• Aesop Deodorant

    Aesop Deodorant

    Packed with eleven essential oils, Aesop Deodorant sports an earthy, piquant aroma and a delicious vetiver scent to assist with the neutralization of those underarms pongs. The aluminium-free concoction will coat your skin with an evaporative mist, leaving you refreshed and reassured. For extra Brownie points, it has been designed for use by your better half too.

  • Triumph & Disaster No Dice SPF 50 Sunscreen

    Triumph & Disaster No Dice SPF 50 Sunscreen

    There’s nothing macho about not wearing sun protection, and Triumph & Disaster No Dice SPF 50 Sunscreen is made with a host of natural ingredients for added cool. Feel the soothing protection of antioxidant-infused green tea and jojoba esters derived from the seed oil as the titanium dioxide really refracts that UV. Its zinc oxide base is not absorbed into the skin meaning you won’t get that horrible clogged-pore feeling either.

  • Herbivore Botanicals Charcoal Soap

    Herbivore Botanicals Charcoal Soap

    Designed to detoxify normal to oily skin types, Herbivore Botanicals Charcoal Soap is created from luxurious, all-natural ingredients such as coconut, olive, tea tree, lavender and sustainable palm oils which act to revitalize your skin while the activated bamboo gently removes impurities and toxins. It’ll leave you fresh and glowing. You’re not getting any younger, you know.

  • Monkii Bars

    Monkii Bars

    Keep your fitness regime when on your travels with Monkii Bars, a lightweight portable suspension training tool that means you can work out where you please. Inspired by Olympic rings, you can do everything from pull-ups, to push-up to dips and rows. You can even throw in some gymnastic moves like skin-the-cat if you dare. Get creative, keep fit.

  • Canoeist Beard Oil

    Canoeist Beard Oil

    If you’re cool enough to have cultivated some facial fuzz, then we highly recommend that you invest in some of this. Canoeist Beard Oil is handcrafted in the USA by the Two Bits Man Company. It sports a woody scent, infused with delightful essential oils such as vetiver and birch to help growth, moisturize and seal those dreaded split ends.

  • Bathory


    Customize your soak in the tub with Bathory, a pure, natural and wholly organic concoction to add some suds guaranteed to leave you relaxed, refreshed and regenerated. Simply pick a mineral-packed salt mix and three essential oils and it’ll be blended and delivered straight to your door. Just add hot water, a book, or perhaps someone to share the bath with, and you’re set.

  • Zoobells


    What could get the blood pumping any more than lifting wild beasts such as lions and wolves, perhaps as “Eye of the Tiger” plays in the background? These beautifully crafted, and inspirationally intimidating, Zoobells are kettlebells forged with total care and precision. Each one’s poured by hand at a small American foundry. 

  • Bison x Max Sprecher Straight Razor

    Bison x Max Sprecher Straight Razor

    Crafted to last your lifetime and a good few more – and with a price tag to match – the Bison x Max Sprecher Straight Razor sure makes one sharp heirloom. Designed and handcrafted by the very best, it sports a 01 carbon steel blade and a handle constructed from ultra-high density carbon fiber finished to replicate a luscious wood grain. For added panache, it comes in a Horween Chromexcel leather sleeve.