• Hot Wheels Book

    Hot Wheels Book

    Hot Wheels miniature cars have been with us for decades and during that time kids and adults have fallen in love with them and taken to collecting these cars. Many people who started out playing with them later became car enthusiasts. The rich history and all the inspirational stories surrounding Hot Wheels are captured in this 300-page book by Assouline. It is more than a Hot Wheels scrapbook as it also details the future plans of the company and documents …cotinue reading

  • My Morning Routine

    My Morning Routine

    Successful people, what makes them tick? While you can attribute their success to various things that they do throughout the day, you can’t overstate the importance of how they start their day. Whether it’s ordinary activities like a morning jog or eerie routines that are too obscene to mention, you may have wondered how people like Biz Stone, Twitter Co-founder, start their day. Productive mornings are an integral part of any person who has excelled at what he/she does. If …cotinue reading

  • Ferrari Art Edition

    Ferrari Art Edition

    Ferrari is an iconic brand with a rich history. A simple Google is not enough if you really want to know everything about Ferrari. That’s where the book Ferrari, Art Edition comes in. It is sourced from the archives of The Ferrari Museum in Maranello and the exclusive accounts of private collectors. This 500-page, red leather-bound book chronicles everything about the legendary carmaker, from championships won, cars over the decades, and contributions to the automotive industry. The book comes with …cotinue reading

  • Porsche Drive

    Porsche Drive

    Capturing breathtaking photographs of his journey through the Alps, photographer Stefan Bogner tours three countries in four days in his new book, Porsche Drive. Offering information on each route and height profile, Bogner traverses this amazing landscape in Porsche models, such as Porsche 906, Porsche 911, Porsche 918, and more. Whether you want to live vicariously through Bogner, or are planning your own long weekend drive through the Alps, Porsche Drive will give you a whole new appreciation for natural …cotinue reading

  • Hit The Road

    Hit The Road

    If you want to escape the daily grind of the rat race and get away from it all, it might be time to take a trip into nature. Hit The Road: Vans, Nomads, and Roadside Adventures is all about this lifestyle. It covers everything from weekend warriors who head back to the city on Sunday to modern-day nomads who live out of their vehicles 24/7. This book is filled with great photography from around the world. Whether you are a …cotinue reading

  • Build Your Own Life Size Human Skeleton

    Build Your Own Life Size Human Skeleton

    Fans of human anatomy or fans of just plain odd hobbies are going to enjoy this book from Taschen. They have created a kit that lets you build a life-size model of the human skeleton made entirely of paper. When you are finished, you will have a creepy macabre friend to display in your home or office. You just assemble pre-cut pieces of paper. There is no scissors or glue needed. They give you detailed, step-by-step instructions. Your skeleton even …cotinue reading