• HRDL Vinyl Table

    HRDL Vinyl Table

    Made from luxurious Valchromat and oak, with a beautiful tambour door, the HRDL Vinyl Table is an inspired record player cabinet that holds up to 200 of your most prized records. Influenced by mid-century furniture, this customizable piece is made to order and has space for amplifiers along with cable management. An impact piece that makes a statement in any room, the Vinyl Table perfectly plays and houses your vinyl.

  • Nanoleaf Light Panels

    Nanoleaf Light Panels

    A truly enlightening product and one that has dazzled (okay, enough of the light puns) its way into our top 20 favorites of the year so far, Nanoleaf Light Panels is a unique, modular lighting system to revolutionize your home. Easily mount the wall panels in any shape you desire and activate colorful scenes such as sunsets, to music if you desire, either manually or via Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant.

  • Lowball 2

    Lowball 2

    If you appreciate a well-aged whiskey then the least you should do is invest in some tumblers to enhance the flavors of all the hard years that have been dedicated into distilling your tipple. The Lowball 2 offers just that. The perfect hourglass snifter silhouette and exquisite detailing comes courtesy of a CNC lathe, and it’s forged from aerospace grade aluminum.

  • Civil Mosaic Workstation W-1

    Civil Mosaic Workstation W-1

    Tailor yourself an inspirational space with the Civil Mosaic Workstation W-1. Choose from stunning oak or walnut woods and construct your own workspace from an Italian-made wall-system that opens into a desktop and acts as a storage area and library, aesthetically enhanced by contrasting colorful modules and dividers. All wood is ethically-sourced.

  • Brooklinen Super-Plush Towels

    Brooklinen Super-Plush Towels

    Treat your skin–and the rest of the household’s–to the luxury it deserves and invest in some Brooklinen Super-Plush Towels. These high-end spa quality pieces are beyond plush, forged from premium Turkish cotton with a unique Z-twist terry weave that’s soft and dries you superbly while holding their shape in the wash. In fact, they’re as comforting as a human hug.

  • Outdoor Cumaru TV Lift Cabinet

    Outdoor Cumaru TV Lift Cabinet

    There are few more things more frustrating in life than having to be stuck indoors to watch the big game while the sun is searing your yard. With one fell, shady swoop the Outdoor Cumaru TV Lift Cabinet has eliminated that frustration, its beautiful, solid cumaru wood construction fending off the elements, beautifully.