• Grovemade Minimalist Belt

    Grovemade Minimalist Belt

    Simple, comfortable and easy to use, the Minimalist Belt by Grovemade centers around the Conway buckle which were originally used in horse saddles. The functional design of the solid stainless steel buckle eliminates visual clutter of the leather strap by cleverly positioning the sizing holes to the inner leaflet of the belt. Rivets and stitches are also eliminated which makes the belt less prone to wear and tear.

  • Hitch & Timber EDC Wallet

    Hitch & Timber EDC Wallet

    Made to order by human hands, the Hitch & Timber EDC Wallet perfectly stores your cards, pen, and pocketknife, in beautiful 4 oz. American tanned Horween leather. Simple, refined, and meticulously handcrafted, the EDC Wallet is a testament to good taste.

  • Wally Bifold

    Wally Bifold

    Seamlessly slip the Wally Bifold from your back pocket to the front without sacrificing comfort or style thanks to the ultimate slim profile design. Not only is the wallet safer from pickpockets around front, but the clever Flexlock slots in the design further keep your cash and cards secure. Forged from high quality leather, it can pack up to 12 cards or more than 30 bills.

  • GroveMade Bifold Wallet

    GroveMade Bifold Wallet

    There’s nothing wrong with a little bulging in your jeans, but no one wants it from the pocket so stuff your cards and cash in a GroveMade Bifold Wallet. Each unit is crafted from an exquisite single leather piece and sewed by hand by master Japanese leather goods maker Yonezawa Leather.

  • Konzuk Concrete Cufflinks

    Konzuk Concrete Cufflinks

    Konzuk Concrete Cufflinks combine elegant and edgy in a perfectly discreet concrete and stainless steel package. They can easily be engraved with initials, logos, messages, or other symbols and look perfect with any color shirt. And, 50% of sales are being donated to the Movember Foundation this month.

  • Burton South Park Collection

    Burton South Park Collection

    Stay warm while paying homage to all your South Park favorites with the Burton South Park Collection. Choose from the Burton South Parkitect Snowboard for ultimate performance with some added insult, Cartmen or Stan Beanies, Mr. Hankey Party Socks, a Kenny Hood and more.

  • KIN Smart Sorting Wallet

    KIN Smart Sorting Wallet

    A stylish and streamlined wallet that doesn’t just stash your cash, but compartmentalizes it too. Meet KIN Smart Sorting Wallet, and kiss goodbye to loosing loose change or having to carry it separately, simply drop your coins in with your greenbacks and hey-presto, as if by magic, they’ll snuggle into their designated, easy-to-access pouch.

  • Titan Multi-tool Collar Stays

    Titan Multi-tool Collar Stays

    Get your James Bond on with Titan Multi-Tool Collar Stays. These lightweight titanium collar stays are strong and powerful with convenient gadgets–half-Phillips and slotted screwdriver, thread cutter, and bottle opener. And, of course, they keep your collar looking sharp, whether you wear wide, close, or semi-spread collars. Q would be impressed.