• Weber Spirit II Gas Grill

    Weber Spirit II Gas Grill

    The Weber Spirit II Gas Grill is fairly compact, which makes it perfect for smaller spaces, but it can also handle cooking meals for the whole family. It is perfect, with great performance. The GS4 grilling system uses durable stainless steel burners and cast-iron cooking grates. The two side tables will give you some room to prepare your meal as well. It comes in four colors and features a dock to hold the iGrill 3 thermometer, which lets you monitor …cotinue reading

  • Staresso Portable Espresso Maker

    Staresso Portable Espresso Maker

    This award-winning device promises to make you a star, too–in your own kitchen, at least, anyway. The Staresso Portable Espresso Maker is a highly affordable personal barista that’s highly compact, and a cinch to set up and use. What’s more, it’s portable, meaning you never need to suffer bad and/or rip-off coffee again.

  • Russell Hobbs Long Toaster

    Russell Hobbs Long Toaster

    It’s time for your toaster to get its time in the spotlight. The beautifully designed Russell Hobbs Long Toaster is sleek, elegant, and features silver glass accents. The modern design is backed by premium toasting performance. You’ll always get the perfect level of toasting you desire with variable browning control. Enjoy large, thick cuts of bread using the long, extra-wide toasting slots. Other convenient features include a lift and look, that lets you check on your toast without stopping the …cotinue reading

  • Breville Oracle Touch

    Breville Oracle Touch

    Your very own barista in a box, meet the Breville Oracle Touch. The automated joe dispenser makes making cafe quality coffee a breeze thanks to features like an automatic grinder that measure doses; temperature regulation to ensure your brew don’t get burnt; and steam pressure control that guarantees velvety milk. Best of all, it cleans itself.

  • Smarter iKettle

    Smarter iKettle

    Getting your day off to a great start just got a little bit easier thanks to the Smarter iKettle. All new, in its third generation, the iKettle is packed with innovative features, including remote boil directly with the app, BlinkUp technology for simple and secure setup, and easy scheduling so you never have to wait to use it. Elegantly designed, the iKettle is sleek and modern and will fit perfectly in your modern home.

  • Black + Decker Purifry

    Black + Decker Purifry

    The Black + Decker Purifry lets you enjoy amazing tasting fried food guilt-free. Instead of added oil and fat, the Furifry Air Fryer uses a pair of powerful convection fans that heat your food quickly to a crispy delight. With a two-liter frying basket, you can easily fry up snacks or mains using the temperature control, which ranges from 175-400 degrees. You can finally savor flavorful, deliciously crispy fried food without regrets.

  • Teforia Leaf Infuser

    Teforia Leaf Infuser

    The 2017 winner of the World Tea Award’s Best Tea Brewing Device, the Teforia Leaf Infuser is ready to introduce you to a whole new world of the best-tasting tea you’ve ever experienced. By controlling all aspects of tea making, from water temperature and quality to steep time and agitation, it makes the perfect cup of tea every time. Its easy-to-clean and stain-resistant borosilicate glass carafe and infusion globe make cleanup a breeze, so you’ll always be ready for teatime.

  • Dry Aging Fridge

    Dry Aging Fridge

    A must for meat-lovers, the beautiful Dry Aging Fridge will mature your favorite slabs of meat from the convenience of your kitchen. German engineering at its finest–it’s available in two sizes, for 20kg or 100kg of storage–simply slip your meat in and wait for the magic to happen. Can be used for cheeses, too.

  • Rost Coffee Roaster

    Rost Coffee Roaster

    Winner of the best new product award for technology at World of Coffee, Budapest, the Rost Coffee Roaster is an innovative sample roaster that helps you get the perfect roast every time. With multiple sensors and smart Wifi-enabled software, Rost works in five easy steps. Using the best features from drum and fluid bed roasters in a patent pending solution, you’ll always have the most control over the roasting process for results that are second to none.

  • Retro VW Fridge

    Retro VW Fridge

    Okay, this is without a doubt, the, er, coolest kitchen appliance we’ve ever feasted our eyes on at GearCulture HQ. The Retro VW Fridge sports a surprisingly similar vintage shape to the iconic campervan, while utilizing state-of-the-art features like IonAir and DynamiCooling for the most energy efficient food preservation, and it boasts a capacity of 260 liters. Get it in baby blue or Bordeaux red. We want both.