• Jep’s Beard Balm

    Jep’s Beard Balm

    Forget your 60s and 70s hippies or later-day hipsters, Amish cultures have been cultivating beards for centuries, and it is they who offer the inspiration for Jep’s Beard Balm, the most luxurious lotion for your face fluff. It’s packed with only nature’s best essential oils, organic fruits and nut butters, packed in a fully biodegradable, recyclable, re-usable tin and prepared in the U.S.A. by people paid an honest wage.

  • Super Powder

    Super Powder

    Kiss goodbye to sweaty man-bits (not literally, that would be disgusting), with Super Powder, a barber approved talc that tops all others. Its ultra-fine consistency keeps away unsightly white marks, and it’s also aluminum and alcohol-free. Smells great without being overpowering and reduces friction and itchiness as well as sweat.

  • Strengthtape


    Meet Strengthtape, five meters of badness that’s the official tape of Ironman. Boasting Allsport Adhesive, its stickiness will last through a week’s worth of mud, blood, sweat and tears, while its breathable cotton and Spandex construction ensures comfort. Each roll comes with instructions for the most commonly occurring injuries to ensure you get back in the game or on the track, fitter, healthier and stronger than ever.

  • American Crew Shave

    American Crew Shave

    Look, smell and feel your very best with American Crew Shave, a premium collection of male grooming products that includes hair gel, shaving cream and lotion. Its collection of all-natural ingredients includes pumpkin seed extract, tea tree oil, aloe and avocado for added protection and moisturization for dry and sensitive skins.

  • Werewolf Legend Bell

    Werewolf Legend Bell

    Growl and train like a beast with the Werewolf Legend Bell. It’s 62lb of howling badassness that has been 3D scanned for optimum balance, then coated in a durable tough resistant finish making it as tough as a wild dog. It’ll transform you in ways you didn’t know possible, into a Legend that is, not a hairy, scary creature of the night.

  • TRX Limited Edition Pink

    TRX Limited Edition Pink

    Introducing TRX Limited Edition Pink which sees symbolic support from the renowned fitness brand for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In partnership with Susan G. Komen, the firm will release pink suspension trainers along with a range of sporting apparel. Breast Cancer affects one in eight American women, and to raise extra funds and awareness, the limited edition stock will be available beyond the end of the month.

  • Aesop Deodorant

    Aesop Deodorant

    Packed with eleven essential oils, Aesop Deodorant sports an earthy, piquant aroma and a delicious vetiver scent to assist with the neutralization of those underarms pongs. The aluminium-free concoction will coat your skin with an evaporative mist, leaving you refreshed and reassured. For extra Brownie points, it has been designed for use by your better half too.

  • Triumph & Disaster No Dice SPF 50 Sunscreen

    Triumph & Disaster No Dice SPF 50 Sunscreen

    There’s nothing macho about not wearing sun protection, and Triumph & Disaster No Dice SPF 50 Sunscreen is made with a host of natural ingredients for added cool. Feel the soothing protection of antioxidant-infused green tea and jojoba esters derived from the seed oil as the titanium dioxide really refracts that UV. Its zinc oxide base is not absorbed into the skin meaning you won’t get that horrible clogged-pore feeling either.