• Gymwatch


    While there’s a wealth of wearable fitness tracking devices out there, few actually do anything with the data once you have it. Step up, Gymwatch. Not only will it note your various workout stats, but, thanks to its ability to sense full range of motions, offer advice on how to improve your techniques. Get sweating and get fit quicker.

  • Byrd x Futures Fins Pocket Comb

    Byrd x Futures Fins Pocket Comb

    Style is just as important as the sea to surf culture, and with that in mind Future Fins have teamed up with Byrd to produce this very cool, very bright, Byrd x Futures Fins Pocket Comb. Designed and manufactured in California (where else), the flexible accessory is great for all hair types, crafted from a composite from Futures’ iconic surfboard fins.

  • Polar V800

    Polar V800

    Scale some peaks, including your own, with the Polar V800, a GPS sports watch with a whole heap of cool functions. The heart rate monitor and activity tracker sports customizable profiles for multiple disciplines, is Bluetooth enabled, waterproof to 100-feet and boasts a rechargeable battery good for 14 hours. If you can manage to exercise for longer any than that, you have our applause, respect and fear.

  • Baron Shave Kit

    Baron Shave Kit

    Do your face a favor with the Baron Shave Kit, a premium precision grooming tool forged from chromium plated stainless steel and finished in the coolest of matte black. Included are a dual-function sturdy travel case and stand, shaving soap and a whole year’s worth of blades. This is one close shave you don’t want to miss.

  • Basis Peak

    Basis Peak

    One of the many fine features of the Basis Peak is that unlike most fitness trackers, this one automatically detects when you’re sleeping, along with other activities such as jogging, strolling and cycling. The stylish wrist-worn device also monitors your heart rate without the need for one of those pesky straps.

  • Byrd Pomade

    Byrd Pomade

    Slickness, sixties surf style. Byrd Pomade harks back to those glory days out on the waves when quiffs came courtesy of tonics and old-school barbershops. It has the nod of approval from pro surfers such as Luke Davis, Connor Coffin and Dillon Perillo, so if it’s good as enough for them out on the swell, it sure as hell is good enough for you as well.

  • Iron and Glory Straight Razor Knife

    Iron and Glory Straight Razor Knife

    A testosterone-filled gift, few things conjure up imagery of unbridled masculinity quite like a cut throat razor, and this is one beautifully crafted example. The Iron and Glory Straight Razor Knife, designed and engraved in Brooklyn, sports a stainless steel handle and blade by Master and arrives packaged in a cool black craft gift box.

  • Jawbone UP3

    Jawbone UP3

    In a world full of very competent health and lifestyle trackers, meet the most advanced of them all. The Jawbone UP3 sports skin and ambient temperature sensors and is so smart it can even check your hydration levels. Not only does it know when you’re playing sport, it will know which one, is water resistant to 100 feet and can even tell when you’re in the REM level of sleep. Crazy to think so much tech can be crammed into …cotinue reading