• Sawyer Micro Squeeze Filter

    Sawyer Micro Squeeze Filter

    Aside from sporting a foam membrane that removes bacteria, protozoa, cysts and odors from water in just 10 seconds, what also sets the Sawyer Micro Squeeze Filter apart is the squeezable design. It makes not only drinking easier–especially when you’re shattered!–but means water can be dispensed with greater efficiency and less waste into other utensils. Perfect for adventurers, travelers and aid workers.

  • Stelton Wall Clock

    Stelton Wall Clock

    You’ll be counting down the minutes, but in a good way, with the hypnotic Stelton Wall Clock. The German-designed piece merges contemporary styling with the ancient time-telling of a sun dial, with the clock’s minute arm affixed to the clock’s frame, causing it to rotate and cast a shadow on the wall to make it appear as though the whole thing’s floating. Beautiful.

  • Chef’n Wisecracker

    Chef’n Wisecracker

    Shellfish beware! The Wisecracker by Chef’n is a must-have for seafood lovers. Perfect for cracking and splitting crab shells, this tool was named ID magazine’s consumer product of the year for its unique design and functionality. The Wisecracker features a slim metal pick that easily splits shells from the inside without destroying that delicate meat and a durable handle for cracking tough claws.

  • Eva Solo Bird Box

    Eva Solo Bird Box

    Give something nice to the wildlife with the Eva Solo Bird Box. This elegant bird shelter offers protection from heat, frost, wind, and rain with a combination of ceramic and plastic. The design features a glossy white wall,┬ádrain holes for rainwater and a clever opening that resembles a bird’s beak.

  • Human Touch Perfect Chair

    Human Touch Perfect Chair

    Sit back and relax on the Perfect Chair by Human Touch. This zero-gravity chair offers comfort with its integrated lumbar support, generous seat and leg width, easy-adjust position control and an articulated headrest. When reclined the Perfect Chair relieves the pressure from your back by distributing your weight down and away from the spine.

  • uKeg Pressurized Growler

    uKeg Pressurized Growler

    This awesome old-school stylized device is an essential for anyone that values their beer. Or cider. Or cocktails. Or even kombucha if you prefer ingesting your yeast the healthier way. The uKeg Pressurized Growler promises to keep your concoctions fresh and fizzy for longer and comes in four cool colors, though we’re rather partial to the copper finish.