• Libratone ZIPP Mini

    Libratone ZIPP Mini

    Amazing sound is ultra portable with the Libratone ZIPP Mini. Offering 360 degrees of superior full-room sound, you’ll hear the deep bass, full midrange, and crisp highs you’d expect from a full-size sound system. ZIPP’s amazing sound packs 100 watts of acoustic power, so you’ll fill any space with unmatchable sound. Take the ZIPP Mini anywhere–it fully charges in only 3-4 hours and provides over 10 hours of continuous use. Connect your ZIPP via Wi-Fi, AirPlay, AirPlay2, Bluetooth, and Spotify …cotinue reading

  • Braven Stryde 360 Waterproof Speaker

    Braven Stryde 360 Waterproof Speaker

    One of the toughest and best sounding speakers out there, the Braven Stryde 360 Waterproof Speaker also fends off dust and can take a submerging of up to one meter for up to 30 minutes. Designed to fit into a cup holder, it sounds loud and proud and boasts voice command control too.

  • Beoplay E4 Earphones

    Beoplay E4 Earphones

    Beoplay E4 Earphones are sleekly designed and offer premium hybrid active noise cancellation and a transparency mode, along with up to 20 hours of battery life. Whether you are tuning out your busy surroundings to enjoy your own groove using the next generation of active noise cancellation, or keeping alert in the transparency mode, you’ll always feel unparalleled comfort from these ultra-light earphones.

  • Porsche Design 911 Speaker

    Porsche Design 911 Speaker

    An absolute must for sound and sports car enthusiasts alike, the Porsche Design 911 Speaker offer maximum power and sound in a distinctively Porsche way. Porsche Design has taken the GT3 tailpipe cover as the main part of this new Bluetooth 911 Speaker. Its 10-meter range and easy-pairing interface and 60-watt output make it as impressive as the engine sound of the 911 GT3 is on the track.

  • Pioneer Rayz Plus

    Pioneer Rayz Plus

    The perfect iPhone accessory, Pioneer Rayz Plus earphones are lightning smart and available in exclusive colors at Apple stores and via Small, smart, and personal, Rayz earphones communicate directly with your iPhone and offer superior and adaptable noise cancellation, with just enough ambient sound so you are safely aware of your surroundings. Other smart features include auto pause, a smart button to bring up your favorite app, mute/unmute calls, and instant launch of Rayz controls. The personalized app lets …cotinue reading

  • Concrete Audio F1 Speakers

    Concrete Audio F1 Speakers

    There is no substitute for superior sound, and the makers of Concrete Audio F1 Speakers know that to the core. Constructed with every nuance to perceive sounds naturally, The Loudspeaker Factory in Germany designed and produced a unique loudspeaker system of timeless elegance and impressive dynamics–made of concrete. Eliminating vibrations that are common with other housing construction materials, concrete construction means the only sounds you hear are resonant, clear, and full–the way they are meant to be heard.

  • DreamWave Explorer

    DreamWave Explorer

    They sure have thought of everything to appease the adventuring audiophile with the DreamWave Explorer, a high-end 15W high-performance hi-fi speaker built to withstand high altitude, protected against water, dust, sand, or snow. Hands-free calling enabled, and NFC ready, it even comes with its own bicycle handlebar mount so you can take it on the trails.

  • Apple HomePod

    Apple HomePod

    A compact design brimful with intelligent features, meet Apple HomePod, a little speaker with a big sound, all controlled by way of Siri. Inside the circular mesh construction sits a woofer with custom amp and seven tweeters. Clever technology continuously analyzes the music and adjusts the frequencies for a consistent, high-quality sound. It can even sense its environment and adapt accordingly to ensure it always spews the best acoustics. Get it in black or white.