• Lumen LED App Enabled Smart Bulb

    Lumen LED App Enabled Smart Bulb

    If two for the price of one is a great deal, what do you call 16 million? The Lumen LED App Enabled Smart Bulb blends the practicality of a standard white bulb with countless color options (well, 16 million), and the longevity, cost-cutting and eco-credentials of an energy-saving one. All controlled via Bluetooth.… continue reading
  • Kaiser Idell Luxus Lamp

    Kaiser Idell Luxus Lamp

    From the legendary Bauhaus, a company first founded by artists and architects in Europe in 1909, comes the Kaiser Idell Luxus Lamp. A reintroduction of the classic Danish design, it has been crafted using hand-polished chrome-plated elements along with steel and silver-soldered brass. The patented swivel allows for an adjustable… continue reading
  • AwoX StriimLight B-10

    AwoX StriimLight B-10

    From anywhere in your abode you can stream tunes to your phone, device or computer thanks to the Bluetooth-enabled AwoX Striimlight B-10 which also boasts an energy-saving funky 40-watt LED light. Illumination is controlled using a remote control and the awesome sound comes courtesy of a 10-watt speaker good for 200Hz-20KHz.… continue reading
  • NanoLeaf LED Light Bulb

    NanoLeaf LED Light Bulb

    The world’s most energy efficient, not to mention coolest looking, illumination. The Nanoleaf LED Light Bulb is so ‘green’ it will pay for itself in energy savings over its lifetime. The unusual shape means that it throws light in all directions and unlike the regular ones, there is no mercury and it emits little heat.… continue reading
  • Allied Maker Writers Lamp

    Allied Maker Writers Lamp

    Let the light of inspiration soothe your soul with the beautiful Allied Maker Writers Lamp. Handcrafted in the U.S.A., it sports a white oak base which is finished to expose the quarter-sawn flakes in the grain and a heavy brass neck which is angled to meet a spun brass shade. The head turns 90 degrees and houses a single bulb, worked by a dangling… continue reading
  • Mr. Diamond LED Table Lamp

    Mr. Diamond LED Table Lamp

    The first Gold Pin Design Award-winning concept combines both warm and cool LEDs to reflect your mood. The Mr. Diamond LED Table Lamp also sports a special glare-reducing lens and with a simple touch, the LEDs merge to create a neutral white light. It’s available in black, white, green or purple and comes with three Cree LEDs.… continue reading
  • Peel Wall Light

    Peel Wall Light

    Certainly the coolest and most original example of illumination we’ve seen in a good while, the Peel Wall Light will give you a glimpse into a whole new other world. Well, it’ll at least give the illusion of one. Fixed courtesy of a steel bracket mount and aluminum frame, it’s available in two sizes and is sure to attract… continue reading
  • Philips Friends of Hue

    Philips Friends of Hue

    Controlled via an app, Philips Friends of Hue enables the customized illumination of any space. Constructed from flexible strips of LED lighting, they boast up to 16 million colors and a 120 lumen output. Long lasting and energy efficient, they’ll add a touch of dazzling style to an array of architectural details, especially… continue reading