• Loomstead Linen Duvet + Pillow Shams

    Loomstead Linen Duvet + Pillow Shams

    Meet your new comfort blanket equivalent—Loomstead Linen Duvet + Pillow Shams, forged from European flax with wood button closures. Like your favorite cardigan or pair of slippers, this super stylish, breathable bedding promises to simply get cozier with age, and make your bed even harder to get out of.

  • Watchman Outdoor Cooking Stove

    Watchman Outdoor Cooking Stove

    The Watchman Outdoor Cooking Stove is a very versatile stove for the backyard. Made by hand in the USA, this stove can be used with charcoal or wood for direct or indirect cooking. It features a wall steel tube stove body, with a laser cut hinged stainless steel cooking surface. It also has a carbon steel “Potato” plate for warming food. In fact, this plate averages 300 degrees F around the 3 sides of the vertical. The stainless steel laser …cotinue reading

  • VW Camper Van Toasters

    VW Camper Van Toasters

    This is a VW Camper that you can park on your kitchen counter and you don’t even need a license to drive it. These stainless steel VW Camper Van Toasters are sleek and shiny. They are just like the real thing only smaller. And instead of packing hippies inside, you put bread in and fresh toast comes out. If you are a fan of the classic van, you are going to love having this toaster in the kitchen. It will …cotinue reading

  • Pyro Tower

    Pyro Tower

    Have the ultimate fire in your backyard with the Pyro Tower. This pyramid-shaped fire pit is constructed of heavy-duty 3/16″ steel, so it not only looks fantastic, but it is also durable. The Pyro Tower backyard fireplace has a range of accessories for grilling, smoking, or baking your favorite foods. The unique tower shape is wind resistant and funnels smoke away from everyone who is gathered around it. It ships flat because it uses sheets of steel that make it …cotinue reading

  • Toast Leather Pint Glass Cuffs

    Toast Leather Pint Glass Cuffs

    A cool gift idea for anyone who loves all things craft beer–and who doesn’t? Toast Leather Pint Glass Cuffs are crafted from high-end, full-grain leather in a choice of ten colors that hand stitched with complementary waxed thread and laser engraved with a design of your choice. Get them with, or without the glass.

  • Fire Globe

    Fire Globe

    The most welcoming centerpiece imaginable for your garden, deck, or patio space, the Fire Globe is a striking enameled steel and powder coated aluminum bowl shaped to shield against the wind and easily moved thanks to a well-positioned handle. Chuck in some timber and allow you and your pals to be hypnotized while basking in the warmth of the dancing flames.