• 2018 Nissan Kicks

    2018 Nissan Kicks

    The brand new 2018 Nissan Kicks is a crossover that demands attention. It’s dynamic styling, personalized technology, and nimble performance are just want you need to rule the road with big attitude. Taking personalization to the extreme, the Nissan Kicks is available in enough distinctive color options to express any personality—even two-tone. BOSE speakers are available to be built right into the driver’s headrest, giving you a sound system that is made just for you. Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology empowers …cotinue reading

  • Tesla Roadster

    Tesla Roadster

    The incredibly beautiful Telsa Roadster, the company’s second-generation model, is also incredibly quick. Not just quick, in fact, but the quickest production car ever made, reaching 60mph in a blink-like 1.9 seconds, and 100mph in a couple of blinks more (4.2 seconds). Oh yeah, and it’s electric. Expect to see them rolling off the lines in 2020. You’d better get reserving one of these bad boys, they’ll be bought up in a blink, too.

  • Lexus RX 350L

    Lexus RX 350L

    The Lexus RX 350L was created to give families the utility vehicle they deserve with the option to enjoy more passenger space. Providing luxury and logistical choice, the RX L gives you an option of six- or seven-passenger models. Offering the same award-winning safety, style, and performance of two-row versions, the RX L is available with V6 gas or hybrid powertrains, power-fold third-row seating, leather-trimmed seating for the first two rows, standard tri-zone climate control, and an optional hands-free power …cotinue reading

  • Zero S Electric Motorcycle

    Zero S Electric Motorcycle

    Made for pure performance, the Zero S Electric Motorcycle strips away noise, fumes, and vibration to deliver a smooth, uninterrupted ride flow. Powered by the industry’s most advanced technology, the Z-Force powertrain propels you forward at the twist of a throttle with pure torque. Stunningly sporty, with sharp lines and sleek curves, the Zero S is ready to transform your ride into a thrill.

  • U-Boat Worx Cruise Series Submarines

    U-Boat Worx Cruise Series Submarines

    We know more about the surface of the moon than we do about what’s going on beneath the waves, so do your bit for science and get exploring the ocean in what is one of the coolest and sexiest contraptions we’ve ever feasted our GearCulture peepers on. The U-Boat Worx Cruise Series Submarines can reach depths of up 1,700 meters, with up to 11 onboard. Customization options include privacy screens, toilets and lounge seating.

  • Lotus Elise Cup 260

    Lotus Elise Cup 260

    The extremely limited-edition Lotus Elise Cup 260 is rare and race-bred, packing a passion for motorsport engineering into a powerful performance vehicle. The stunning design blends exotic and lightweight materials and integrates the latest design philosophies from high-performance legends, including the Elise Race 250 among others. Produced to commemorate the 70th anniversary of founder Colin Chapman’s engineering legacy, the Elise Cup 260 is a future classic.