• Chiefs Tobacco Man Wash

    Chiefs Tobacco Man Wash

    Smelling good without sacrificing your macho credentials is easy with Chiefs Tobacco¬†Man Wash. Organic coconut and olive oils will leave your skin refreshed, rejuvenated and moisturized, while its fresh masculine scent tobacco will linger all day long. Made in the USA, the ultra-manly 16-plus-ounce bottle is also the biggest on… continue reading
  • Garmin Vivofit

    Garmin Vivofit

    Struggling with self-motivation? Then get yourself one of these. The clever Garmin Vivofit detects when you’ve been inactive for over an hour and will alert you with a red light that stays illuminate until you leave that couch. Will keep track of all your vital stats and boasts social sharing capabilities for that extra shot of… continue reading
  • Withings Smart Body Analyzer

    Withings Smart Body Analyzer

    All the trappings of the original with some much welcomed additional features, the Withings Smart Body Analyzer will track not only your weight, BMI and body fat, but also analyze everything from your heart rate to air quality. It can even tell you if your posture is imbalanced. All information is synced with your home wireless network,… continue reading
  • Rudy’s Shower Kit

    Rudy’s Shower Kit

    Shower yourself in luxury with these goodness-packed foamy treats. Rudy’s Shower Kit boasts a shampoo with moisturizing and restorative properties, scented with citrus, balsamic and woody tones. Also packed with vitamins, zest and proteins is the color-safe conditioner while the body wash offers olive oil surfactants for… continue reading
  • Dovo Straight Razor

    Dovo Straight Razor

    As much as we (and our better halves) love the feel of our faces after a good going over from a high-end electric razor, nothing quite beats the sheen of an old-school cut throat. And boy is the Dovo Straight Razor a good one. Crafted in Germany, the 5/8″ half hollow ground blade is forged from carbon steel and is perfectly complimented… continue reading
  • Jack Black Shave Set

    Jack Black Shave Set

    Ideal for the discerning, quintessential GearCulture guy, the limited edition Jack Black Shave Set sports hand crafted, high performance accessories. Maximum glide, with minimum irritation, its Double Edge Safety Razor offers comfortable precision while the cruelty-free brush houses state-of-the-art Silvertip Fiber bristles… continue reading
  • Unionmade Baxter Soap

    Unionmade Baxter Soap

    A first for the firm, California-made Unionmade Baxter Soap is an oversized bar of battleship gray scented with a luscious, though strictly manly, mandarin lime and black pepper flavour. Accentuated with amber and citrus with a woody base, not only does it smell good enough to eat, but is vitamin-enriched to keep your skin fresh and its… continue reading
  • Working Man’s Hygiene Kit

    Working Man’s Hygiene Kit

    A beautiful handmade, masculine toiletry set, Working Man’s Hygiene Kit is the brainchild of a mechanic and put together with the grafter in mind. Inside you’ll find a walnut scrub, soap, knuckle wax, lip balm, foot relief and more. All concocted from natural ingredients such as olive oil, almond and cocoa butter. Moisturizing… continue reading