• Jack Black Shave Set

    Jack Black Shave Set

    Ideal for the discerning, quintessential GearCulture guy, the limited edition Jack Black Shave Set sports hand crafted, high performance accessories. Maximum glide, with minimum irritation, its Double Edge Safety Razor offers comfortable precision while the cruelty-free brush houses state-of-the-art Silvertip Fiber bristles… continue reading
  • Unionmade Baxter Soap

    Unionmade Baxter Soap

    A first for the firm, California-made Unionmade Baxter Soap is an oversized bar of battleship gray scented with a luscious, though strictly manly, mandarin lime and black pepper flavour. Accentuated with amber and citrus with a woody base, not only does it smell good enough to eat, but is vitamin-enriched to keep your skin fresh and its… continue reading
  • Working Man’s Hygiene Kit

    Working Man’s Hygiene Kit

    A beautiful handmade, masculine toiletry set, Working Man’s Hygiene Kit is the brainchild of a mechanic and put together with the grafter in mind. Inside you’ll find a walnut scrub, soap, knuckle wax, lip balm, foot relief and more. All concocted from natural ingredients such as olive oil, almond and cocoa butter. Moisturizing… continue reading
  • Zombie Kettlebells

    Zombie Kettlebells

    Hand sculpted with great details, these kettlebells will help you sculpt and develop muscles for fighting off fat the undead. The limited edition Zombie Bells are forged from chip-resistant iron and are perfectly balanced for swings and fitness lifts. The enlarged handles offer better grip and to prevent zombie heads from  flying… continue reading
  • Peloton Cycle

    Peloton Cycle

    Bring that spin class to the comfort of your own home with the Peloton Cycle which sports a heap of nifty 21st century gadgetry. The Android 4.1-running unit is controlled by a 1.5GHz TI OMAP 4470 with 1GB or RAM and 16B storage with 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, ANT+, Bluetooth 4.0 and Ethernet. The multi-touch 21.5-inch display streams classes live… continue reading
  • LumoBack


    Your very own personal trainer strapped to your very own back, LumoBack delivers real-time feedback that encourages small changes that build up to one huge positive that will greatly improve your posture and health. Worn under your clothes, each time you slouch it’ll gently vibrate and it can be synced to your iOS device to monitor… continue reading
  • NYMI


    The brainchild of a bunch of graduates from the University of Toronto, NYMI is a wristband to unlock anything from your house, car and computer via the beat of your heart which is as unique as your fingerprints. Yup, that was news to us too. Flexible and waterproof, there are a host of hues, it’ll charge via USB and hold it for a week.… continue reading
  • Braun Cool Tec Shaver

    Braun Cool Tec Shaver

    An electric razor you can use in the shower? How cool is that? Cool by name, cool by nature, the Braun Cool Tec Shaver sports SensoBlade technology which will slice hair growing from all directions for maximum smooth while the clean and renew system cleanses and lubricates. Three-stage cutting makes for ultimate adaptability, it charges… continue reading