Digital Cameras

  • ColfaxCamera Sling

    ColfaxCamera Sling

    Available in three colors, Colfax Camera Slings are a secure, comfortable, and functional way to carry your camera. Incredibly durable, each strap is manufactured in the U.S. from mil-spec resin-coated webbing that stands up to years of use. Colfax’s signature one-handed adjustable sling glides effortlessly to keep your camera close when you need it, and quickly released when you’re ready for the next shot.

  • Leica Red Summicron 50mm Lens

    Leica Red Summicron 50mm Lens

    The sharpest standard lens out there has been given a stylish makeover that will have your subjects seeing red. The stunning Leica Red Summicron 50mm Lens boasts an incredibly attractive anodized finish sure to inspire both you and all you snap, but get ordering fast as they’re only making 100.

  • Octospot


    Love to scuba dive? Capture all of your adventures with Octospot, taking waterproof to cameras to whole new levels. And depths. Not only does this ocean-loving badboy shoot high-definition video and 12MP stills, but boasts a superb battery and clever modular design making bulky additional housing requirements redundant. Plumb depths of up to 200m up for up to two hours.

  • Tini1 Astronomy Camera

    Tini1 Astronomy Camera

    Meet the first ever astronomy camera, and one that’s smart, social, and as the name suggests, small. Tini1 Astronomy Camera sports features such as low-light sensors and advance image processing to quickly and easily capture the sparking constellations, backed by star charts and 2.5K resolution video good for taking time lapse. Point and marvel. It’s out of this world.

  • Segment Camera

    Segment Camera

    A super stylish snapper for the modern man, the Segment Camera is a mirrorless design inspired by photography of yesteryear. Its name stems from the idea to remove a segment from the traditional body, with its controls then affixed to the cavity, and the introduction of a leather grip. In contrast to the old school looks awaits a high-end intuitive touchscreen round back. We can’t wait for this concept to come to fruition.

  • 360fly 4K

    360fly 4K

    A tiny action camera which truly sees the big picture, meet the 360fly 4K. An affordable, high-end, all-seeing second-gen camera, which captures video markedly sharper than its predecessor (not that that was a slouch). Incredibly, the 360-degree capability is captured courtesy of just a single lens, which can be positioned on a tripod, mount or body strap. Relive, and show off, your adventuring in style.

  • I-1 Analog Instant Camera

    I-1 Analog Instant Camera

    Old school styling, but a very contemporary snapper, the I-1 Analog Instant Camera skillfully blends nostalgia with newness. Compatible with the firm’s Impossible type 600 film, or the Polaroid 600 film, it has it’s own app, is Bluetooth-enabled and USB rechargeable, while there’s full manual control over aperture, shutter speed and flash. The app comes with all sorts of fun, creative tools, too.

  • Restrap Sling

    Restrap Sling

    Never miss that perfect, once in a lifetime shot again thanks to the Restrap Sling. Not only can you work in comfort all day, but can switch between cameras in seconds, while your lens cap is always within reach. It’s all enabled by some clever magnetic trickery which quickly connects — or disconnects — your gear and sling.