• WeMo Light Switch

    WeMo Light Switch

    Who’d have thought a light switch could be so interesting? With a WeMo Light Switch you can illuminate and de-illuminate you home from your backyard or even from the other side of the world. Great for security – and practical jokes – it’s controlled via an Android smartphone or iGadget so long as there’s an internet… continue reading

  • Cree LED Flood Light Bulb

    Cree LED Flood Light Bulb

    Soak your living space with a soothing hue and help save the planet in the process with Cree LED Flood Light Bulbs. They use 85 per cent less energy than their regular counterparts, boast 650 lumens brightness, are mercury fee, safety coated and dimmable. Best of all, they’ll light up your life for an incredible 25,000 hours.… continue reading

  • Starry Sky

    Starry Sky

    Even if you’re lucky enough to have a skylight over your bed, chances are, unless you live in the middle of nowhere, you still can’t see the true beauty of the night sky. You can’t with Starry Sky either, but it sure is the next best thing. The dome-shaped light fixture is peppered with holes that correspond to the constellations of… continue reading

  • Bi-Plane Hanging Pendant

    Bi-Plane Hanging Pendant

    Light up your life in nostalgic style with the Bi-Plane Hanging Pendant, novelty illumination in the shape of classic aviation of yesteryear. This beautiful and totally realistic replica is finished in walnut and satin glass and takes a 60 watt medium base bulb. Order this month and you’ll get 15 per cent off. Bargain.… continue reading

  • Industrial Cage Table Lamp

    Industrial Cage Table Lamp

    An attractive accessory to illuminate a contemporary or rustic home, the Industrial Cage Lamp sports a rust-finished metal cage enclosure with a funky old-school hardware base. The warming glow is provided courtesy of three antique style filament Edison base bulbs which are switched on and off courtesy of retro hanging pull-chains.… continue reading

  • Sonneman Quattro

    Sonneman Quattro

    Minimalistic, with clean, angular lines, the Sonneman Quattro blends cutting edge technology and contemporary design to produce evenly-distributed and glare-free illumination. Designed by Robert Sonneman and Peter Poilck, other features include a multi-rotational arm and head and optical sensor for touch-less dimming control.… continue reading

  • Industrial Theme Pipe Lamps

    Industrial Theme Pipe Lamps

    Who’d have thought old industrial piping could look so darn cool. The highly imaginative folks at T Rowe Designs have come up with highly stylish illumination courtesy of the Industrial Theme Pipe Lamps. Forged from piping and glass insulators they’re available in a host of themes and feature funky pull-chain on/off switches.… continue reading

  • Patrick Hartog Ceramic Cable Lights

    Patrick Hartog Ceramic Cable Lights

    Created using slip casting and lathe-cut plaster moulds, Patrick Hartog Ceramic Lights offer a highly personal, elegant and intriguing illumination solution. Each earthenware piece can be customized with colored cables and shades and sports a top metal ring that ensures a balanced beam. For the optimum in illumination style, we… continue reading

  • Switch LED Light Bulbs

    Switch LED Light Bulbs

    The countless gongs to this company’s name include Time Magazine’s 50 Best Inventions and an Edison Award, so when it comes to planet-saving illumination, they have few peers. Thanks to their unique liquid cooling system design, Switch LED Light Bulbs promise to last up to 25 times longer than their regular counterparts,… continue reading

  • Astronaut Chandelier

    Astronaut Chandelier

    Strictly speaking, this ones for kids, but try telling that to us at GearCulture. Forged from chrome or silver and finished in a stylish satin nickel, the Astronaut Chandelier adds a starry splash of wonder to any room and features a couple of your very own dangling Neil Armstrongs suspended from its funky satellite-like design.… continue reading