• Ardent Club Chair

    Ardent Club Chair

    One gorgeous place to plant your ass, the Ardent Club Chair boasts a bolstered back and waterfall front and seat finish, its flowing design a work of art. The modern shape and stainless-steel structure is complemented by a hand applied aged pewter patina. Choose from a curated selection of fabrics or leathers.

  • Airmega 400S

    Airmega 400S

    Purify and monitor your home or office environment with the Airmega 400. This intelligent system is compatible with Alexa and, via an app, allows users to keep tabs on air quality inside and out and in real time, as well as check the filter life and set speeds and timers.

  • Philips Hue Calla Outdoor Pathway Light

    Philips Hue Calla Outdoor Pathway Light

    Tastefully illuminate darkened routes and recesses around your home with the Philips Hue Calla Outdoor Pathway Light. The dusk to dawn, easy to install bulb is Alexa-friendly and incorporates all shades of white plus an astonishing 16 million colors meaning though the possibilities are not quite literally endless, they’re as good as.

  • Big Ass Fan Haiku L

    Big Ass Fan Haiku L

    We’re loving the straight-to-the-point name of the Big Ass Fan Haiku L almost as much as we’re loving its breeze creating capabilities here at GearCulture HQ, thanks to its helicopter-like rotor blades. The multi-award-winning elegant design also incorporates a handsome LED light and mount for any ceiling, and is stupendously energy efficient also.

  • Roest


    While we try to steer clear of cliches at GearCulture, the Scandinavian stereotype regarding efficiency and perfect design is one that is complimentary and generally holds true, as exemplified by Roest. This most beautiful of countertop coffee roasters incorporates simple-to-use touch screen and cloud-based technology for the perfectly prepared beans. Reserve yours now.

  • Gryphon Luxury Suite Set

    Gryphon Luxury Suite Set

    Add some five-star luxury to your home with this sumptuous silky-to-touch 100% cotton bedding. What’s more, the weighty Gryphon Luxury Suite Set promises to further soften with washes, while it’s manufactured under the Better Cotton Initiative, meaning the material is kinder to the environment and the purses of the good folk who grow it.

  • LG InstaView ThinQ

    LG InstaView ThinQ

    The ultimate kitchen appliance, the LG InstaView ThinQ is a smart fridge sure to give all others the chills. The 29-inch HD LCD toushscreen can be used to do just about everything your tablet can, while also allowing you to check the contents of your fridge while out (it can even shop for you). Leave notes for your family, set expiration dates, create shopping lists, and more, with Amazon Alexa built in, it’s like your very own kitchen–and life–assistant.

  • Blink XT Outdoor Camera

    Blink XT Outdoor Camera

    A super piece of uber-affordable home security kit, we bring you the Blink XT Outdoor Camera. The second-generation offering can be used inside or out, is equipped with Alexa voice control and seamlessly synchs to your smart home. Offers live views and video recording, with many more bells and (including a door bell add-on) and whistles to come. There’s nothing better out there for this price.



    Essentially a second-generation Rabbit Lever Corkscrew, the even more compact Axis Lever is even more efficient and easier to use. Remove corks from bottles in three simple moves and from the gadget with ease thanks to the non-stick spiral. It’s small enough to stash in your drawer when you’re done and comes with a foil cutter and additional spiral.

  • Roomba i7+ with Clean Base

    Roomba i7+ with Clean Base

    Clean clever with the Roomba i7+ Robot Vacuum with Clean Base. Not only does this tiny contraption boast all-new 10x suction to ensure all your home’s floor surfaces glean even more, but an enclosed auto-emptying system that can hold up to 30 robot bins so vacuuming won’t have to cross your mind for weeks at a time.