• Star Wars Emperor’s Throne Chair

    Star Wars Emperor’s Throne Chair

    Every Star Wars fan has always wanted an Emperor-style chair to swivel around on, perhaps while stroking a white cat and greeting your enemies as they enter the room, with a witty quote. Well, you can live your dark side dreams with Regal Robot’s accurately designed Emperor Throne. If you want something different than the traditional purple and black, the company will give it to you. There’s no better way to binge-watch the entire Star Wars saga back-to-back than by …cotinue reading

  • Herman Miller Cosm Task Chair

    Herman Miller Cosm Task Chair

    Who’d have imagined an office chair could be so compelling? The Herman Miller Cosm Task Chair promises to be gracing the desks of tech companies and their ilk soon thanks to its sensual, modern silhouette, with cradle armrests, and ergonomic shape that promises to support and respond to all body shapes and postures.

  • Fourneau Bread Oven 2.0

    Fourneau Bread Oven 2.0

    There is probably no finer smell on Earth than the waft of freshly baked bread, but it’s trickier than you think to create the perfect loaf. Until now. Clear a space in your kitchen for the Fourneau Bread Oven 2.0, a cast iron bakeware system that makes light, airy work of everything from rolls to baguettes to pizzas. Comes with a recipe guide also.

  • LeviMoon


    Illumination doesn’t get any more alluring than the out-of-this-world LeviMoon, the world’s first levitating moon lamp. This replica moon has been designed to mirror lunar light, replete with lifelike craters while floating–and rotating, if you so choose–above a wonderful walnut base. What’s more, it even charges as it hovers. One giant leap for lampkind…

  • Hoover WindTunnel Air

    Hoover WindTunnel Air

    Effortlessly rid your home of everyday dirt with the Hoover WindTunnel Air. At only 12 lbs., this lightweight yet powerful vacuum is convenient to take up and down stairs and maneuver easily around and under furnishings. Bagless, this upright uses powerful multi-cyclonic filtration to lift and remove surface debris and suck up deep down embedded dirt. Get in hard-to-reach corners, and clean upholstery and hardwood floors using the included 3-in-1 combination tool, 30-inch extension wand, and 8-foot stair hose.

  • BakerStone Original Pizza Oven Box

    BakerStone Original Pizza Oven Box

    Prepare mouth-watering pizza in minutes on your gas grill with the BakerStone Pizza Oven. Designed with a double-wall ceiling, it retains plenty of heat for precision baking and reaches up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit for restaurant-quality results. The large opening can accommodate pizzas up to 11 inches so it’s great for parties.

  • Fizzics Waytap

    Fizzics Waytap

    Savor that fresh-from-the tap taste you love anytime by turning any beer into the fresh taste of draft with the Fizzics Waytap. Capitalizing on Fizzics Micro-Foam Technology, the Waytap is engineered using patent-pending fluid and sound technology to enhance the flavor, taste, and mouth-feel of any carbonated beer. Compatible with all size cans and bottles the Waytap lets you share and delight in the true taste of beer—exactly how the brewers intended.

  • Edge of Belgravia Teak Star Cutting Board

    Edge of Belgravia Teak Star Cutting Board

    The Edge of Belgravia Teak Star Cutting Board collection is a beautiful way to prep and even display food. Made from 100% teak wood, these cutting boards are 4 cm thick and feature an angular star design that really lets them shine. The perfect surface for chopping, they are sturdy, luxurious, and make a statement. Whether you use them as serving platters, appetizer trays, or steak resters, Teak Star Cutting Boards will quickly become a must-have in your household.

  • Homesick Candles

    Homesick Candles

    Homesick Candles are scents that will remind you of home when you are away from. Just light a match and let the memories come flooding back in. Sometimes it’s the smell of the air there, or seasons, places, even foods. These smells embody the city, state, or country you came from. Heck, if you want to take an imaginary trip in your mind, just light one and have yourself a good vacation. These candles are sentimental and will help if …cotinue reading

  • Grilla Wood Pellet Grill

    Grilla Wood Pellet Grill

    The Grilla Wood Pellet Grill gets it done. This frill features a unique shape, digital controls, and convection cooking for the ultimate in backyard barbecue. The dual-level cooking chamber has 488 square inches of cooking surface and uses a convection fan to cook your food evenly. It, not only kind of resembles a gorilla, it is also a real beast when it comes to cooking. It has a digital thermometer that works with a motor to feed pellets from the …cotinue reading