• Remington Black Diamond Rotary Shaver

    Remington Black Diamond Rotary Shaver

    Get a close and comfortable shave with the Remington Black Diamond Rotary Shaver. With a diamond-like carbon coated blades, this electric rotary shaver offers a smoother shave than any other stainless steel shavers. It is quick and efficient, just charge for five minutes and you will be able to shave, trim side burns, or perform any other… continue reading

  • Bulldog Natural Skincare

    Bulldog Natural Skincare

    Stop using your wife or girlfriend’s skin care products and reclaim your spot in the grooming arena. Bulldog Natural Skincare, with its environmentally conscientious products allows a man to shower, shave, and care for his skin in a hassle free manner. Join the revolt and push those other products to the side; grab on to Bulldog… continue reading

  • Lacoste: Beauty of the Game

    Lacoste: Beauty of the Game

    The Olympics may be over, but it’s not too late to upgrade your signature scent. Lacoste: Beauty of the Game is the latest fragrance for men, which superbly blends manly cedarwood scent with fresh grapefruit and rosemary. Beauty of the Game is inspired by Lacoste’s famous white L. 12. 12 polo shirt. It is a limited edition,… continue reading

  • ChapFix+


    It’s now okay for men to use lip balm. Why? Because ChapFix+ made it far less girly. For a start it comes in a nifty little USB-stick shaped container instead of those girly pots, or lipstick looking things and also, Chapfix does the job. It has beeswax, coconut oil, aloe vera and Vitamin E, meaning it’s great for your lips too.… continue reading

  • Fancy Black Soap

    Fancy Black Soap

    Hand-crafted from goat’s milk and volcanic clay, Hudson Made’s Fancy Black Soap is a true slice of luxury. The high-quality ingredients used to make Fancy Black Soap are rich in minerals needed to keep the skin healthy. The soap is delicately scented with essential oils and is suitable for sensitive or dry skin.… continue reading

  • Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave

    Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave

    To the hirsute among us – say goodbye to irritating razor burn and clogged razors. The Jack Black Beard Lube is a 3-in-1 shaving product that includes a refreshing pre-shave oil, a rich see-through shave cream so you can see where the razor needs to go, and a soothing skin treatment that uses phospholipids to bind moisture to your… continue reading

  • Musgo Real Men’s Body Soap

    Musgo Real Men’s Body Soap

    Stop using your girlfriend’s soap and unleash your masculinity with Musgo Real Men’s Body Soap. Made with coconut oil for a luxuriously creamy lather, Musgo Real Men’s Body Soap is subtly fragranced with a classic masculine scent. Use this mild and musky soap all over the body every day to feel leave the skin feeling… continue reading

  • Rinser Brush

    Rinser Brush

    Finally, a toothbrush for the multi-tasker. The Rinser Brush is an innovative toothbrush that doubles as a water fountain when your done brushing your teeth. After sparkling your smile, simply put the Rinser Brush under the tap water and it will create a handy dandy water fountain for you to easily rinse your mouth.… continue reading