Art & Decor

  • Stelton Wall Clock

    Stelton Wall Clock

    You’ll be counting down the minutes, but in a good way, with the hypnotic Stelton Wall Clock. The German-designed piece merges contemporary styling with the ancient time-telling of a sun dial, with the clock’s minute arm affixed to the clock’s frame, causing it to rotate and cast a shadow on the wall to make it appear as though the whole thing’s floating. Beautiful.

  • Depict Frame

    Depict Frame

    The ingenious Depict Frame allows you to turn your home’s walls into gallery walls. A GearCulture top pick, this world-first frame enables you to enjoy your own images, or subscribe to the Depict Collection, on a museum-quality 49-inch digital canvas that offers four times the pixels of your HDTV. Picasso would be proud.

  • Homesick Candles

    Homesick Candles

    Homesick Candles are scents that will remind you of home when you are away from. Just light a match and let the memories come flooding back in. Sometimes it’s the smell of the air there, or seasons, places, even foods. These smells embody the city, state, or country you came from. Heck, if you want to take an imaginary trip in your mind, just light one and have yourself a good vacation. These candles are sentimental and will help if …cotinue reading

  • Tungsten & Aluminum Cube Set

    Tungsten & Aluminum Cube Set

    Intellectualize your office or household knickknacks with this fascinating Tungsten & Aluminum Cube Set. The hypnotic 1.5-inch cubes are laser engraved with the appropriate elemental symbol and technical data and are machined from aerospace grade metals, but the tungsten, one of the densest natural elements weights an astounding 1kg, while the aluminum tips the scales at just 0.15kg.

  • Magnetic Standing World Globe

    Magnetic Standing World Globe

    Plan your next trip or bucket list or brag about how many countries you’ve visited with the handsome Magnetic Standing World Globe. Ten inches in diameter, the wonderful world pivots on a classy stainless-steel stand and comes with 30 magnetic pins, meaning you can wave goodbye to unsightly puncture marks. Choose a tan, black or blue finish.

  • Plant Lover Trophy

    Plant Lover Trophy

    A beautiful trophy wall mounts that even vegans can get on board with, we’re loving the humorous thinking behind the Plant Lover Trophy that playfully replaces animal heads and horns with organic matter that’s still alive–namely plants and flowers. Handcrafted in Italy from high-end plywood and blown glass.

  • Stellavie Constellation Prints

    Stellavie Constellation Prints

    Beautifully rendered on premium paper and expertly printed, signed, and numbered, Stellavie Constellation Prints make a lasting impression. Both Map I–The Northern Sky and Map II–The Southern Sky depict celestial maps of the northern and southern sky that guide you through all the constellations in incredible detail. Both stellar maps are available in regular and colossal, 50cm x70cm and 70cm x 100cm, and are one-color silkscreen prints that are printed with custom mixed inks. These prints will let you enjoy …cotinue reading

  • Brauer Robot Sculptures

    Brauer Robot Sculptures

    Parisian graphic designer, +Brauer, has a new series, “Viva la robolucion!” that reveals vintage robots’ technological features in their original state. After choosing vintage objects to work with, +Brauer alters their appearance, sculpts them, and incorporates light sources into their structure before assembling them in a truly creative and unique way. Each robot is designed to interact with its environment in a different way whether it is turned on or off. +Brauer creates each of his pieces as a statement …cotinue reading

  • Hender Scheme Clock

    Hender Scheme Clock

    One of the many delightful things about our work is the element of surprise–we’ve lost count of the number of times we thought we’d seen it all at GearCulture Towers, only to be mind-blown once more by a weird and wonderful creation, and the Hender Scheme Clock is just that. For this Japanese-designed time teller is one that is fashioned from leather, and one that is sure to add a touch of artwork-like flair to any wall.

  • The Nixie Machine II

    The Nixie Machine II

    In celebration of the 5th anniversary of the M.A.D. Gallery, renowned German sculptor, Frank Buchwald, collaborated with engineering genius, Dalibor Farny to introduce the Nixie Machine II clock. This magnificent piece is a collection of 12 unique pieces that are exclusively sourced from international M.A.D. Galleries. Handcrafted to the tiniest detail, the Nixie Machine II is a testament to artistry, with almost anatomical-like lamps, and its alien-like, four-footed bases and quasi-corporeal symmetry.