• Chiefs Energizing Shaving Cream

    Chiefs Energizing Shaving Cream

    After a close shave, Chiefs Energizing Saving Cream will refresh your skin and leave it glowing. Natural ingredients such as ginseng, aloe and eucalyptus offer soothing moisturizing properties and improved circulation while eliminating blackheads. Its wood, pine and mint scents will leave you smelling like a red-blooded lumberjack,… continue reading
  • Barnaby Black Soaps and Candles

    Barnaby Black Soaps and Candles

    Barnaby Black prides itself on its naturalist bent that’s not just for girls, and the Barnaby Black Soaps and Candles are anything but feminine. With hints of cloves, tobacco, and coconut oil, these aren’t your girlfriend’s soaps; this is the soap a pirate would use. And if the ingredients don’t actually smell… continue reading
  • Treadwall


    Roll over treadmills, the Treadwall is in town. For Spiderman wanna-be’s or those afraid of heights, this 10 foot rotating climbing wall offers a variable angle from +5 to -20 degrees and offers the ultimate full body workout, improving balance, speed and core strength. Best of all, it’s small enough to fit indoors and… continue reading
  • Six Shooter Shave Brushes

    Six Shooter Shave Brushes

    How do you make a shaving brush more manly? Add bullets. Well, not real bullets, obviously, you don’t want to end up doing an accidental Kurt Cobain now (cue hate mail). Six Shooter Shave Brushes boast badger hair bristles and a body forged in the likeness of a .44 caliber revolver cylinder. Available in black, silver and gold finishes.… continue reading
  • Fitbit Flex

    Fitbit Flex

    A wristband with a purpose other than the sloganeering of whichever charity is currently in vogue, the Fitbit Flex, available in four shades all with a rather cool LED lighting display will monitor all manner of aspects of your fitness regime. Not only a calories-burned and step counter, it will even wake you by vibrating and then tell… continue reading
  • ManHands Manly Scented Soap

    ManHands Manly Scented Soap

    Essence of vanilla and rain kissed rose petals may smell nice on the skin of your loved one, but here in the GearCulture office it can attract some rather questioning looks. Reclaim your man-smells with the ManHands Manly Scented Soap available in an array of testosterone filled whiffs such as beers, bacon, baseball glove and our personal… continue reading
  • Philips Norelco Click & Style

    Philips Norelco Click & Style

    So versatile, the Philips Norelco Click & Style boasts Aquatec technology which means that it can be used dry or with gel or foam for a refreshing wet shave. The simple click on and off attachments allow for 5 lengths whether it be total smoothness, designer stubble or a neatly manicured beard that you’re after.… continue reading
  • Hello Touch

    Hello Touch

    While we usually have disgusting amounts of fun testing the products in the GearCulture office, this one was strictly an after-hours endeavour. Still fun though, and still disgustingly so, too. Hello Touch is quite literally power, well, vibration, at your very fingertips and a real muscle-saver to boot. Probably the only product… continue reading