• Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor

    Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor

    For all serious sportsmen out there, the Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor is a world first. No more need for those irritating straps around your chest, this little toy will do it all for you, and more, from the comfort of your wrist. Not only will it provide a continuous heart rate display, but also features a timer, clock and speedometer and Bluetooth… continue reading
  • Withings WS-30 Wireless Scale

    Withings WS-30 Wireless Scale

    With its very own app and dozens of others that are happy to oblige too, the sleek, stylish and discreet Withings WS-30 Wireless Scale is a Bluetooth-enabled Wi-Fi boasting weight measuring system that is so smart, it’ll even memorize your very own person. Not only does it know whether or not it’s you or your girlfriend standing… continue reading
  • ProSource Premium High Density Exercise Mat

    ProSource Premium High Density Exercise Mat

    Let’s be honest, yoga sometimes puts us in some pretty uncomfortable positions and the least we can do for our joints in return is offer a little bit of support and comfort. The ProSource Premium High Density Exercise Mat offers just that, standing at half an inch thick and made using cutting edge foam technology it also boasts a non-slip… continue reading
  • Ink Butter Tattoo Aftercare

    Ink Butter Tattoo Aftercare

    Your tattoo makes an important statement about you and consequently, deserves the best care. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, Ink Butter Tattoo Aftercare minimizes swelling and promotes healing in a lotion that is light enough to keep pores free to breathe. It offers everything necessary to optimize the absorption… continue reading
  • Remington Black Diamond Rotary Shaver

    Remington Black Diamond Rotary Shaver

    Get a close and comfortable shave with the Remington Black Diamond Rotary Shaver. With a diamond-like carbon coated blades, this electric rotary shaver offers a smoother shave than any other stainless steel shavers. It is quick and efficient, just charge for five minutes and you will be able to shave, trim side burns, or perform any other… continue reading
  • Bulldog Natural Skincare

    Bulldog Natural Skincare

    Stop using your wife or girlfriend’s skin care products and reclaim your spot in the grooming arena. Bulldog Natural Skincare, with its environmentally conscientious products allows a man to shower, shave, and care for his skin in a hassle free manner. Join the revolt and push those other products to the side; grab on to Bulldog… continue reading
  • Lacoste: Beauty of the Game

    Lacoste: Beauty of the Game

    The Olympics may be over, but it’s not too late to upgrade your signature scent. Lacoste: Beauty of the Game is the latest fragrance for men, which superbly blends manly cedarwood scent with fresh grapefruit and rosemary. Beauty of the Game is inspired by Lacoste’s famous white L. 12. 12 polo shirt. It is a limited edition,… continue reading
  • ChapFix+


    It’s now okay for men to use lip balm. Why? Because ChapFix+ made it far less girly. For a start it comes in a nifty little USB-stick shaped container instead of those girly pots, or lipstick looking things and also, Chapfix does the job. It has beeswax, coconut oil, aloe vera and Vitamin E, meaning it’s great for your lips too.… continue reading