• Edison LED Light Bulbs

    Edison LED Light Bulbs

    A range of lighting to help save money and the environment, Edison LED Light Bulbs sport state-of-the-art technology that sees them use 80% less power than conventional incandescent or halogen lights and 50% less than compact fluorescents. The light will pay for itself in around 2 years. The range includes a 5 Watt LED E26 Clear Round… continue reading
  • Saffron Drift Light

    Saffron Drift Light

    Replicating Mother Nature, Saffron Drift Light mimics the setting sun and moonlit midnight sky to lull you into a soothing slumber. Screws into any regular light socket in your home and unlike all of the other latest gizmos this one is controlled not by your tablet or smartphone, but the good old humble light switch.… continue reading
  • Philips Clear LED Light Bulb

    Philips Clear LED Light Bulb

    While the humble light bulb has been rightly revolutionised inside, the Philips Clear LED Light Bulb retains the classic curves of the original. Bask in the glow of the light you love and enjoy the benefits of contemporary LED technology that will save energy and last an incredible 25,000 hours.… continue reading
  • Tri Light

    Tri Light

    From Aussie designer Aaron Leahy, the Tri Light Desk Lamp is part style, part wacky, all cool. Featuring state-of-the-art user-interaction technology, turn it up to illuminate, down to switch it off, with a lamp life of 25,000 hours, it’s as green as it is bright. It’s all yours with a choice of a gray or white finish.… continue reading
  • Megaton Floor Lamp

    Megaton Floor Lamp

    Sure, there are far cheaper lighting devices out there, but none quite as explosively cool as the Megaton Floor Lamp which is comprised of a 100-lb Korean War bomb. Mischievously suspended above the floor and poised to go bang, the original paint job has been removed and the steel hand-polished. There’s an optional linen shade… continue reading
  • Lumen LED App Enabled Smart Bulb

    Lumen LED App Enabled Smart Bulb

    If two for the price of one is a great deal, what do you call 16 million? The Lumen LED App Enabled Smart Bulb blends the practicality of a standard white bulb with countless color options (well, 16 million), and the longevity, cost-cutting and eco-credentials of an energy-saving one. All controlled via Bluetooth.… continue reading
  • Kaiser Idell Luxus Lamp

    Kaiser Idell Luxus Lamp

    From the legendary Bauhaus, a company first founded by artists and architects in Europe in 1909, comes the Kaiser Idell Luxus Lamp. A reintroduction of the classic Danish design, it has been crafted using hand-polished chrome-plated elements along with steel and silver-soldered brass. The patented swivel allows for an adjustable… continue reading
  • AwoX StriimLight B-10

    AwoX StriimLight B-10

    From anywhere in your abode you can stream tunes to your phone, device or computer thanks to the Bluetooth-enabled AwoX Striimlight B-10 which also boasts an energy-saving funky 40-watt LED light. Illumination is controlled using a remote control and the awesome sound comes courtesy of a 10-watt speaker good for 200Hz-20KHz.… continue reading