• Coleman 360 Sound and Light Lantern

    Coleman 360 Sound and Light Lantern

    The Coleman 360 is the perfect camping companion. Its 360-degree light boasts a water-resistant design while also incorporating a Bluetooth speaker to play your favorite songs for up to 20 hours. It’s kind of like the 21st-century version of an acoustic guitar around the campfire. This Coleman Lantern will make the middle-of-nowhere feel a bit more like home. It’s also great for when the electricity fails and you want to play a board game or two. Pick yourself up one …cotinue reading

  • Smarter Fridge Cam

    Smarter Fridge Cam

    Introducing another world first, the Smarter Fridge Cam enables you to digitize your refrigerator without the need to spend thousands upgrading to a smart one. The camera can retrofit inside any unit enabling you to see the contents–or lack of–from anywhere via an app. If that’s not cool enough, you can also teach it to remember items to make replenishing even smoother and add reminders to use up produce before it expires.

  • Chikuno Home Air Purifiers

    Chikuno Home Air Purifiers

    From Japan, a beguiling, all-natural award-winning home air purifier, that’s just as effective in the car or even refrigerator, meet Chikuno Home Air Purifiers. Forged from activated charcoal and clay minerals, the honey-comb cube absorbs moisture from the air, while neutralizing odors for up to a year, and furthermore, it’s recyclable.

  • Star Wars Emperor’s Throne Chair

    Star Wars Emperor’s Throne Chair

    Every Star Wars fan has always wanted an Emperor-style chair to swivel around on, perhaps while stroking a white cat and greeting your enemies as they enter the room, with a witty quote. Well, you can live your dark side dreams with Regal Robot’s accurately designed Emperor Throne. If you want something different than the traditional purple and black, the company will give it to you. There’s no better way to binge-watch the entire Star Wars saga back-to-back than by …cotinue reading

  • Herman Miller Cosm Task Chair

    Herman Miller Cosm Task Chair

    Who’d have imagined an office chair could be so compelling? The Herman Miller Cosm Task Chair promises to be gracing the desks of tech companies and their ilk soon thanks to its sensual, modern silhouette, with cradle armrests, and ergonomic shape that promises to support and respond to all body shapes and postures.

  • Fourneau Bread Oven 2.0

    Fourneau Bread Oven 2.0

    There is probably no finer smell on Earth than the waft of freshly baked bread, but it’s trickier than you think to create the perfect loaf. Until now. Clear a space in your kitchen for the Fourneau Bread Oven 2.0, a cast iron bakeware system that makes light, airy work of everything from rolls to baguettes to pizzas. Comes with a recipe guide also.