Reclaimed Rye Beer

    Creature Comforts is pleased to announce that they will package their year-round rye amber ale aged on French oak, Reclaimed Rye, in cans for the first time. Amber ales don’t get nearly enough recognition these days, so this is a treat. It took three years, but now they are ready to can Reclaimed Rye. The name is a nod to the wood used to make the bars, picnic tables, and walls in the Creature Comforts brewery since they are all …cotinue reading

  • State Bottle Openers

    State Bottle Openers

    Celebrate your favorite state with these cool State Bottle Openers. Now you can pop open those beers with some help from your home state and drink with pride. These unique handmade bottle openers are designed and created by husband and wife team, Brandon and Erin Spangler. They are made out of 14 gauge hot-rolled mild steel covered with a thin layer of black oxide, which gives it its dark gray/bluish tint. They are tough and will last a long long …cotinue reading

  • The Sexton Irish Whiskey

    The Sexton Irish Whiskey

    Take one look at that bottle and you are hooked. The stunning design of the bottle matches the taste of the newest Single Malt from Ireland called The Sexton. It was inspired by a long tradition of distilling on the North Coast of Ireland. This treat for the taste buds is also crafted by one of the only female blenders in the country. It is authentically old world as well since only three ingredients are used: Irish barley, water, and …cotinue reading

  • Crafter’s Aromatic Flower Gin

    Crafter’s Aromatic Flower Gin

    If you want to make a truly amazing gin, you study ancient alchemy and you distill it in a copper pot. That’s the secret to Crafter’s Aromatic Flower Gin. But the secret is out now. This unique spirit also uses 12 botanicals to round out the flavor and create an amazing taste sensation. The gin has a beautiful gold color so when used in a cocktail, the appearance is as attractive as it is tasty. This is a one of …cotinue reading