• Amiigo


    Possibly the smartest fitness bracelet out there, Amiigo not only tracks heart rate, blood oxygen levels, skin temperature, calories burned and more, but will even recognize the actual exercise routine that is being undertaken and how it is affecting the body. Compatible with an iPhone app and Android devices, it’s ultra-lightweight,… continue reading
  • Withings Smart Activity Tracker

    Withings Smart Activity Tracker

    Miniscule, but mighty powerful, the Withings Smart Activity Tracker will monitor your heart-rate while measuring such things as strides run, steps taken and calories burned. Its Bluetooth enabled and will allow you to keep track of your results via the company’s very own app. The touchscreen makes it easy to use on the go and the… continue reading
  • Schick Hydro 5 Power Select

    Schick Hydro 5 Power Select

    The best of an electric and wet shave in one, the Schick Hydro 5 Power Select allows customization to suit each and every skin type that will not only leave your face kissably smooth, but drastically reduce irritation. There are three vibration settings – low, medium and high – and the hydration replacement technology is… continue reading
  • Lab Series MX LS Skincare

    Lab Series MX LS Skincare

    Few, if any of us, look as young as we actually feel but the Lab Series MX LS Skincare range will help to even out the balance. With a host of products that include moisturizing lotions, face creams and an instant eye lift, the anti-ageing system will not only leave your skin feeling refreshed and replenished, but might just mean that you start… continue reading
  • Alias Barbell

    Alias Barbell

    Who’d have thought an exercise weight could look so stylish? A useful alternative if office hours stretch past those of the gym and far more use than that sponge stress ball sitting in your drawer, the Alias Barbell is available in 1 or 2kg and even if you don’t ever get round to using it to build up a little sweat, it’ll… continue reading
  • Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor

    Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor

    For all serious sportsmen out there, the Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor is a world first. No more need for those irritating straps around your chest, this little toy will do it all for you, and more, from the comfort of your wrist. Not only will it provide a continuous heart rate display, but also features a timer, clock and speedometer and Bluetooth… continue reading
  • Withings WS-30 Wireless Scale

    Withings WS-30 Wireless Scale

    With its very own app and dozens of others that are happy to oblige too, the sleek, stylish and discreet Withings WS-30 Wireless Scale is a Bluetooth-enabled Wi-Fi boasting weight measuring system that is so smart, it’ll even memorize your very own person. Not only does it know whether or not it’s you or your girlfriend standing… continue reading
  • ProSource Premium High Density Exercise Mat

    ProSource Premium High Density Exercise Mat

    Let’s be honest, yoga sometimes puts us in some pretty uncomfortable positions and the least we can do for our joints in return is offer a little bit of support and comfort. The ProSource Premium High Density Exercise Mat offers just that, standing at half an inch thick and made using cutting edge foam technology it also boasts a non-slip… continue reading