Auto Add-Ons

  • Rplate Pro Digital License Plate

    Rplate Pro Digital License Plate

    If you want a License Plate that looks traditional but has the functionality of one of our modern gadgets, you can’t go wrong with the Rplate Pro. It is a 6 X 12 license plate that is currently available in California and is being piloted in Arizona. The Rplate Pro is visible in all weather conditions thanks to its ever-bright, reflective screen. It’s also built to last and survive the highly corrosive air that is characteristic of the West Coast. …cotinue reading

  • FordPass SmartLink

    FordPass SmartLink

    When you buy a new car, the technology will be out of date within a few short years. That’s just how it is. The good news is that Ford has your back. If you own a Ford or Lincoln that was built between 2010-2017, the new FordPass SmartLink will give it an upgrade. Just install this dongle into your car’s OBD II port and your car gets smarter. It uses a Verizon LTE connection to give you all of the …cotinue reading

  • Sensible Ways to Save With Your Car

    Sensible Ways to Save With Your Car

    Your vehicle provides you with a sense of freedom. When life becomes too much to deal with, hopping into your car for a ride around the block can clear your head and get you back in the right emotional state. Of course, you also probably experience a massive amount of stress from your car. Should your vehicle start to perform at a reduced capacity, it can lead to a large number of financial complications that add to your overall stress …cotinue reading

  • Roav VIVA DualPort Car Charger With Amazon Alexa

    Roav VIVA DualPort Car Charger With Amazon Alexa

    We always need extra juice for our gadgets. We can never get enough. Whether it’s your tablet, smartphone or anything else that needs a charge, the Roav VIVA from Anker will take care of it. This 2-port USB car charger is more than just 2 ports, it is also Amazon Alexa enabled. This means that you get high-speed dual device charging power plus hands-free calling, in-car navigation, and music streaming from Spotify is coming soon. Put the power of Alexa …cotinue reading

  • Grip-Lock Motorcycle Handlebar Lock

    Grip-Lock Motorcycle Handlebar Lock

    Motorcycle theft happens just as often as bicycle theft, except that it is a more expensive loss when your motorcycle gets stolen. The Grip-Lock Motorcycle Handlebar Lock will give you some peace of mind while protecting your motorcycle. This lock attaches to the throttle and brake control of most motorcycles and the internal mechanism is made using 4 hardened steel cores, so good luck to any thief trying to break it. It is also easy to use. Applying and removing …cotinue reading

  • Garmin Speak

    Garmin Speak

    Enjoy Alexa-powered navigation on the move with Garmin Speak, a handy companion speaker that affixes to your windshield. Measuring just 1.5 inches, with an LED light rings and OLED, as well as voice instruction, it sports four arrows to make sure you take and keep in the right lanes, and can offer the likes of weather and traffic updates and also works with Skills—Alexa’s voice activated apps.

  • Ketzal Seat Organizer

    Ketzal Seat Organizer

    A wonderful addition to your man-mobile, the Ketzal Seat Organizer is handcrafted from genuine, gorgeous leather that is just begging to get aged. Never worry about losing your kit–or possible control of your pedals–as it rolls around your floor again, thanks to this clever back of the seat stasher that can cradle everything from flashlights to water bottles to your lunch.

  • Roof Top Hammock

    Roof Top Hammock

    Our favorite summer contraption so far, kick back and relax in the world first Roof Top Hammock. Find a million-dollar view, park up and hop up on top of you ride free from the restriction of a tent and away from unwanted inquisitive critters, then once the sun sets, take in the magic of that starlit night sky.

  • X2Pro Dual Dash Cam

    X2Pro Dual Dash Cam

    A dashcam like no other, the DDPai X2Pro is a dual channel device with two cameras: one to face out front and one out of the rear of the vehicle. The simple easy-t0-use design includes a single button for the dash to capture high-resolution images or videos with one click. The front camera records at 2592×1520 resolution for images and 2560×1440 for videos, while the rear cam captures 1280×720 resolution for both images and videos. The built-in GPS module automatically …cotinue reading

  • iClever BoostEngine

    iClever BoostEngine

    Jumping your vehicle or 12V 10A lawnmower can be as easy as charging your phones, camera, Kindle, and other devices with the iClever BoostEngine. Ultra compact and weighing less than a pound, the powerful iClever BoostEngine charges devices up to 75% faster with its quick charge technology adapter and jump starts vehicles up to 30 times with a 600 amp of peak current. The ultra safe and mistake-proof smart clamp keeps you protected and worry free when using it, and …cotinue reading