• Man Comb

    Man Comb

    Keep both your facial and head hair in pristine condition with the Man Comb, an awesome guy accessory crafted from brushed stainless steel and material similar to airplane windscreens. Fits in your pocket or on a keychain, sports a magnetic fastener and even comes with an incorporated bottle opener so you can’t get much macho than that.

  • American Crew Liquid Wax

    American Crew Liquid Wax

    Chuck out that chunky old fashioned gooey gel and slick back that hair with style with American Crew Liquid Wax. One hundred and fifty milliliters of sex appeal, the all-new all-American concoction offers the control of a gel without the sticky rigidness leaving your mane sleek, shining and, most importantly, in place.

  • Alfred Land Bravado Solid Cologne

    Alfred Land Bravado Solid Cologne

    Smell and swagger with confidence as a modern-day man should with the Alfred Land Bravado Solid Cologne which has been designed to be used on-the-go with ease thanks to its convenient tin. Crack it open to release subtle, manly notes of nutmeg, sandalwood, leather and tobacco, dip in your finger, apply to pulse points and watch those ladies swoon.

  • Quip Toothbrush

    Quip Toothbrush

    Keep those gnashers gleaming with the Quip Toothbrush and its subscription services, a smart solution to dental health. The electric self-timing vibrating toothbrush ensures each section of your mouth gets enough and equal attention and the varying packages offer features such as new bristles and toothpaste tubes on a regular basis. Let’s face it, none of us remember to change our brushes until they resemble more of a toilet one.

  • Byrd Soap on a Rope

    Byrd Soap on a Rope

    Classic cleaning, scrub your hair, face and body with Byrd Soap on a Rope. It’s fortified with the likes of coconut oil, aloe vera and Pacific sea salt to remove dirt but not moisture. The 9-inch paracord is great for hanging round the wrist when in use and especially useful for convicts who don’t want to pick their soap from the shower room floor.

  • Gymwatch


    While there’s a wealth of wearable fitness tracking devices out there, few actually do anything with the data once you have it. Step up, Gymwatch. Not only will it note your various workout stats, but, thanks to its ability to sense full range of motions, offer advice on how to improve your techniques. Get sweating and get fit quicker.

  • Byrd x Futures Fins Pocket Comb

    Byrd x Futures Fins Pocket Comb

    Style is just as important as the sea to surf culture, and with that in mind Future Fins have teamed up with Byrd to produce this very cool, very bright, Byrd x Futures Fins Pocket Comb. Designed and manufactured in California (where else), the flexible accessory is great for all hair types, crafted from a composite from Futures’ iconic surfboard fins.

  • Polar V800

    Polar V800

    Scale some peaks, including your own, with the Polar V800, a GPS sports watch with a whole heap of cool functions. The heart rate monitor and activity tracker sports customizable profiles for multiple disciplines, is Bluetooth enabled, waterproof to 100-feet and boasts a rechargeable battery good for 14 hours. If you can manage to exercise for longer any than that, you have our applause, respect and fear.

  • Baron Shave Kit

    Baron Shave Kit

    Do your face a favor with the Baron Shave Kit, a premium precision grooming tool forged from chromium plated stainless steel and finished in the coolest of matte black. Included are a dual-function sturdy travel case and stand, shaving soap and a whole year’s worth of blades. This is one close shave you don’t want to miss.

  • Basis Peak

    Basis Peak

    One of the many fine features of the Basis Peak is that unlike most fitness trackers, this one automatically detects when you’re sleeping, along with other activities such as jogging, strolling and cycling. The stylish wrist-worn device also monitors your heart rate without the need for one of those pesky straps.