• Layrite Superhold Pomade

    Layrite Superhold Pomade

    Believe it or not, Layrite Superhold Pomade is a concoction with even more hold than the original formula. The water-based product holds just like wax, but washes out as easily as a gel, meaning even the curliest, thickest and unruliest fros out there can be kept well and truly under control.

  • PowerDot


    Save time and effort; train on the go with PowerDot — a slim and lightweight complement to your regular workouts. This smaller and more affordable counterpart of high-end muscle stimulators helps develop extra endurance and build resistance and strength for main muscle groups. Truly the portable workout, the self-sticking electrode pads stay attached to your body for extended periods of time allowing you to tone your muscle whenever, wherever you choose.

  • Dry Goods

    Dry Goods

    Outperform your potential, sweat-free, with Dry Goods. The sports spray powder boasts no-mess application, absorbs moisture and prevents chafing with its cooling menthol soothe that finishes just as strongly as it starts. Tested on athletes, not animals, eco-friendly, USA-made and recyclable, if you can go the distance, then this promises to, too.

  • CrossRope


    Push your body to its limit with CrossRope, a fitness concept gaining more ground than Crossfitters learning to love burpees. Developed through a love of jumping, it’s about training harder and training smarter. It’ll boost brain and body alike thanks to its seven rope system of differing weights and grips. Develop mental strength to match the muscle.

  • Every Man Jack Sandalwood

    Every Man Jack Sandalwood

    On top of the oils from its namesake tree, Every Man Jack Sandalwood boasts a natural ingredient list that sounds good enough to eat. From coconut-infused shampoo, to a face lotion of jojoba oils and organic aloe antiperspirant, this seven-strong range of men’s toiletries will leave your skin and hair smelling great and gleaming.

  • Sony SmartBand

    Sony SmartBand

    Wearable wrist technology widened, the Sony SmartBand not only keeps track of your physical activity, but even logs such things as your entertainment and communication habits as well. Your very own personal trainer and organizer in one, it’s discreet and waterproof and syncs to your smartphone or tablet, also notifying you of incoming calls, texts and emails. It’ll even tell you the weather forecast. How’s that for planning?

  • Malin+Goetz Cannabis Hand & Body Wash

    Malin+Goetz Cannabis Hand & Body Wash

    Smell like a stoner with Malin+Goetz Cannabis Hand & Body Wash. Crafted to hydrate your skin, the blend will rinse free without a trace of residue and without causing irritation, drying or stripping thanks to its natural glycerine and protein amino acids. It’ll purify and balance all skin types. Just don’t try to smoke it.

  • Samsung Gear Fit

    Samsung Gear Fit

    While not quite as advanced as their recently unveiled Gear 2, Samsung Gear Fit still manages to tick a helluva lotta boxes. Features include heart-rate monitoring, remote music controls and message notifications. The 1.84-inch curved AMOLED display adorns the comfortable wristband and boasts great resolution and vibrant colors and it all, of course, synchs with your phone.