• Hender Scheme Clock

    Hender Scheme Clock

    One of the many delightful things about our work is the element of surprise–we’ve lost count of the number of times we thought we’d seen it all at GearCulture Towers, only to be mind-blown once more by a weird and wonderful creation, and the Hender Scheme Clock is just that. For this Japanese-designed time teller is one that is fashioned from leather, and one that is sure to add a touch of artwork-like flair to any wall.

  • Ziv Portable Smoker

    Ziv Portable Smoker

    Smoking your favorite snacks is a cinch–even when in the great outdoors–thanks to the Ziv Portable Smoker, an easily transportable device that weighs just 14lbs and takes just minutes to set up. So easy to use, you can simply place it over a grill, gas stove or campfire, chuck in the woodchips and you’re good to go.

  • Pacific Chair

    Pacific Chair

    Enhance your performance at the desk, and your back posture away from it, with the Pacific Chair. The sophisticated seating setup automatically responds to the weight of the user to ensure maximum stability and comfort, while the padded backrest is available in three heights, with a tilt function and supportive aluminum armrests.

  • STIX Bench/Table

    STIX Bench/Table

    Handcrafted in America by master craftspeople, STIX Bench/Table is the ultimate statement piece. Completely unique, based on the piece of wood and patina, it floats freely on a soft platform, supporting and molding itself instantly to the weight of the user. Transforming your expectations, this piece becomes even better with age and use.

  • Black + Decker Purifry

    Black + Decker Purifry

    The Black + Decker Purifry lets you enjoy amazing tasting fried food guilt-free. Instead of added oil and fat, the Furifry Air Fryer uses a pair of powerful convection fans that heat your food quickly to a crispy delight. With a two-liter frying basket, you can easily fry up snacks or mains using the temperature control, which ranges from 175-400 degrees. You can finally savor flavorful, deliciously crispy fried food without regrets.

  • CasusGrill Biodegradable BBQ

    CasusGrill Biodegradable BBQ

    We love smart, eco-friendly ideas here at GearCulture, and this one is especially novel. You’ll get around an hour of flame time from the CasusGrill Biodegradable BBQ, forged from FSC-certified cardboard, charcoal, volcanic stone and bamboo, it also dramatically reduces CO2 emissions and, when you’re done, can be rather poetically disposed of in a bonfire.

  • Dreamer’s Chair

    Dreamer’s Chair

    Relax, take a load off, and be inspired by the stupendously comfortable mid-century-inspired Dreamer’s Chair. Crafted to order from solid American black walnut, the seat sports leather upholstery in aged caramel or midnight black, with armrests hand carved with indentations for maximum comfort, and elegant brass rods locking in the backrests.

  • Latch Smart Lock

    Latch Smart Lock

    Make your life easier by simplifying who can access your home with the Latch Smart Lock. Using advanced technology, it offers seamless access from your iOS or Android smartphone, smartcard, or special door code. You can share time-limited door codes with people you trust and visually know when guests arrive. Latch is the ultimate easy system for managing every door in your home without a hitch.