• Bison Horsehide Razor Strop

    Bison Horsehide Razor Strop

    Sharpen your blades with the superiorly made Bison Horsehide Razor Strop. Handcrafted in the USA, from the highest quality Horween Leather Tannery horsehide, the strop is assembled with solid brass Chicago screws and measures 2.5 inches by 18 inches. With a strop of this sharpening quality, you might even look forward to shaving.

  • Baxter of California Face Wash

    Baxter of California Face Wash

    Scentless manliness, invest in some Baxter of California Face Wash and ensure you don’t age before your time. A worthy addition to your sink side, this luxurious face scrubber contains anti-inflammatory aloe vera and the age fighting ginger root extract. Throw in a few more all-natural ingredients and you’ve got clean and moisturized all at once.

  • BlackBird Aftershave

    BlackBird Aftershave

    Forget big name designer brands that are all smells and no substance, BlackBird Aftershave promises to truly care for your skin too. Your skin will be calmed, pores will be closed and PH balanced thanks to a host of all-natural ingredients such as organic aloe, witch hazel and tea tree oil, all finished with a refreshing peppermint and geranium scent and packaged in a cool frosted glass bottle with dropper.

  • Goodfloss Flossers

    Goodfloss Flossers

    Teeth are an expensive thing to fix, but that’s easily avoidable with good maintenance, which has been made easy with Goodfloss Flossers. The credit card-sized design will easily fit in a purse or wallet and each one flosser also sports a handy toothpick on a swivel. All of the company’s products are 100% natural and sustainable meaning your not just keeping your teeth clean, but the environment too.

  • Mobot Mobility Bottles

    Mobot Mobility Bottles

    A genius, gym-inspired idea, the Mobot Mobility Bottles are a world-first that forge a foam roller around a water bottle. Lessen your gym bag load as your quench your thirst and knead those aching muscles with this heavy-duty, eco-friendly design. Functionality and convenience has, quite literally, been rolled into one.

  • Rockwell Razors

    Rockwell Razors

    Customize your shave with Rockwell Razors, a stylish skin smootherer available in six different sizes to suit all hair and face types. Forged from marine-grade stainless steel, the double-edged blades promise to last just as a long as cartridges and will save you in the region of 500 bucks over the course of three years. It’s not all about the cost though, these bad boys truly offer a shave like no other.

  • Kiehl’s Body Fuel

    Kiehl’s Body Fuel

    Did you know caffeine doesn’t just make your mind alert, but your skin too, reducing puffiness when placed in products? Or that Zinc has anti-microbial properties? Add a little cooling menthol, and vitamins C and E and you have Kiehl’s Body Fuel, an all-in-one energizing body wash that cleanses and revitalizes body, hair and quite possibly the mind.

  • BeardBrand Tree Range Beard Oil

    BeardBrand Tree Range Beard Oil

    Release your inner woodsman with the BeardBrand Tree Range Beard Oil, a potion so manly it may as well have been forged from lumberjacks’ blood. Enjoy a conditioned and shiny beard without the grease and forest scents that include eucalyptus, cedar and pine. Animal magnetism has just been bottled. Grrrrrrr.